Jesus’ DNA

In a previous Blog, we discussed Adam’s DNA. In this Blog we will discuss the DNA of Jesus. You will see that we do know Jesus’ DNA and it has profound spiritual significance and clarifies many scriptures.

To begin with, we know that Mary was Jesus’ mother. And, we know that Jesus, the Son of God, was conceived by the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 1:20 But as he considered these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not fear to take Mary as your wife, for that which is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. (ESV)

We also know that Jesus was called the last Adam.

1 Corinthians 15:45 Thus it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being”; the last Adam became a life-giving spirit.

If we put these two scriptures together, I think we can be reasonably sure that Jesus had exactly the same DNA as Adam. It really had to be; just as Adam embodied all the genetic variations of humanity, Jesus had to do the same. He had to represent all of the genetic variation so that all of us would be represented in the “Body of Christ” and so that His death and resurrection would apply to all of humanity.

So, when the Holy Spirit conceived Jesus in Mary’s body, He took her DNA, and merged it with the perfect DNA that was created on day 6 of creation. This had to be done to eliminate all of the genetic mutations and to restore all of the possible genetic variations that were missing in Mary including the Y chromosome. In summary, the Holy Spirit conception was necessary for two reasons: one, so that Jesus would be the perfect unblemished sacrifice; and, two, so Jesus would represent and die for all humanity.

This is a very exciting concept. When Adam sinned, we all went down with him, but when Jesus was resurrected, we all were resurrected with Him; and, if we believe and accept this, we will all live with Him forever.

This principle clarifies many scriptures. Here are just a few:

1. The Image of God

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them

This scripture takes on new meaning. Jesus, being the last Adam had the same physical appearance as Adam. But, in truth, it isn’t that Jesus looked like Adam, but that Adam looked like Jesus. Adam was created in the image of God (Jesus).

Jesus actually shared his DNA with Adam. All the animals looked like their kind, but man looked like God (Jesus).

2. The Body of Christ

1 Corinthians 12:12 For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ.

The Body of Christ, the church, was created on day 6: All of the members: You, me, Adam, Eve, our children, our parents. We were all created for a purpose. We are all unique and individuals, but from the same body. The Body of Christ was created on day 6 and was perfect with no sin and no mutations.

3. And the Word Became Flesh

John 1:14 And the Word became flesh . . .

When you study DNA you see that it is a language. We are part of the Word of God, part of the Body of Christ.

4. With Him – part of Him

Romans 6:8 Now if we have died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him.(ESV

We, being part of the Body of Christ, died with Him. When He was hanging on the cross, we were there. We were in the tomb with Him, in Hades with Him, and were raised up with Him. What He did, we did. When He is with the Father, we are with the Father.

John 17:23 I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me. (Words of Jesus – KJV)

Romans 12:5 So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. (KJV)

Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

Ephesians 2:6 And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:

Dear friends and children, know that we are in Him and He is in us; and that we are truly part of the “body or Christ.” He is in us, in our DNA. And we are in Him, in His DNA. And now we know that the literal meaning is true scientifically. The Bible stands, pure.

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257 thoughts on “Jesus’ DNA

  1. please, published more the likes of dna and we as person now. i realy love to read this kind of information

    1. If Mary conceived without a mle sperm then the child would be a clone of the morther. So was Jesus a girl or his father really Joseph like the bloodline “begats” imply?

      1. Jesus was not clone or Mary; He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit contributed everything needed for Jesus to fulfill the scriptures. He was the “lamb of God,” the “son of Man,” the unblemished sacrifice, the Son of God and He was “the Last Adam.” All of these attributes could only be possible through the conception of the Holy Spirit.
        Thank you for your good questions.

          1. you know you you think your’e so smart x3x but the fact is everyone knows that you’re a retard if you don’t appreciate what god did for you don’t comment okay ? man, people think they’re so smart posting comments against god . god is everywhere and no matter what you have against god he’ll love you . god be with you . amen

          2. yeah its right god we know is everywhere because he is powerful of all of us when a boy see a peny he will said that im powerfull but god do that for him

          3. 3×3, they should not scare you take your belief, i think when tsunamis, hurricanes and bombing wash away lives, God is always in hiding not to die, do you think those people a very sin full better than i or you , so if its believing i do not believe in a Petty, Coward God of Christian, Moslem’s or the God all people at large as portrayed!!!!

        1. If DNA test were done on Jesus, I am sure that the DNA of Mary and Joseph would have been found in him. Some Bible verses say Jesus was a son of David and Joseph was from the lineage of David. So Jesus must have the DNA of Joseph, his real father.

          For Jesus to be called son of David, either Mary or Joseph has to be in the lineage of David. Nothing in the Bible says that Mary was a descendant of David. Joseph was in the lineage of David. And therefore, if Jesus were to be called son of David, Joseph must be his biological father.

          1. actually Rod, if you read the old testament, in their married tradition, they prefer to marry their closest cousin, just like what happen to Ruth right?, and never the bible mention a lineage between woman but always on the name of a man, so I am confident that Mary is a descendant of David. Jesus is 24th Generation from David, through Joseph. Hope this helps, sorry for my poor english.

          2. No, Jesus was the son of God. You will see one day. God is not in hiding he is with us everyday. You would know this if you were a horned again Christmas and received the holly ghost.

          3. Yes, we agree: Jesus is the Son of God. We are simply showing how all the attributes of Jesus attest to the fact that He is the Son of God, the Messiah, virgin born, and the last Adam. Every fact about Jesus proclaims that He is the Christ and the only place safe in this universe is in Him, i.e. in Christ.


          4. It is interesting, Rod, that you can say you are “sure” that the DNA of Mary and Joseph would have been found in him (Jesus). In truth, you’re not sure of this at all… I say this because if you were sure, then you wouldn’t have used Scripture to validate your opinion, only to turn around and contradict the truth of the very Scripture you have used in which to state your case. In doing so, your words become nothing more than fragmented opinion. Biblical Scripture states that Jesus is the Son of God. In addition, the very Scripture you’ve used as your source, also states that Jesus was born of a virgin… Therefore, Jesus could not have been the son of any man. Since Joseph was a man, Jesus couldn’t have been Joseph’s son. Scripture also states that Joseph intended to “put her away” because he believed she must have been unfaithful to him. He knew that he hadn’t had physical relations with Mary. The point I’m making here, Rod, is this… If you’re going to quote Scripture as being fact, i.e. that Joseph and Mary existed and that Jesus was born of Mary, thus agreeing with Scripture that these people did exist… How can you then claim that this same Scripture is incorrect in what it has to say about them? Especially considering that Scripture is the original source of their existence? Logically, you can’t believe in something only to turn around and use that very something to refute itself! By doing so, you’re validating the source yet invalidating the source at the same time. Contradicting statements such as you’ve made are not only illogical, but are also not credible.

          5. Actually, the DNA of Christ was found by Ron Wyatt and tested in Israel. They found 24 X chromosomes by His mother and only 1 Y chromosome from the Father. God gave Jesus Christ exactly what He needed and only what He needed to become a man. 1 Y chromosome means that Jesus had NO EARTHLY father.

          6. I regret to inform everyone that Ron Wyatt is a fraud and has done much to distort the truth.

            Admin of Genesis and Genetics

          7. Good point Rod, do you know Mary genealogy, but you won”t be able to test for the DNA of Jesus, He rose, He is on His throne in heaven and if you choose to accept the Almighty King of Kings, I am sure you won’t get the urge or ask Him for a swabbing.
            A note of interest
            Have you heard of King Cyrus, King of Kings, Isaiah speaks of him, a pagan, but certainly God Fearing, anyway King of Kings was a title passed on to Jesus the true King of Kings of whom the Iranians awaites a sayoshyant of which Cyrus a pagan king was a type, He was the greatest king in the history of Iran, more likely the world, well he was certainly on par with and nothing short of Kijg David and Solomon, the difference being Jesus being the promised seed of Abraham, he was not part of that geneaology, However future generations of Iranians a very powerful mob who left Rome and Herod shaking at their presence when they came to visit the infant Godchild, the jews weren’t there, weren’t even aware, but when the Magi told it to them, what did they try to do, do you know who took Joseph to Egypt or who Jethro is. Yes the King of Persia babylon Iran saved the jews for the love he had for YHWH. Iran itself, not a religion goes way back, a wealth of inheritance and immortalized history, probabably the greatest nation on earth alongside Israel, but we iook to a spiritual Israel a mixed one a multicultured Israel an Israel that began at Pentecost, the hebrew language was ditched, well had no advantage for the true Jew the inward jew withe inward circumcision

          8. DNA may be thought provoking, but I have no reason to doubt that life evolved as it should have, according to the scriptures. I am comfortable in knowing that I am a child of God, which makes me his child, regardless of DNA, Chromosones, Blood types, and etc. The miracle of life rests in the heart and mind of our God, who is the only one that understands the “how” things evolved. My purpose is not to question his love and his creation, but to have faith and grow in the knowledge that he loves me and at some point, I will return to him and live eternally.

          9. It is my understanding that the lineage of David was kept by the priests in the temple. The priests took virgin girls that were to be betrothed and had sexual intercourse with them. The offspring would be raised by the husband and mother as their own but would be educated in the scriptures by the priests of the temple to possibly become new priests. This way the genetics of David would remain as well as the orally and written history accounts of the Jews.

        2. What proof do we have of the athenticity of the writings in hthe bible? In the past 2500 years or more anyone then could have changed th efcactual original writings to their own benefit, like it is has been done about history from the past 800 years.

          1. Jesus verified the scriptures as they existed in His era in the Hebrew temples. Any other scriptures can be verified by Jesus through the Holy Spirit, that is why we need to know Him.

        3. We are nolonger in that era of Myth my friend!!!!, i have never seen any thing proving the bible right only itself!!!!

          1. That’s because you’re not looking, Kahuma. The evidence is everywhere! Literally speaking… If you’d stop expending your brain power in writing refutes against Scripture and in denying Biblical evidence, and instead would search out the many thousands upon thousands of evidences… Evidence in many ancient writings (even the writings of those who didn’t and don’t believe in just one God), the too-many-to- number geological and architectural and archeological evidences, in addition to the scientific (DNA) and spiritual evidences… You would see that such evidence of Jesus Christ’s existence, as the Son of God, and his Father, the one God who is our Creator, is in abundance everywhere on this earth! By the way, myths have no evidence which is why they’re called “myth”.

        4. am from Solomon Islands a country that located at the end of the South Pacific. ….JESUS CHRIST was truly the SON of G-D , during the time when the proclamation was informed to Mary by the messenger, Mary has question many questions in her mind and this really troubled her very much. but with an strong assurance from the GREAT IAM that IAM….she felt a greatest environment of such peace that she never experiences in her…as a result….she accept the prophecy by G-D through his servant ISAIAH. the WORD of G-D came into Mary and she got pregnant. WORD of G-D came to NOAH, and he accepted (G-D)(WORD) and he translated the word into physical substance named ARK ..G-D manifest.

          to translate human being into this physical earth we all know the formula …..the translation must thru female. G-D already informed us thru his Holy Prophets of this translation before it happens…(Bless you Mary ) Heavenly Highest Council only have the total Authority to see fit among all virgins that qualifies to bear this Holy SON of G-D or in other words translated into human into this physical Universe.

          Remember!!!!! in the Beginning , G-D Create HEAVEN, EARTH …..create means He speaks things exist…..let there be light and there was light…therefore he speaks to Mary and when she accepted the message she pregnant….her acceptance pregnant her for bearing the SON of G-D.

          if you more I can tell you more…..I Know this G-D well , this G-D is mine …he informed me many things …if some one question to much …that’s ok cos they do not know this G-D of Abraham, Issac and Jacob….God Bless AMEN

      2. Where did “God” come from??? Who is god’s god??? Why do people kill each other in the name of god??? God is a figment of human creation, people think Jesus will return, really!!! when??? no one in the whole of human existance has ever reurned from the dead to tell living mortals about the after life, christianity didnt exist in europe untill over 400 years after “Jesus” died!!! Tell the same story many times it will change, translations are not accurate, peopel cannot even tell an “eye witness account” today in exact detail, let alone 400 years later…. In time we will understand that humans will cease to exist and then no one will be left to tell the legasey…. The END…….

        1. Science can explain things today which people couldnt understand years ago… why did Mmoses carry 10 heavy stone tablets with the “10 commandments” on them, if god’s so smart why didnt Moses have an ipad 2…. What’s god’s QQ number… wechat address… maybe mary had sex with a stranger and didnt tell joseph… so many ways to explain the bible’s mistakes… read “Holy blood holy grail”… the bible never mentions how many wise men came yet it’s always said that their was 3… given the location of Jesus home land, why do western pictures always show a “White” man… and the fact that many people had the name Jeseu… so much information if people would only open their minds and stop believeing fairy tails… the truth is out there… yep ALIENS…. came to earth… stupid humans thought they where gods, like long ago in Africa natives thought if you took their photo you own their soul… yeah right… wake up to reality… Humans exist as part of the earths natural time frame… soon we will all be like the dodo… gone for ever…. no god will come… no 2nd comming…. just myth….

          1. wang this is for your question about God in the bible…
            God is really smart and being smart maker he always keep level
            to the the thinking and a capacity to handle of the human
            he made.. so Moses dont know how to use Tablet and at that time and he have no capacity to understand how to use it..
            because there are no tablet or computer at that time…the pararellism is a father explain the deep things about the conception of a women in a manner the child can understand it
            easily…so he choose the right term and right word…like God did to Moses…

          2. your right wang science can explain almost anything today because of the discoveries they got that God let them have…but my question is are they all explain it perfectly?
            are they really know the whole of it….we are finite..same as you wang….

          3. dear brother god bless you but you not understood god is comming soon and you will be looking in cloud but that time hi not give sorry for any any person who say agenst god but we pray for you god give you wish and you help for your confusion

          4. I’m reminded of the WORD which says not to cast pearls before pigs.

            Those who will not accept a gift are not acceptable.

            I am sorry for you.

          5. my brother God have mercy in you. I pray He open your eyes so you can know the truth before you die if not sorry I pity you wang long

        2. Dear Wang,
          It seems you are very angry which is a heavy load to bear. Here is a good scripture for you:

          Mat 11:28 Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
          Mat 11:29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
          Mat 11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Words of Jesus)

        3. hi again wang…. “For example, ice sheets form as snow builds up, with each year’s snowfall preserved as a single, visible layer. There are measurable chemical differences in snow formed at different temperatures, so ice cores provide a record of polar temperature going back around 250,000 years for Greenland and 800,000 years for Antarctica.”( ) ,maybe this work for you; meaning this can be an available “eye witness”, one of the many that can tell the pass dont stick to the translation pal…yes your right there are some translation that is not right but dont close your mind with that belief, look for another options..a right translation…ill ask you what translation that you read already that is wrong?

          1. God created the world in 6 days the world is only 6000 years old not like sciens make it out to be please my bothers and sister in Jesus the world are not billios and billions of Years old please do study the word more. Test the spirits and do believe that our Lord Jesus is comeing soon and will establish his goverment on earth that is why he was greated for Rulership and He is worthy for that rulership. The world was made for His pleasure. And also for the children of God thank you for listening and Jesus bless you to find the hole thruth

        4. The word of God is the only bibel that records the profecy acurerd. There were a profecy made in the past of the word of God and also that the profecy in the past are comeing true. Read the word of God with the Holy Spirit and ask the spirit to help you to see the truth. My dear fellow sisters and brothers in Jesus please the time to play is over the Kingdom of God is at hand and He do love you all the ones that keeps His commandments and believe in Jesus Christ as His Son. I rather believe in God and Jesus as His son then to wakeup some day and relize that the devil deceived me to make me think that the word of God is not. Wakeup the devil decieved the hole world in thinking that all ande every thing as to have an explanation God do not need to explaine Homself He is the creator of all. And by that I rest my case thankyou for listening my God be with you all

        5. Friend I would like to tell you that JESUS will not come back more ….but CHRIST the SON of the MOST HIGH G-D have already came …Don’t you know? ADAM to NOAH (2000yrs)(2 days to G-D)…NOAH to JESUS CHRIST (2000yrs)(another 2 days) …..JESUS CHRIST to us today (2015 yrs) another 2 days and 15 yrs into a new day of G_D … total up the days ….is 6 days and 15 seconds in G-D’s 7th day. now we are in G-D’s final day…..this day is not yours or mine …our days are over,,, this 7th day is HIS day …he will do things his way . today… CHRIST return back to earth not like ADAM , ARK , HUMAN but he now returns back to our physical Universe on the 1/01/2001 here in my Country Solomon Islands in his fullness, totally and his exalted nature….when we entered into his 7th day …he returned too in his 7 spirits REV;5 ( THE LAMB OF GOD) THAT HAVE 7 HORNS , 7 EYES WHICH ARE HIS 7 SPIRITS. thank you GREAT IAM that IAM………….anyone have his 7 spirits have CHRIST in him ….Jesus died but not MY CHRIST….AMEN

        6. I’m not new on my Journey seeking answers come I have many many questions in fact I was very surprised when I googled this subject of Jesus Christ having only one DNA ? I thought I was only one of very few people who actually gave that a thought. My goodness was I wrong .. I am eager to read everyone’s replies, my original thought was a Scriptures say the holy spirit hovered over Mary I to split a cell in her woumb .. And how can spirit have DNA ? Are there for I’m assuming Jesus being in Mary’s woumb The only DNA should be that of Mary? I am asking for help

          1. Judy,

            Here are a couple of thoughts: (1) DNA is a language and, in my opinion, was created by the Word, Jesus; we are Word. The Holy Spirit is very able to reproduce the Word since He is the Spirit of God. (2) Jesus had to have two copies of the DNA since He embodied all humanity; he took us to the cross, to the grave, and, thank God, to the resurrection. If Jesus had only one copy of DNA, none of us could exist in the resurrection (3) Mary had the DNA from the family of Judah and it had genetic mutations; the Holy Spirit had to clean these mutations up. (3) Mary did not have the Y-Chromosome in her DNA; therefore, the Holy Spirit had to supply it, if not Jesus could not have been a man.

            Hope this helps,


          2. there was a female’jesus ‘
            —-But I shall call upon the imperishable knowledge, which is Sophia who is in the Father (and) who is the mother of Achamoth. Achamoth had no father nor male consort, but she is female from a female. She produced you without a male, since she was alone (and) in ignorance as to what lives through her mother because she thought that she alone existed…———-

          3. Thank you for this explanation. I am a saved Christian and I am studying the word of God in the holy bible. I DO believe that thru the Holy Spirit Jesus was placed in Mary’s womb. Furthermore I question the term “second Adam” when referring to Jesus. I do believe that god’s creations of man in the form of Adam and in the form of jesus points directly to god’s work. My bible study friends think that I am too questioning. I tell them that I am just growing in my faith and understanding. Thank you for answering me so promptly. Your sister in Christ, judi

          4. I feel that christ’s Dna is the same as Adam! A creation by God. God cannot be proved nor disproved by science,in my understanding.
            THEREFORE I FEEL THAT CHRIST TRULY IS GOD MADE MAN. and when he is referred to as son of man, I feel that the “man” is Adam not Joseph
            Am I way off or what?

      3. If god exists… whats his QQ number or cell phone number, why didnt moses carry an ipad instead of 10 stone tablets, why take 2000 years to cerate the cell phone or the ipad, maybe god has a new phone or ipad 9 or jpad .. kpad… 4D TV… these things show god is a figment of simple minds imagination… today science can explain many things and what we cannot explain today science will explain in the future…

        1. Dear Wang,

          Actually, science can explain almost nothing, for example:
          (1) How does gravity work?
          (2) Where did mass and energy come from? Nothing?
          (3) How does a drop of water get to the top of a Sequoia?
          (4) How did life start on this planet?
          (5) What is the force that holds atoms together?
          (6) How do you conquer sin and death?


          1. How do we measure darkness: by the absence of light.
            How do we measure cold, by the absence of heat.
            How do we measure evil: by the absence of God.

            Albert Einstein

          2. Wang when G-D divided/Split the red sea…..can any best scientist in this planet earth can explained the force that divided the red sea?……….any general commander of any special force can do what Joshua did in the city of Jericho,,,,march round the city 7 days and on the 7th day they march 7 times ….as a result they won just by Great Noise……what I want to say is ….we can say anything non sense or sense but we cannot go more any further beyond G-D cos he is the Beginning and the End ….AMEN

      4. there are no clone yet that time…mary cant do that…
        only the power of God can do that…its not possible for him
        to make babies on the womb of women…just like he did to seahorse the male is the one that carry the babies…like adam
        that not begin at the womb…like the other creature (one cell animals) that came to exist without the woman..

      5. Perhaps,you did not understand what you read, or you had not done so. The Holy Spirit used the DNA of Adam for the conception of Jesus, so that He Shall have the Perfect DNA to Save All mankind.

        1. Actually, in my opinion, Jesus took His DNA and made Adam and I believe that is what the Bible says.

          Genesis 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness

      6. Genesis 1:27 NASB God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

        I am not a geneticist or even a scientist, but I am a child of God who reads and studies the Word of God.
        The Scripture reference above points out that God has both male and female attributes. I am in no way saying God is a female, the Bible clearly states that God is He, however, He does have within Himself female attributes, He has to, because He created both male and female in His image.
        If you look at a mother she is generally very nurturing, caring. When you were a child and fell and scraped your knee, who did you run to? Most of us would run crying to our mothers because she is the one that would scoop us up in her arms, love on us, and tend to our wounds. Now of course the enemy has twisted and perverted this within the minds and hearts of mankind, but this is how God created man and woman.
        There is a movie out now that captures this in a very moving way, it’s called “The Shack”, be prepared to cry, but it really makes you think, and if you read about creation in Genesis either before or after it (or both) I believe God will show you.
        Be Blessed and Be a Blessing

      7. I question the genetic lineage in the bible connecting Christ to David. I feel that Christ can only be connected genetically by his link to Adam. Adam was made by God and Christ was made by God. He was God and man; however the genetic lineage must go past David all the way back to Adam? We are all part of Christ and he is in all of us because we exist because God created the first man and that man is Adam. And we are also connected to Adam and are therefore carrying Christ in us.

    2. Man created “God” in order to easly explain that wich people didnt understand centuries ago, earth quakes, fire, lightning, thunder etc, we know today what these are, and now it’s 2014… so when exactly is “God” or Jesus going to return and who is going to really believe them, many times people have said Jesus is comming or they are the new Jesus, and we all laugh at them, today we watch sci-fi movies based in the future… 2025 2525 and so on.. star date 246758.3 etc, no mention of god or Jesus, how long before religion is totally forgotton and wars stop?????

      1. Mr. Lang,
        It seems the ones with least knowledge of what they talk about are the quickest to speak. I’ve seen the ancient alien theories for Discovery or Nat Geo. It was interesting until they said Satan must have been just misunderstood for giving us all the gifts of things like fire, and planting, and building, etc etc. The sad thing about people saying they are Jesus, or that Jesus is coming at such time, and to sell it all, don’t pay the bills because there is no tomorrow. They are the losers we pity, it’s people like yourself who laugh and scoff, they wanted to believe that the were finally going to be free of all this place, and go to be with someone special, and someplace special, no matter how misguided or what they misunderstood, they got the idea that what Jesus offered was better than anything here. When was the last time you believed in something so strongly, you sold all you owned to possess it. Judging from your comments that situation has probably never happened to you. If you have ever been in love, not lust, real love that you know is THE love, the one you could be with forever. You would only scratch the surface of what real love and sacrifice is. If I had to guess, I’d say love has eluded you pretty much. You don’t know why. Well, you have to have it to get it. Like atoms that are similar, and can bond together to form an element large enough to see, or sized of one atom, it is the same element. God’s love is an element we can see in all the world around us. Jesus sacrifice for us molds it and shapes it so we can use it, it gives life texture and depth, and more abundance. Whatever love we have in us is the one atom of the same element because we are made in God’s image. When we connect with God, then parts of that love He has, channeled through Jesus sacrifice, combines with that element in us, and we grow more and more in love with Him, and others who also hold the same element that binds us like a three strand cord, hard to break. God didn’t start us out with ipads because we did not need them. We needed the law, we could not keep, to understand why we needed Jesus life laid down to bridge the gap between sinful man and righteous God. Of the thousands of prophecies before anyone ever heard of Nostradamus, Jesus was foretold to come, ” the lamb who comes to take away the sin of the world”. Down to where the Roman soldiers gambled for his clothes. For one person to meet every single prophecy, from generation after generation of prophets priests and kings the odds I saw once were 7,000,000,000 to 1. Everything recorded about Jesus fulfilled all of them. Major and minor.
        Mr. Lang there is no one here who is going to change your mind, because we have no power to change your heart. And when you call us a name, or act silly by asking about God’s QQ, we can smile while we tell you the truth. You won’t understand it today maybe, or tomorrow or even before you die. That’s not our problem anymore. We told you what we know and how we feel. No matter where you go you will not be able to forget what’s been said. Eventually you will choose a course that you will follow, to stay on a wide path that leads to your destruction, or a narrower path that leads to salvation. You see, if we are wrong or have misplaced our love and allegiance, when we die, well, we die no big deal. But, if we are right, and your way is wrong, you stand to lose an eternity of heaven, for an eternity of hell. If you were driving by me, and I knew there was a bridge out ahead that I knew about, but you didn’t. I would do everything I could to get your attention to get you to stop before you crashed and burned. A lot of people been doing that here. Out of all of them there is probably one who really does care (I think they all do actually) so maybe you should drop all the defenses, excuses, and rationalizations and get serious. As far as wars go, wars aren’t about religion, that’s just another rationalization to try to justify a quest for power or gain. Whether by an individual or a group. Even Jesus said ” There shall be wars and rumors of wars, but such things have to be.” There will always be fights between the haves and have-nots, good vs evil, light vs darkness. Our natures demand conflict, until you make a choice about what the conflict is really about, you find peace and you stay where that peace is. I spent 20 years in three American military services, I understand conflict. But, I found Jesus before I enlisted, and kept that peace with me always.
        Mr. Lang, you are not at peace, far from it. Take a rest and try to gain some long term perspective. Best wishes and God Bless. Chaplain Jerome Newland, Philippines

      2. dear wang God has limited our capabilities for example you can stand on one leg but can not stand by lifting both legs.You can see forward but can,t see from your behind.When you were a child you could not think like this as God restricted your thaught and as by the will of God you grown up ,you are pointing out the presence of God.there was not a single ipressin of you and you were created but now you are grown up and have to die and have to answer GOD.

      3. Wars are going to stop and God is and Jesus is. My friend if everybody on this planet study the word of God with the help of the Holy spirit and you study truely you will see that God and Jesus do exsised sori for my spelling because I’m afrikaans but am tring to exsplaine in english. To answer you there is none greater then God because from the beginning of genesis things were greated and today man were not there when it happend so how do they know what happend in the beginning God word went out and to this day still exsits tell me a if anyone are the age of 6000 jears old. So how do we know about everything that exsist or who talled us to know all these things my answer to that is the word of God. Everything the word of God said will happend did happen and also the things to come are also going to happen. Thankyou. For listening Jesus love you and bless you

      4. Psalms 103.8
        The LORD is compassionate and gracious, Slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness.

        Isaiah 48:9 “For the sake of My Name I delay My wrath, And for My praise I restrain it for you, in order not to cut you off

        Please don’t mistake God’s grace and mercy, His slowness to anger as a joke just because man has mistaken His timing. According to His Word, which He is bound by, sin will not go unpunished. Jesus is the only way to the Father, the only way to heaven. Perhaps you should go to YouTube and watch 23 minutes in hell by Bill Wiese, it could change your mind

    3. I would like also like to know about this because I had a DNA test on me and I was told I share a handful of people DNA they cannot tell me who they were but they did tell me I share the same DNA as Jesus does anybody know how that could be that was over two thousand years ago I would like to know how is it possible and I share the same DNA as Jesus I guess it’s pretty cool

    4. I live in US but over past year have been on a very unexpected rare journey that has caused me to see that my family both paternal and maternal are from the bloodlines of key individuals of Bible, Torah, and Koran. I would like to compate my DNA to the blood DNA found on the Shroud. Is this even possible? I livr among the Lost Tribes, so lost they have no clue who they are…descendents of Jacob, Easu, and Ishmeal.

    5. i had a dream last night that Jesus did a DNA test he was funny saying he not Irish he was in a white rob long brown hair his eyes where blue it was like you can see your life in them i don;t know why i was dreaming of this it crays can some one answer this it was kinda neat he came to me

  2. Deep inside, I know that God has explanation for everything, even though people keep saying it is hard to explain the “faith”. May the Holy Spirit reveals more the truth to you, so you can share it all the world, so God would be glorified. Amen

        1. pray for those who persecute Jesus Christ, for if they dont know all he has done for us , they know nothing ,and therefore the smartest thing they could say is . Nothing at all,Amen to Jesus Christ

  3. Jesus Crist is coming Back! for His Church.Be ready. Your information is very interesting. Faith Is very important. Don’t forget it. God bless you!Love,Melanie

      1. jesus is z only way for heaven! if u believe on Him u`ll b z church of christ , Jesus was not a protestant or catholic He was right man! so do i!!! z peace of God b wiz u!

      2. The church of God is the ones who do His commandments and believe that Jesus died for our sins and are in flesh and are the Son of God. Because He said in His word tha who so ever do His commandment and believe in His Son died for our sins Love Him. But those that do not that do not love Him and the truth is not in him and is lier. The church is the children and chosen ones of God. Earthly churches is under the devil rulership whithout them even knowing it. That’s why God say seek my face and do my will so that you may have life abundanly sori to say but not everyone saying Lord Lord will enter into the Kingdom of God

      3. The church is not a building, nor is it a stated religion per se… It is comprised of the true followers of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

  4. According to the Koran (((like Jesus with God is like Adam, He created him from dust, then said to him, ‘Be))) So Jesus and Adam humans, both of the same as the original two inflatable .. So Spirit of God is different from Adam and Jesus

    1. Dear alzayton,
      In Christianity, Adam was formed from dust and made flesh and called the first Adam; Jesus also became flesh and was called the last Adam. From a DNA standpoint this means that both the first and last Adam had DNA that represented all humanity. The Bible also says that Jesus, the last Adam, was a life giving Spirit. This means that He has the power and authority to restore us to our original DNA which is immortal and free from mutations. Jesus is the resurrection and the life. Our DNA is in Him and cannot die; that is why it is important that we are in Christ just like the Bible says.

        1. There is human biased speculation and then there is teaching from the Holy Spirit who teaches us all things. Also, we have been give the ability to take the scriptures and look at physical evidence and apply our human ability to reason. What an honor it is to be able to reason.

        2. Exactly.Who can find the remains of either Jesus or Adam?No one can ,and so how can anyone be sure that the DNA of Jesus and of Adam is the same…this is just speculation and nothing else…people always like to come up with theories that will tickle the ears of gullible foolish gentry.

          1. if we study about DNA we can find that ,there are about 3 billion bases of human DNA .and 99% of thous bases are the same in every human being

        3. Adam was created by God without male female interaction and Jesus was also created by God without male.niether Adam is a god nor Jesus.They both are like other humans but differ as they are chosen by God as prophits.If we suppose Jesus is a god then Adam is more suitable to be called god

          1. If Jesus was just a profit then I wonder if with all our sins if we would have been alive today was it not for Jesus the Son of God to died for us on the cross then we would have never got frogiveness for our sins. Jesus is not a profit He is the Son of God. And all this DNA stories is true because the DNA of Christ is in us when we repent and believe in Jesus then we do have the DNA of the Lord in us and the children of satan has his DNA in them. The omes that don’t want to understand and the ones that do not seek God face and study the write word of God. Seek and you will find ask and it will be given unto you Jesus the Son of God loves you thankyou for listening Jesus bless you and that you will see the truth

      1. The article was just another unfounded interpretation of the the bible. Every stated claims were true because the bible says so.I will be more convinced if it is supported by a peer reviewed scientific facts and evidences instead of a vicious circling bible verses.

  5. Found the article on the DNA of Jesus Christ and Adam quite interesting and thought provoking. The connection of the two maks a lot of sense to me. God bless.

  6. Nunca había leído algo similar, pero me parece muy interesante y sobre todo con muchas posibilidades de ser cierto, ¡felicitaciones por este aporte! Y gracias por compartirlo con todos. God bless you all!

    1. this is not non sense ,this is about truth.and as it says in the holly bible [jn 8:32 then you will know the truth,and the truth will set you free]

  7. I somehow find the issue of whether Jesus is indeed God, and now, the present issue whether He is bound to Adam or vice-versa, thought-provoking BUT Science has ceased to disturb me.The life i have lived so far (I am now 76 yrs old), has made Jesus – God – a reality to me. GOD is everywhere. GOD IS

    1. Thank you for your comment. I too don’t really care about the science of the matter. However, the younger generations want answers and we are showing that the Bible is in concert with genetics and the genetics are in concert with the Bible.

    2. Yes, i agree with you,science is used to try people to think different then the reality, wen there is nothing you can not get anything.
      The teaching of Darwin is interesting, but used by Lucifer to confuse the human being. But everybody have theyre own responsebility to their own life!
      When the time is there we shall find out, and the time is soon coming!

    3. God…created..Adam…in..heaven…with..specific…DNA…


    4. Like JC said 1st u do what 😶 He says ampersand past It on but keep ur faith in Him. W/out faith u can’t move a rock.

  8. After reading the above text, I am getting another step closer to this living God of ours. He is indeed everything!

  9. How can a man or man like creature make a limitless universe, with sound governing laws that are valid at quantum and cosmos scale? Even today’s modern man with very few exceptions cannot understand these laws. Understanding is one thing and to create something that follows such new laws is certainly beyond MAN’s abilities. Thus either Jesus had to be a human or God.
    How can (God’s image) who created everything cannot take off both his feet from the floor. Why God’s image is so powerless?
    There seems no DNA analysis in this article but this is only a blend of baseless qualitative arguments.
    Please first think deeply then ask questions!

    1. Interesting the way you try to explain about Jesus and God, the same we can do with your believe.
      God is not an protestant, katholic,or moslim.
      He is our father like you are my brother.
      But can you understand this?
      Thinking deeply, why ?
      Ask God to open your eyes when you realy love and believe Him, and you shall read things later on in an very simple way in the Old Testament.
      The Koran is your book, The Bible is Gods Book.

        1. Dear Khandelaware,

          The only way to tell if a book is the book of God is by the prophesy. If it is always right, it may be from God, but it must be 100 percent. However, if the book is ever wrong, it is not from God. The book of God never needs to be ammended or corrected. We believe that the Bible is the only book that meets this criterion.


      1. Qur’an is a book of GUIDANCE – for Mankind; read, understand and interpret as your ‘right’; accept or reject is your inviolable privilege!

        Bible may be “God’s Book” written by many a humans, according to their personal notions and/or belief-system.

        However, the scientific facts as mankind has unraveled so far are: “There is nothing ‘solid’ in the Universe but an illusion of solidity; there is nothing but ENERGY – HIM that pervades EVERYTHING. All Creation being HIS Expression!

        In other words, you, me and all others including all forms of life as we get to discern, are HIS Expression regardless of gender, size or form free from the encumbrance of sex, physique or time.

        All humans, regardless of their level of humanity

        1. Continued:are equal, mere ‘nano-specks’ in the great spectrum of Beni Adam (Mankind) just as cells constitute the ‘Life-spectrum’ of each individual human. No ‘Nano-speck’ need be raised to a level of GOD or ‘Son of God’ regardless of his/her human stature, out of deep deference for the person as was done by some of the devotees/followers of Jesus, a mere yet sublime human!!

          Mankind’s Odyssey, as we can view through history, is an evolution where-in shedding of our ‘animalism’ and acquisition of ‘humanism’ (forgive me for coining the two phrases), seems to be programmed over an undefined span of TIME….. unraveling the ‘Beginning’ and the ‘End’ ……. the symphony of HIS SPREAD!

          ‘Greatness’ is a human measure; its ‘spread’ relates to the mass of humanity ‘SERVED’. That is what accords the measure of greatness to all prophets, without ascribing or raising them to the level of GOD or ‘Son of God’. Mere ‘Nano-Specks’ that you, me, your Jesus, Buddha, Zoroaster, Abraham, Moses or Mohammad were, should have been fantasized to gods regardless of their great human stature and services….

        2. Bible is the book of god but people have changed it for thier benefits,now we can say that it is not in original shap when ever it was reveled

          1. Actually, I disagree and can prove my point. The Bible was verified as truth and accurate by Jesus. He read from the Hebrew scriptures as they existed in the Jewish temples at that time. He found no fault with them and every time He read from them, He indirectly approved them. Those of us who study Hebrew realize that the scriptures Jesus read and our modern Bibles are very close in meaning. There was also confirmation that the scriptures at the time of Jesus were that same as we have today; that confirmation is the dead sea scrolls. The gospels confirm each other, especially Matthew who could take shorthand; so, we know Jesus’ words were accurate. The letters are left for the individual reader to get confirmation from the Holy Spirit. So, we have much confidence in the Bible.

        3. Let me just remind you that God gave all power and glorie to His Son and may I also say that the quran sori to say also leave God the Son out of it. This world want Jesus out of everything because they don’t want Him to rule the world they don’t want his goverment on earth for peace and love and all that is good down hear man could never in his life time ever make peace and because of it Jesus had to come to one day bring the real peace to humans. And that is what He was greated for. Wars and evil took over the world. The quran is a hebrew bible and in my opion the Jews did not exsept Jesus as the Son of God. That is way I myself will not exsept the quran. Its a man made version. Look it up thank you for listening Jesus loves you

    2. Man thinks God knows. U said man made the laws. Where did the laws come from? Where did humans come from? Where did the universe come from? No 👎 JC wasn’t 1/2 human

  10. Were were made in the image of God. Therefore,we look like God! That’s all there’s to it. We are each of us, Gods. Jesus said He was God and so are we. Look it up in the Bible. It says that. Jesus said that we could all do everything He did. If we had enough faith, we could walk on water. Our problem is, we don’t have enough faith.

    1. Ann,
      Thank you for your comment. I would like to inject one small point to what you said which is important. I don’t believe we, individually, are a god, but we are in God. This is why the Bible teaches the importance of being in Christ. This may seem like a small point, but if you think about it, it is profound recurring theme in the Scriptures, for instance our place in the “body of Christ.”

    2. Being made in the image of God doesn’t imply we are God. God is so powerful and sinless. Above all He created us, but no one can bring the almighty to being. He is the source of all power. We are the effects while He is the cause of our being. How on earth can we be Gods! Besides Jesus was very humble to tell us about his position in relation to the Almighty. He was clear enough to show there difference. Just open your mind to understand the truth

      1. What about these verses, Psalm 82:6
        I said, “You are gods, And all of you are sons of the Most High.
        John. 10:34 Jesus replied, “Is it not written in your Law: ‘I have said you are gods’? 35If he called them gods to whom the word of God came—and the Scripture cannot be broken—…”

        I’m just wondering. Maybe it means we are like gods, in that we were made in His image?

        1. Please let me inject that the Hebrew word for gods is actually Elohim. If you think about this it means that we do not become independent gods, but rather in Him, in Christ.

  11. Life is a choice., The selection process in the formulation of all is the way of life we might be able to live what we expect., Corresponding causal process [is] that the purpose of all as expected., Everything has been perfected in God’s creation., And to consider all ciptaanya.agar positive human worship and avoid the things that make human beings in a negative causal formula. in fact it is eternal life, birth and death processes of life and all the scriptures and all the guidelines kehidupan.dan God is the creator of all things.

  12. having a DNA similar to adam and Jesus with no mutations… then i can live forever.. the same Spirit must resurrect too me like Jesus..AMEN.

    1. How about all of you including the writer stop explaining Jesus scientifically? Christianity is by faith and the more you explain God, the more your faith will dwindle. What is so hard in believing that God is even for the young generation? Is it any wonder then that today’s salvation experience is so lukewarm?

      1. Dear Helen,

        We have to do what God tells us to do. We love to live by faith and understanding the science still leaves room for faith. We are happy with what we do – someone has to stand against this lie that is taking over the world.


          1. Mark,
            What lie are you talking about: Jesus being the second Adam, or Jesus being the Son of God, or the Bible? Please let us know definitively so we can debate the issue. We look forward to a friendly discussion.

  13. God is the base of every thing around us universe or above universe. God is the creator of every singular atom of matter or above matter. Everywhere there is God & God nothing except God. every thing is related with God no one is separate from God.

  14. i am very impressed, but i also think that there’s an element of truth in this DNA article..
    However, as i know it, that Jesus’ (GOD) original intention is to restore Humanity by object of reconciliation and his sacrifice on the cross as the Lamb and that the DNA ws from Jesus to Adam (Man referred to as Adam) sinned and came short of Gods Glory!!!

  15. Mankind are just like computer but much more advance. There are three main portions of computer. Hardware, software and power supply. In human being physical body, life and spirit. Physical body have thousands of components connected and interface each other, life is existed in this body in the different forms of energy that activate it till death and controlled by system software read only memory and language programme. This kind of language programme and system software are also available in other all kind of animals. There is difference between other animals and human being are started with random excess memory and application software which is only found in human life. By using of this software we compute, calculate, compare, analyse, demand identifies and resolve issues. Spirit support this program and energise it through effective communication and data network solution from centre headquarters Through booster or satellite. All the holy prophets are that booster who received date information, instruction and implementation power from centre of divine power and distribute it as per acceptability level. Jesus Christ is the spirit of God and handed over him his spiritual power if any body feel weakness of spiritual power in his body he should connect up with Jesus Christ down load power and re energise his body. Only in this world spiritual power centre is Christ. By bodily we all are same DNA of Adam.

    1. To Surat Hussain Shah
      Very helpful for our today understanding, is yr. expression: “through effective communication and data network solution from centre headquarters”. Very real power and love is streaming to our hart ! Oh wunderful and unique headquarters !
      Thank you very much, Otto

  16. Today at 83 years of age, lucid, active, I now posses enough
    knowledge to state that the God as proclaimed in the bible was anything but God. He stated that he was to be the God of those he created. Please read the bible without picking out the bits that suit you. Please read Rael’s encounter with Jehova and then discover that the God you have faith in states with certainty that he does not possess a soul and has been looking for his maker for 2 million years.
    That story looks a lot more convincing than the fable woven for our plucking clean by the umpteen dozen churches and faiths. Also the bones of the so called Jesus lie in Karachi. Just ask the Indian Government who have researched
    this very thoroughly. His shrine as a holy man has been visited for 2000 years
    As for prophesies! If prophesies are true! The writer of the play called life on this world is the most psychopathic individual one can dream of. Just count the number of people executed by Jehovah and chronicled in the bible.
    It never ceases to amaze me that the thousands of pastors, priests and who ever is involved in shouting the same story from the rooftops 24 hours of the day get enough money from the witless audiences to live without doing any work.
    I stick with my way of living that has always been love your neighbour like yourself and I do not expect any reward for being human.


  17. Do you, and you, and you ALL, ever think??? Bused dah bisa ada mahluk setolol dan segoblok ini. Do you know that your greatest sin’s wasting up your brain???

  18. as I bleive the god has create the dna so it can be same the adams’ and the juses, because both of him Allah creat them in same way.

  19. We are created by God because we have a specific purpose in life. Though we were given free will, it is till God whom we should consult in the deepest recesses of our spirituality. HE alone has the power to steer our paths to an everlasting life. HE loves us unconditionally to want us to be with HIM for all eternity.

  20. Admin says: “And now we know that the literal meaning is true scientifically.”
    What a load of poop! This is not scientific at all. There’s not a shred of evidence for anything you say. You made it up and then looked for Bible verses to support your “clever idea”. No wonder people are turning away from religion – it’s all wishful dreaming and no facts. Jack had it right.

    1. We, at are geneticists; we think about DNA much of the day. Think about it: all humanity came from Adam, including Eve. We all are a product of his DNA. All humanity was embodied in Adam. Jesus came as the Christ, the savior, the redeemer, and He too had to embody all humanity because if not some would be left behind at the resurrection. Logically, Jesus had to have the same DNA as Adam before Adam sinned. This fits very nicely into many, many scriptures. You sound like a theologian, so, please tell me what do you think the Bible means when it calls Jesus the “Last Adam?” Also, what do you think it mean when God created man in His image, from a DNA standpoint?

      Thank you for your comments, we appreciate it.

      1. Yeah, I see what kind of scientist are you at …genetics (… means that if you are a scientist, you cannot use bible as a reference).

        1. I disagree. The word science means knowledge; therefore, the Bible is the primary book of science. We, at Genesis and Genetics, have studied the science in the Bible and are convinced it is the basic of all science.

      2. stop all these nonsense plz.
        if we all carry the same dna which jesus had then why are we so different?
        why some are more powerful some are weak?
        why some peoples are rich some are beggar?
        some are scientists some are priest?
        if he created every one for a purpose then what is the purpose of creating rich and poor, intelligent and foolish?

        1. Dear Aman,

          The reason we are different is due to a process called meiosis which shuffles the genes before procreation. Google it and you will see how it works. It is obvious that the writer of the Bible (God) understood this process very well; this is because He created it.


          1. oh how nice that God knew about meiosis and he didnt tell us more detailed because he thought we are too stupid for it.We must find it for suck!God had created Google as well.Accept this Quote also since u think u can qoute Einstein:The desire for love and support create a social and moral need for a supreme being; both these styles have an anthropomorphic concept of God

        2. Because of the snake or satan or lucifer within you! That’s why the poison and cancer was inside of you! You didn’t know the truth about God because evil blinded you and deaf and full of anger and full of demons inside of you that’s why you don’t even feeland you can’t explain how life is beautiful with Jesus living in the body oreated by Him! You let the evil manifested you and you let the demons power control your body and soul even your brain! Everyte you make a sins thats the time that the DNA from God was lessen and the more you become evil the lessen DNA of God on you! Until you throw a way our God and only evil was on you that’s why like ISIS or other terrorist who hate Jesus which they are called Islamic antiChrist and the demons powering them to kill innocent and neheaded all Christian and do ungodly thing!

  21. So much b.s. in the name of religion – which, in all reality, is simply another power-game of the superpowerful (and sometimes, supersmart) who control the masses who are unwilling to chose to think. Ask the millions of fallen-away Catholics like myself who have liberated themselves from such mass hysteria and b.s. what is true and what is mass-media marketing by religions.

    1. Dear Alice,

      We are sorry that you have had bad experiences with “religion;” so have we. We are not powerful and we are not smart, but have found that the Bible, not religion, is true, absolutely, all the time and we love to dwell in it and love to talk about it.

      Thank you for your honest comment.

  22. DNA of Jesus will not have the Y chromosome.
    It will confirm the birth of Jesus had no male intervention.
    Wait, you will find the truth.

  23. Jesus is NOT Son of God, and Jesus mission is not to cleansed all our sin. The real mission of Jesus is the same as Solomon mission which failed.

    This is a proof that the apostles and the religions twisted God’s word to make it appear that Jesus is a literal Son of God

    Acc. to God’s word in 2 Samuel 7:12-14 (NIV)
    12 When your days are over and you rest with your ancestors, I will raise up your offspring to succeed you, your own flesh and blood, and I will establish his kingdom. 13 He is the one who will build a house for my Name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever. 14 I will be his father, and he will be my son. WHEN HE DOES WRONG, I WILL PUNISH HIM WITH A ROD WIELDED BY MEN, WITH FLOGGINGS INFLICTED BY HUMAN HANDS

    In the said verses: 2 Samuel 7:12-14 – we can read that God speaks of a coming offspring of David and not a literal “son of God” as what the religions preach. The first from the line of David to be chosen to fulfill this prophecy was Solomon. ( 1 chr.22:9-13) He was able to build a temple or house but he was never to make known the true name of God thru the house he had built. What’s even worse is that he built temples for the false gods of his wives (1 kings 11:1-13)

    Now God did not let Solomon be punished by the floggings of men because he was David’s direct descendant. God only took the kingdom away from him but not during his time but at the reign of his son. (1 kings 11:9-13)

    However God did not let the task of building a House for His name as He stated in the prophecy end with Solomon, God chose another from the line of David. This is Jesus.

    How can we know that Jesus is the continuation of the said prophecy in 2 Sam. 7:12-14?
    And in:
    You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.
    Luke 1:31 (NIV)
    And who was Jesus’ father?

    He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David.
    Luke 1:32 (NIV)

    “will be called” – As you have read it, Jesus was only a son or a descendant of David not a real son of God;” he was just a man.
    Since he is a descendant of David who will be called or given the title Son of God then that means Jesus is indeed the continuation of the prophecy in 2 Sam.7:12-14
    Is it true that Jesus is a son of David? Let us read in:

    A record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham-
    Matt 1:1(NIV)

    Now we can see that the prophecy in 2 Sam7:12-14 about a coming descendant of David and not a son of God has been fulfilled
    However in:
    Matthew 27:25-26 (NIV) we can read Jesus was flogged by men which when we read again what God stated in the prophecy in 2 Sam 7:14:
    In what God said in 2 sam.7:14 did He say that the descendant of David, who is now jesus-will die for our sins or for his own wrong?
    The said word of God in 2 sam.7:12-14 about why Jesus, the descendant of David will be punished by men is so clear and that it is not for the sins of others, but for his own iniquity.

    1. Thank you for your comments. We respect all beliefs, but do not agree with yours, at all. The scriptures validate themselves and are clear that Jesus is the Son of God.


        1. Interesting the way you try to explain about Jesus and God, the same we can do with your believe.
          God is not an protestant, katholic,or moslim.
          He is our father like you are my brother.
          But can you understand this?
          Thinking deeply, why ?
          Ask God to open your eyes when you realy love and believe Him, and you shall read things later on in an very simple way in the Old Testament.
          The Koran is your book, The Bible is Gods Book.

      1. Marihot Tobing’s comments seem plausible and present another more realistic view of Jesus, who cried bitterly on the cross “My Go, my God, why have you forsaken me.” Because of his inequities which are very serious, like. 1) teaching against one of the Ten Commandments, i.e., re Sabbath, and teaching others to also disregard Sabbath. 2) Reducing the 10 commandments to just 2 is a very serious sin. 3) Teaching against God’s doctrine of “tooth for tooth.” Despite these very obvious inequities, people continue to worship him.

        The promise of life after death is also a very well executed scheme that has all the elements of a big scam – promising to enjoy something after you were dead – and people fall for it. What a pity!

    2. cont…
      you are really in deep confusion mr Tobing, 2 samuel 17:12-14 is not specifically pertaining to christ, but to Solomon only. All Prohecies (Zechariah 9:9 )pertaining to christ are fulfilled and victorious.Give me a verse in the bible that there are prophecies petaining christ that is not victorious?…Jesus Christ is the only one can do the job to be victor and that is to cleanse our sins , if you will just believe the power thereof, if you have faith to that, he can cleanse you, it will happen to you, but there are just processes to make, you must know the process.
      Yes he know why? Because he is the Son of God. the word you got confused with is “will be called” that is to be happen yet at that time..because if he is really the Son of God why he will be called, since he is already the Son? (I guessed i got your line of question). Well that is true the one that “will be called” is the one that borned of Mary, and that is the Flesh…But inside of the Flesh is really the Son of God, the ONLY BEGOTTEN of the FATHER (Jn.1:18 ; 3:16 )that is the one that came from heaven (jn 6:41 ; Heb.10:5-6 ) and enter into the world and made manifest in the FLESH (1 Tim.3:16 )that is the Son that Born of God, from the Bosom of the Father directly…nobody except the Son that is Born of God directly. There are Sons in the Bible that is not directly born of HIM, even us..the Human……… to be cont.

  24. Dear G & G, with all due respect, as a former student of Genetic Engg, I must unfortunately and entirely disagree with you “Hypothesis”.
    I have no intention to sound sarcastic but your debate and conclusion seems to me as no less strange & utterly outrageous as if someone say “Since cosmic Black Holes are Black Hole … Manholes are thus also Black hole. Hence proved ! Let’s all worship Manholes !”
    For any kind of scientific claim … There is a very long list and set of requirements that one needs to fulfill, which in this particular case, at least requires 1) Adam’s DNA & 2) Jesus’ DNA.
    I’m going to refrain myself from further indulgence into science because I know this isn’t the time, place nor the audience.

    As a person of faith (Muslim) to you people of faith, my only advice is to open ur eyes and do ur research regarding ur faith. With ‘not so long ago’ discovery, research, translation & transliteration of the “Dead Sea Scrolls” any & every TRUE believer of GOD & Jesus MUST accept the fact that the is only ONE Almighty GOD and that Jesus Christ (AS) is NOT GOD but a Servant & Messenger of GOD. And this isn’t something that I’m Hypothetically talking about. Do some research, find the truth, break free from the Satanic system of the Vatican which has deliberately misguided & led astray the Christians for hundreds of years.

    Don’t be a paranoid android & a zobmified fanatic .. For the love of GOD, get up and do ur research. If all else fails, watch the debates of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat on the topic on Youtube.

    May ALLAH (SWT) guide you all to the Truth.

    Awais !

    1. I am sorry for you, Awais.
      You put your salvation on stake while relying on Books, but not on a living Person.
      According to your Quran, Isa (Jesus) is alive in Heaven. And I tell you frankly, Jesus is a living person and can listen to you when you honestly speak to Him. Remember(?) that in Quran that Jesus knew the content of your dining table, even that He was standing outside?
      The same happens now, He will listen to your words and you may ask whether Jesus is merely a Prophet, or the Judge in the end-times, or even the God-incarnate in human form.
      Let Jesus answer your questions, don’t put your salvation in stake, or you will be eternally sorry for avoiding this advice of me, that already in close relationship with Jesus in my daily life.
      Be abundantly blessed by the eternal King Jesus (Maliki-nas @ S An Nas (114)).

    2. Agree!! Humans are given the capacity to think and use common sense. Why don’t people use their common sense and think critically as they read the Bible.These “Christians” have been putting one over everybody.

      Open your eyes and ears, people and you will know the truth.

  25. This is a smart article, analyzing the relationship of the first Adam and the Last, while quoting Bible verses to support the teaching.
    Careless readers may get misled by the fine presentation, but (I am sorry) I have to straighten one thing: The Bible never mentioned DNA in all of its records, instead, the Bible, especially Lord Jesus, in most of His services based his actions and teaching in Spiritual terms.
    We all know that DNA is merely some minute matter, but work only following the LIFE being present in creatures. DNA is no more than some software that dictates the development of a LIVING creatures. Without LIFE, DNA is merely dead hardware!
    If only the writer did the analysis based on Spiritual terms, it is very easy to prove that Adam’s spirit is the same as the Spirit of Christ. And both are Spirits that enable the men to live ETERNALLY.
    A simple proof can be seen in John 20:22, where Jesus blew the Holy Spirit (God’s Spirit) onto His disciple. By this action, Jesus Christ was telling His disciple that “It was I who blew onto the clay figure to make it a living person: Adam!” (Remember John 1:1-3, 14 and that He is Alpha and Omega?)
    SIMPLE PROOF, isn’t it?

    And with that blown Spirit, men can live eternally, because it is a Godly Spirit (1 John 3:9) or the incorruptible seed (1 Peter 1:22-23).

    Beloved writer (and readers), have you received THAT SPIRIT? Or are you content with the eternal damnation that would befall onto those who has not THAT SPIRIT?

    Please consider to invite the Spirit of Jesus to come and enter your self, after asking Jesus to cleanse you from your sins.
    Glory to King Jesus.

    1. Dear Sir,

      I think you have missed the points. Jesus is the last Adam and He is the “life-giving Spirit” (1 Cor 15:45 ASV). We were born of the flesh (from Adams seeds) and we must be born again (From the Spirit). DNA is part of the Word of God; it is eternal; God did not intend that Adam should die; and, the original eternal DNA is in Christ, save forever.

  26. Scientifically speaking Adam had only the male chromosome because he had no mother, Jesus has only the female chromosome because he has no father and that can be proven when he returns to earth in the end of time.

  27. there is no controversy Jesus is the Son of God. Flesh and blood can not interpret this. The Bible is not what you just read – it is what the Holy Ghost helps you to interpret. you can not understand the scriptures by mere reading or by your education or height in life but by studying it with the help of the Holy Ghost. remember that the Apostles were not well read. Jesus loves you. taste and see that the Lord is good.

    1. I fully agree with you. Like Jesus said, You have to become like a little child to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. (Mt. 18:2-4) In other words, you have to have childlike faith. I love Jesus, He changed my heart when I asked Him in and that’s enough for me.
      Matthew 11:25
      At that time Jesus declared, “I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.

  28. only the sacred ancient text of orthodox judaism hassidic priest aramaic dead sea scrolls holly bible and essenians cave sect explain the unexplained only father and holy spirit can reveal this secret 2000 years ago in the talmudic scriptures the book of ezra the davids psalms the qumran coran muslims moses the book of enoch the sabbath the jewish bible the jewis ancient zodiac the star of david the lord our savior of the world jesus yeshus massiach the new jerusalem of gold the menorah the book of acts apostles the book of revelation only god knows all the things is a rarelly mistery of the world both christian and hebrews israelites and jews askenazyc ahd sephradic and al aqsa mosque in yerushalaiym mecca and medina jezreel medinat
    the hatikvah the hope lyrics texts music and videos of the national israeli anthem shabbath shalom! peace to the world !

    first.trinity…DNA..mutation..Brahma,siva,visnu .with.mutated.Adam..image!!!…so..Hindu…prayed…to…God..image(Brahma,Siva,.visnu)….idols..worship,then…second…trinity..Father,Jesus,Ghost(holy)…so…christian…make..their…idol…Jesus..on…the….cross.Will…God..make..another..trimorthy????Yes…D…N…A!!!!!…Pseudo..Sciences!!!

  30. JEW..added…I..gene…to..Brahma>IBrahim>ARAB..edited..more..genes>Rahim,Rahman!!!..Hindu..said..Brahma..the..creator,…visnu..destroyer…Jew…Ibrahim,,created..religion….ARAB…Alrahim,Alrahman(Compassionate and Merciful)

    …….Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
    Al hamdu lillaahi rabbil ‘alameen
    Ar-Rahman ar-Raheem Maaliki yaumid Deen
    Iyyaaka na’abudu wa iyyaaka nasta’een
    Ihdinas siraatal mustaqeem
    Siraatal ladheena an ‘amta’ alaihim
    Ghairil maghduubi’ alaihim waladaaleen


    n the name of God,
    the infinitely Compassionate and Merciful.
    Praise be to God, Lord of all the worlds.
    The Compassionate, the Merciful. Ruler on the Day of Reckoning.
    You alone do we worship, and You alone do we ask for help.
    Guide us on the straight path,
    the path of those who have received your grace;
    not the path of those who have brought down wrath, nor of those who wander astray.

  31. In the name of Allah who created all. Jesus as Moses, Abraham, Noah and all the prophes before him, and only Mohummud after him, (Allah’s highest blessings upon them all) was a man of flesh and blood as accepted by all. But he was a very special man indeed by the mercy of The Lord just as all other prophets too were special in their ways including David, Solomon, Zachriya, Yahya(John the baptist) and others not mentioned like Buddha, Ram, Confucious and many others. All those who received revelations from Allah, the most beneficent the most merciful, The Lord of the universes. They all preached, practiced and propagated truth for the benefit of humanity just as instructed by The Lord. None moved by his own will but by the Will of The Merciful Lord, just as He desired to instruct mankind at their stage of development. They verily and veritably did their duty and humanity is witness to that. The books they brought are a proof their mission. Their integrity is assured by their Lord and not just humans but all creation is a witness unto that for ever. The Hereafter is a reality that will make manifest all things to everyone. The doubt here is on account of knowledge which is dependent upon our appreciation, comprehension and cognizance. That unfortunately remains restricted despite man’s great progress in knowledge and technology, which allows greater access and extension to our understanding of ourselves and our universe. But we yet are pitifully unknowledgeable relative to the knowledge contained in the scriptures. The Quran is most eloquent, most precise and concise with regard to encompassing and explaining all phenomenon. This is natural because a book hat claims to be supportive of all the books before it and claims repository of total knowledge of the seen and the unseen ought to be so. It is for us to open our eyes, ears and hearts and conscientiously avoid bias and prejudice so that we elevate our consciousness and rightly cognize the truth within and without. May the most Merciful forgive us and guide us to make the right choices for we are too poor to comprehend and act aright by ourselves. May Allah bless us all to the degree of our faith and our ability to receive His blessings. Aameen.

    1. He made himself known as YHWH, the I AM…. the Only ONE GOD. Did the Most High changed his name? So you say Allah is also the Most High and the same GOD of Israel? If so why the Quran despising the unbelievers, christian and the jews? If the Quran is so correct, why referring to the bible?

      IT IS NOT ABOUT RELIGION (institutions)! We can all read this through the WHOLE Bible and is confirmed in the gospel.

      I like to read this kind of proofing. But going in Faith (Maybe better to say in Trust?) is much more easier 🙂

      Thanks you all for commenting it gives me a good view about peoples hearts.

  32. dear admin and all:
    from the point of adam and jesus DNA everybody hav gone too far of known things to faith books or religions, yet sometimes the word TRUTH comes along. the truth is this is d age of truth where everything if its the truth, lie is the other or vice-versa, or truth is good, lie is evil. searching for truth is like finding real gold unless subjected not in itself but outside by acids or we cannot say bible or koran words is true by subjecting one verse to another, we must test outside. of the 66 bible books some NT parts were not books but letters, giving one proof of koran by comparing to the bible is fatal by knowing that there are more than 200 ancient manuscripts been unearthed, found and translated, like 28 gospels where Judas’ gospel is very different saying “if i come to save sins of men, i must select my 12 representing sinners and thus evil in judas must betray him not as a traitor but to remove christ in a sacrificial lamb. very easy to say we believe in jesus in wordsum -savior-cross-death-resurrection but not maybe when he said “icome in my father’ name”, “I and my father are one, i in him, he in me”, “do you think u can kill me, I have the power to (permit)lay down my life and power to raise it up again” “i have my sheep other than these sheep, those sheep knows me and i know them, they believe and follow me”, “begone satan, don’t temp the name of the lord your God”, if jesus is man he said iam the root n offspring of david, if he is not God of the OT then he is an impostor for OT God said I will come to save man from sins once and for all n John Baptist is my HERALDER (Heb chp-8 n 9). You/me/I cannot solve contradictions in bible verses if we don’t accept that God-word-creator-father- christ-jesus-comporter/paraclet and 3rd coming are ONE in various stages of human generations, we wait for the translation of unearthed Sana’a ancient koran written before uthman, the translated book of giants by Enoch one giant is 390 feet dwarfing goliath(dead sea scrolls) . to the bible, there are 1,000 Q’s to be answered, if from adam patriarchs to jesus to muhammad (PBTH) were prophets what prophesy those 3 gave n fullfilled? jesus said beware, after me many will be like me but hidden wolves (anti-christ)ready to devour you,fulfilled? do you accept when Allah (PBTH) said, “whosoever don’t believe in him (jesus), i will punish him the punishment i have not yet given to men”, “Oh,jesus son of mary you can cure sickness even make one raise to life again because we have given you good tidings of our spirit” jesus/yesuah (arabic)not Isa (persian)said in the cradle, “peace be to me, the day i was born, the day i die and the day i be raise from the dead” is he an omnicient-alpha n mega? Koran 1930 by mharduke)or who among them that never burried? came up to heaven? who said that my flesh, blood n water when eaten, drinked u thirst and hungry no more, i am the giver of everlasting life, is he abusing the christ which is the power and wisdom of God in him? the best thing in me of all your comments n knowledge are your express want n search for TRUTH at this point in time of our lives. Cain/the evil one? r we created? in God’s image?are all of these manmade-things on earth r of the devil to be away from spiritual things? revelation says we do our own salvation, after jesus, we are born free ( the innerman/spirit and outerman/flesh n they fight each to win. ARE WE? READY? if you post comment on this comment means you “want” to come to my facebook exclusively for us and we share n searched for TRUTH at this pt. in time of our life, who we are? what race we belong? good/seth or Cain the evil one, are we created? in God’s image? where is adam’s wife made from dust like him? after noah, why men became evil that caused destruction of sodom? n evil till 2day? is God not so good in “selection”

  33. scintifically dose any of humanbeings DNA is the same others? if so why are we arguing about jesus DNA. juses is a human like others.. adam was created from dust . how could not God create jesus also like him…

  34. With regards to the DNA being on subject for Jesus and Adam, I firmly believe that they were obviously correct. Jesus himself had said that we are gods and the kingdom of God is with in you.( Thus written > Jesus answered them, is it not written in your law, I said ye are gods? If he called them gods, unto where the word of God came and the scripture cannot be broken.( John 10:34.35 )

    1. Dear Robert,
      You bring up a very good scripture and point, and I accept the scripture as I do all scripture. I would like to add just a bit to what you said, and that is, looking at the Herbrew, the word used in Psalms 82:6 is Elohim. This is important in that we are not gods in the sense of being independent of Elohim, but rather we are in Elohim which is expressed by the sense of being sons of God. Read the Psalms 82: below and instead of the word gods, use the word “Elohim.” Also, He clarifies it by saying right out that we become sons of God.

      Psa 82:6 I said, “You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you; (ESV)

      When Jesus repeated this in John 10:34,35, He used the word “Theos” in Greek which, again, is not an independent god, but rather the God. Then Jesus talks about how He, Jesus, is in the Father and the Father is in Him. That’s the way we are we are in Christ, but not independent gods. Here is John 10:34-38

      Jea 10:34 Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I said, you are gods’?
      Jea 10:35 If he called them gods to whom the word of God came–and Scripture cannot be broken–
      Jea 10:36 do you say of him whom the Father consecrated and sent into the world, ‘You are blaspheming,’ because I said, ‘I am the Son of God’?
      Jea 10:37 If I am not doing the works of my Father, then do not believe me;
      Jea 10:38 but if I do them, even though you do not believe me, believe the works, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me and I am in the Father.”

      So, I think this adds a little depth and is in agreement with all the other scriptures: we are not independent gods, but we are in Christ and we are children of God.

      I have known people who think they are independent gods and went astray.


  35. Heb.10,5 says God prepared perfect DNA in Jesus so that when sin was laid on Him on the cross He could die and carry it away, but God could vindicate Him in resurrection because He was always sinless. Mary lent her womb and not her DNA. She offered sin offering after childbirth and proclaimed she too needed a Saviour in the Magnificat and was present at Pentecost like all other saints to receive the Holy Spirit this time in her spirit and not in her womb. It is the power of the Holy Spirit that now gives all of us the divine exchange and power to experience RESURRECTION LIFE on earth and spread the good news of the Kingdom of God overcoming all other kingdoms and bringing heaven to earth,(Let your kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as in heaven) His glory Presence, as the waters cover the sea. Bless you

    1. Dear John,
      Ok, here is more:

      Our DNA as it exists now, was “in Christ” before the creation, spoken into existence on day 6. Then after God’s rest, it was activated in the form of Adam; at this point human DNA was “very good.” Unfortunately, Adam sinned and our DNA became polluted, destined to death. However, the good copy still exists in Christ where it is safe, and we have access to it when we are also “in Christ.” This is the Gospel from a genetic, DNA perspective.


      1. Dear admin,
        As I know that DNA relates to body developement(physical) matters. After resurrection we will have glorified bodies like the Lord, which has no similarity to our current bodies. Also, as the Word says that a flesh & blood will not enter to heaven. So why this insistence on DNA perfection?

        1. Dear Raffi,
          Our flesh and blood will not enter the kingdom of God because it is not perfect, it is polluted with mutations due to sin. Our DNA is perfect since it is in Christ and He is perfect. I can prove that the original DNA was at least “very good” Genesis 1:31 and also that it is eternal (God did not intend that Adam would die, but when Adam sinned, he was doomed to die).

          I hope this helps, this is a very good question and and interesting point of study.


          1. Is it possible we get a new body in heaven for eternal life? So, the DNA is not flesh and blood technically?

          2. KB,

            Right now our bodies are polluted with sin, the sins of our ancestors including Adam. Some day we will have our perfect bodies created on day 6 that are free from mutations and sin. I suspect we will all be very pleased with our bodies and wouldn’t want to change anything. All our original DNA is safe in Jesus.

            DNA is not flesh and blood technically; it is the blueprint for flesh and blood. Robins grow up to be robins and humans grow up to be humans. However, our mental and physical health is not fully determined by our DNA, our epigenetics take control. Epigenetics is driven by our environment. We know it is true that if we have a good diet and good exercise, we do better; we have always known that. However some laboratory experiments of late show us that our bodies respond to things not seen such as nurturing, trauma, and fear. There are things not seen, spiritual things. The Bible is clear that our lives are better when our spiritual lives are in order: prayer, faith, trust, time with God, etc. And now the laboratory is beginning to show these same correlations.

            Let me give an example of how this works: Take John Doe, he has a mutation that has been correlated with some form of cancer. John Doe, like everyone else, has several cancer suppression genes. So, here we have it: there is a battle between the mutated gene and the cancer suppressing genes. Which side will win: cancer or no cancer. The DNA is not in control of this battle; but, rather, it depends on which genes are expressed. If the suppressor genes are bountifully expressed, there will be no cancer. If the cancer suppressing genes are not expressed, there will be cancer. Whether genes are expressed or not depends on how they are wound in the nucleus of the cell and with which chemicals they are bound. This is an epigenetics battle, and the environment determines the outcome. If John Doe is in the right environment, everything works and the cancer suppressors are free to do their job. If the environment is not right, the cancer can take him. This environment is very complex; it is more that just diet and air quality. It is also a function of attitude, social groups, stress, fear, faith, belief, and prayer. In the science laboratory, the scientific world is colliding with the spiritual world. We will have a blog out soon on this, but in the mean time you can search on “epigenetics nurturing,” or “epigenetics fear” or “epigenetics trauma.”

            The Bible is always right and way way ahead of our science. The best way to have a full productive life is to eat well, exercise, select a good social environment, read the Bible, pray, believe, and meet with God every day. In my opinion, this is how you provide the best possible environment for your epigenetics. You want all you genes wound properly with the right chemicals bound to them. We are mortal and will die someday, so epigenetics will not give us eternal life, but it does affect us.

            I hope this helps. Thank you for the very good question.


        1. KB,

          Faith is precious and can only be used when we don’t “see.” Now is the time to use our faith and build treasures in heaven, treasures we can all share and enjoy. When we are in the presence of Jesus, we will once more live by sight, but our faith will be an everlasting testimony we can all enjoy; it is our justification: something we can celebrate. I think this will also be true in the millennium.

          This is my opinion.


  36. sir, you coated that jesus has missing mary it true? then jesus has only one dna.then how adam had two dna? god forgive me I want to know the truth that God has one dna or two like adam ‘y’ and ‘X’ .

    1. Dear madhubag,
      All humans have two copies of human genes and two copies of DNA. Jesus was God, but also all human. Therefore, He also had two copies of all genes and two copies of DNA. However, Jesus’ DNA had to be special, it had to conform to all Biblical prophesies, i.e. He had to be the unblemished Lamb, the last Adam, and He had to embody all genetic variation. Mary and Joseph could not provide all of this DNA, so the Holy Spirit had to provide the proper DNA to complement Mary’s DNA. This is why Jesus had to be born of a virgin.
      Thank you for this very important question.

    1. We don’t understand, who is the male you are talking about? Joseph had nothing to do with the conception. Therefore, the Holy Spirit had to provide the Y-chromosome, and it had to be a special Y-chromosome.

  37. I agree someone (A advanced civilization) maybe of beings of pure energy. Bio-engineered our DNA and made us (at least mental) in somewhat their own image. They gave us a few tools like religion to guide us out of our infancy and toward a advanced humanity. The real sin is not using your mind to it’s fullest extent! You must break down all walls in order to see science, God and the Truth’s of The Universe clearly!

  38. just a bit of wis…:
    Image of God………. the meaning of this is not literal because firstly God is a Spirit(luke 24:39), he doesnt have DNA, he dont have a hand like us..a feet like us..etc….if we take this literally then we will misled..the reason why, is that there are humans that have crippled hands after birth..blind after birth…so the Image of God is not Blind Eyes,(1Cor.15:4)so the image of God is heavenly not earthly …..then let the bible explain itself, all we have to do is just SEARCH the answer available from within (Isa.34:16)
    The Image of God is first seen in Genesis, it is God that said “let us make man after our own image after our own likeness” so he is not alone when he say that, there is somebody that he is talking with, the person that also have the same image with him…and for sure you addmin know that aleady, yes your correct that is Jesus Christ (Col.1:15) and that Image is pass on to Adam..and to Eve…the Day when they Created…but the question is where is that Image now? waiting for you response…

  39. just a bit of wis…cont
    Adam lose that Image, he’d been corrupted, he disobey God by his own will..instead of following God’s Word he choose to listen to his wife’s voice, then he sin, and i guess that is unpardonable…then he the Image had Gone!God Curse him…eventhough he sin, that image pass on to Cain and to Abel and to all of Us…but some had not kept that Image but lose it…
    Inspite of the mishap that happen to humanity there is still a chance to get that Image according to Col.3:10.. you nooed to know the pocess…..
    to be cont….

  40. just a bit of wis…cont

    so the image of God should not be meant of literally
    if so then you could also have wings like that of God written in the ff verses,( Ruth 2:12 KJV Psalm 36:7 KJV – wings of God ).

  41. just a bit wis…cont

    One day in the twinkling of an eye, when changes come the corruptible including every DNA of humanity will be change and all the flesh that is corruptible will be destroy including the DNA ( 1 Cor. 15:52 ) and will became incorruptible, the way God us want to be… The very Image of Him and his Son. Same with Them. Amen.

  42. just a bit wis…Part 2

    The Body of Christ…..

    The Body of Christ which is The Church are still
    on formation ( John 10:16 ) its not yet created, still
    on the process, the members are still on the search,
    the job that are already within is to find them, but
    God really want or rather say he want all to be saved
    ( 1 Tim. 2:4 ) and get them all inside.
    But there are some doesnt want to get in ( Matthew
    7:13 ) they choose to follow Satan ( 1Tim.5:15 ). There
    fore not all humanity is the Member of the Body.
    But For all that would like to Enter and become a
    Member must know the process. The Whole Process.
    And for just another information. The Church itself
    before we existed -this present Generation, The Church
    itself are already existed, the Church are with the Apostle
    time.,so we are not the Church but we can be a Member,
    even in this present time.
    Because the Church of God is still
    intact and active ( Matthew 16:16 )up to now and
    still accepting Member to form and complete the
    body, to form the NEW MAN. In which the Head is
    Christ. Eventhough the past members are all dead but
    their spirit and soul are kept and taking care of, the Head
    are still Alive and doing his work.

    The Body of Christ…..

    The Body of Christ which is The Church are still
    on formation ( John 10:16 ) its not yet created, still
    on the process, the members are still on the search,
    the job that are already within is to find them, but
    God really want or rather say he want all to be saved
    ( 1 Tim. 2:4 ) and get them all inside.
    But there are some doesnt want to get in ( Matthew
    7:13 ) they choose to follow Satan ( 1Tim.5:15 ). There
    fore not all humanity is the Member of the Body.
    But For all that would like to Enter and become a
    Member must know the process. The Whole Process.
    And for just another information. The Church itself
    before we existed -this present Generation, The Church
    itself are already existed, the Church are with the Apostle
    time.,so we are not the Church but we can be a Member,
    even in this present time.
    Because the Church of God is still
    intact and active ( Matthew 16:16 )up to now and
    still accepting Member to form and complete the
    body, to form the NEW MAN. In which the Head is
    Christ. Eventhough the past members are all dead but
    their spirit and soul are kept and taking care of, the Head
    are still Alive and doing his work.

  43. Whatever you say, it has no any scientific and theological

    He was a Jew, as me and many others. Many of us were killed by primitive religious fanatics.

  44. Christianity and Islam were invented by people who refused to accept the Hebrew Bible as a God’ message. They had their own special interests, and invented tailor made stories, serving their personal goals.
    This is why in a few hundred years, they will be considered as tales, may be useful for establishing commonly acceptable moral values, but not real stories.
    It is an ongoing process of self destruction.

    1. Brother, you have sense in you, thank you. up to now some guys have never realized that they were brain washed with such myth!

  45. Yes he lives in us and we in him. its spiritual not DNA that’s physical its like when we are grafted into the same spirit as the jews a circumcision of the spirit not the flesh

    Colossians 2:11
    New Living Translation
    When you came to Christ, you were “circumcised,” but not by a physical procedure. Christ performed a spiritual circumcision–the cutting away of your sinful nature

  46. A word is enough for the wise….

    “My people are dying for lack of Ignorance” God words”

    Reading this and all of ya’ll comment, I can tell you that here in the world are the Soildiers of Christ and here in the world would be the Anti-christ, Examples are here…. Some belief in the Unseen God….. Why some never believed…. Cold world where everyone needs a hug…..

    God The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever…..
    Thanks for opening my Eyes to the right and not the wrong! God Pls” Let me be among the destiny one’s that will be in Heaven with you…. Because I know you exist and you’ll forever be the Immortal and Mighty in Battle…. Welll for ya’ll that don’t believe, well this is a small note for you! See the whole world, come to think of it, don’t you think someone owns it “World”……? There is this IMMORTAL God” The Living Legend…..

    I believe your words” And Have Strong Faith in You “God”

  47. In the bible, original translations do not show the writings of Enoch. He was a good man and he was sent to heaven for his worthy life.
    Why do modern omit Enoch’s book as part of the bible?
    Are they afarid of him? Or afriad of the truth?

    1. I have read the writings of Enoch and agree with the Hebrew scholars: it should not be in the Bible. We Christians rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit to keep us out of trouble and teach us all things.

      John 14:26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

      I am not afraid of the truth, I love it; and Enoch was an interesting character in the Bible, but that doesn’t mean that he wrote the book of “Enoch.”

      We should all love and seek the truth, it is important. We all have our ways of knowing truth. I have mine and I stick to it since it is in tune with the Bible.

  48. What I know and CANNOT be disproved is that MAN is behind all efforts at scientific breakthroughs DELIBERATELY AND NOT BY CHANCE. The same apply to the world as we know it, a being “GOD” (or beings) is DELIBERATELY BEHIND THE ORDERLINESS and AWE INSPIRING SITUATIONS of the WORLD (SPACE AND EARTH) as we know and see it, and not by mere chance as some scientists may want us to believe. Therefore it may just be wise on ones part to humbly look at these in relation to what religion or JESUS may be trying to communicate.

  49. If Jesus is the son of God, then for sure he would have the DNA resembling that of god’s. Now the ethical question arises? When did god divorce Mary so that she may marry Joseph?

    1. This is a great question, thank you for it. If you look at Jeremiah 3:8, you will see that God did not divorce Mary (Judah), but He did divorce Israel. So, this is very interesting. Mary being from the tribe of Judah bore Jesus. Her husband, Joseph, was also from the tribe of Judah. So God had the ethical right to do what He did. If you go back to Jeremiah 3:8, you will see that God had the justification to also divorce Judah, but He didn’t because of the promises to Abraham and David.
      It is also interesting that Jesus, being the Son of God referred to himself as the “son of man.” For Him being the Son of God was not a big thing, but being the son of man was big. It is still big that God would subject Himself to being the son of man. Jesus was the son of Mary (man).
      Thank you again for this question and please consider all these things: Jesus had to be the son of man so that we could be redeemed. The parable of the wheat and tares can also help you understand these things. Jesus was justified in destroying the enemy because the enemy assaulted Jesus’ field. Everything Jesus does is ethical.



      1. It is our opinion that the children of Mary after Jesus would be normal human beings (no special DNA) with Joseph as the father.



  52. Leave behind every thing (i love myth because they make us strong whenever we feel low) but Whether, what or where, people you should put this in mind, God is not every where???, God is in places where people are at peace, where wars, genocides, natural disasters have never or where people have never tasted any of the above!!!, if you really want to believe that God is No God, move around the world, you will finally realize it

  53. jesus is very great person in the world.the bible was living the human value. every man pray for god,bible reading is very important in my life.

  54. Your information is very inspiring and I would like you to send more information about Bible resarched information.God bless you Children of the most High God,Amen.


    In Isaiah 44:6, the LORD (Yahweh) refers to himself as “the First and the Last”. In Revelation 1:8 and 17, Jesus similarly refers to himself as “the Alpha and the Omega” and “the First and the Last”.
    ◄ISAIAH 9:6 ►
    6 For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
    And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

    ◄ Matthew 28:19 ►Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
    ◄ Matthew 18:20 ►
    For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.
    ◄ Mark 16:17-18 ►
    And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.”
    ◄ John 14:14 ► If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.
    ◄ John 16:24 ►
    Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.

    1. amen brother… jesus is god
      Deuteronomy 6:4;;;;;” the lord our god is one ”
      mathew 28;9 ‘NAME of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”
      note the “NAME” singular which means that father, son and holy spirit has a NAME, (singular) so that these three Officers has a name….and that name revealed in ACTS 2: 38

  56. Psalm 2:8 Ask of Me, and I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession. 9 You shall break them with a rod of iron; You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.’ ” 10 Now therefore, be wise, O kings; Be instructed, you judges of the earth. 11 Serve the LORD with fear, And rejoice with trembling. 12 Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, And you perish in the way, When His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him.

  57. JESUS IS REAL,,, people will go against the truth about Jesus but to be true, your time is not yet come which the bible said ” one day every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is lord”
    the day of tribulation is near…
    we can see that nearly all prophesy in the bible already happened, EU, UN, ETC you name it … Bible said SIN will increase as we can see one eg. Gay Marriage all prophesy .. it will be like the days of NOAR in the bible ,,,people dont belive in god and that is why they all drowned except Noar and his family,,,days of Noar when people denied God…people are made by god and god is always there as jesus said “when you know the truth, the truth will make you free” amen ,, god blesss us all good people,,,

  58. The word of God( the Bible) doesn’t just prove itself. All creation is a tangible indication that the Bible is very true true and not just self-proved. The Bible is true because whatever it said will happen is happening. if you are curious and you want to know start reading the new testament, read what Jesus said will happen. You can also read what Paul told Timothy in 2 Timothy 3:1-6.You may as well read the entire new testament and you’ll know that every single word in the Bible is true.

  59. i assume like this>>>>
    I sit with my brother at my hostel and begin to converse ” I begin, brother!, do you know that our mother has never existed” , he just realizes that may be am not in my senses. so are you people who say that GOD does not exist you are not in your senses. The bible says ‘ when the prodigal son came to his senses, he reasoned and went back to the father’.

  60. This is not necessary, what is needed is that believe that Jesus is the Christ and also a son of God the Father and keep his commandment (Love) Mat 22:37 And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.

    Mat 22:38 This is the great and first commandment.

    Mat 22:39 And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

    Mat 22:40 On these two commandments depend all the law and the prophets.”

  61. I heard the complete opposite: That Jesus did not have any of Mary’s DNA and that Mary was nothing more then a surrogate mother that carried the divine seed of the Holy Spirit. So Jesus was the second Adam totally unrelated to the first Adam who never had immortal life in him (he fell before he could obtain immortal life). Jesus said he had life in himself. But all born in Adam actually don’t have a immortal soul or immortal spirit…they don’t have a divine nature or divine life in their self. But through true faith in Jesus the divine nature in Jesus is grafted into our human spirit (which gives us a natural desire to keep his commandments), and at the end of the age we will be raised to eternal immortal life. We can become partakers of divine nature through faith in Jesus……Or do you think that everyone born after Jesus died and resurrected automatically has the divine nature planted in them as a hidden mustered seed albeit they are not aware of it nor is it activated until true faith ignites it and starts the process of purification? I have not be able to solve this riddle yet…

    1. Thank you for your deep comment and question. You obviously are a seeker of the deep things.

      There are two things that we recommend: (1) know the difference between the soul and the spirit (small s) and (2) understand who we were created to be.

      The first Adam became a living soul and the last Adam is a quickening spirit. The last Adam had the same body as the first. This body was the body of Christ. The body of Christ was created on day 6. We were in that body, literally. Our DNA was there less the mutations. We belong in Christ, but have been separated because of sin. So, what we call salvation or redemption is when we choose to return to the body of Christ. This is done through the quickening Spirit of Jesus. This Spirit is also called the Holy spirit, or the Spirit of God.

      It all comes together. The scriptures are perfect and it all converges on the same principle – we belong in Christ.

      We do have the divine nature, but we also have the sin nature, so the battle continues. The only way to settle this matter is through faith and that is why we are justified by faith. It is interesting that the Bible says that if we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Notice that He does the cleansing; we can’t; it has to be Him.

      This may all sound like a riddle, but this is the Gospel and worth the effort seeking.


  62. First we should un derstand that science is a tool in God’s handand science discovers God’s creation so… wat is really a DNA.As Christ resurrected shows He was conceived by Holy Spirit as God Himself in human form to show the real creation of first Adam created by God. Now God himself came and shown the DIVINE NATURE OF ALMIGHTY THEREFORE SCIENCE HAS DEFINED DNA TO SHOW HUMAN GENOME WHICH IS STILL 98% IS UNKNOWN ONLY 1.5% IS RECORDED .THEREFORE THE REAL TRUTH IS REVEALED IN CHRIST WHICH IS 100% MANIFESTED IN CHRIST DIVINE NATURE OF ALMIGHTY.

  63. Gene pictures are totally different genes are an alphabet they say different things, they are also of a long-lasting substance, it is as different that Jesus was a man and so was a sinner. They are never the same you can build a church of wood or a hovel, they are not the same so is it with the gene combinations of each member of the human race. Please tell this to Interpol to stop genocide.

    1. All of humanity has mutant genes, this is a result of the original sin. Our original genes created on day 6 of creations have no mutations and these original genes will be restored to us when we are resurrected. Jesus was the perfect sacrifice and had no mutations and He embodied all genetic diversity which includes your genes and my genes. The Gospel According to DNA

  64. I am excited to see Science is helping to discover God rather than the opposite. What a subject you are all discussing! What I can contribute to this discussion is the following.

    Perfection equals Perfection. To combine perfection with imperfection equals what? Something not perfect? Thats what logic would tell me. So the conception of Christ is a perfect situation before and perfect situation after as your DNA Gospel would suggest. Makes sense to me. So did Christ come to us through something perfect or not perfect “Mary”?


    1. According to the Bible, all DNA was created on day six, and all of this DNA was deemed as “very good” (Genesis 1:31). Later, when man sinned, all the creation suffered (Romans 5:12). Our present DNA has been ravaged by sin.

      It is interesting that God used the term “very good” and not “perfect.” I suspect that the “perfect” DNA is coming to us later, perhaps at the rapture.


  66. I feel to much emphasis and talk is given toward the DNA of humans on the dicussion of the falls. Everyone wants to figure out how YESHUA’s DNA was different than all others because all others are under the curse of the fall. Scripture shows no support of a change in the DNA of man kind. Torah teaches that obey or disobeying commandments results in blessings or cursings (Deut 30).

    I feel it’s much more simplistic than people are making this out. All are created in the image of Adonai. It’s doesn’t matter if we are speaking of Adam or anyone else including YESHUA. Adams fall brought a death curse upon the earth and all in it. This has nothing to do with DNA in my opinion. YESHUA was born under the curse. All men including YESHUA are born innocent or sinless but under the curse. Man becomes a sinner through his own sins (Deut 24:16, Ezekiel 18:20) and therefore receives spiritual separation from Adonai. This never happened for YESHUA because he never sinned. Therefore the work of YESHUA not only allowed him to be always spiritually connected to His Father but overcome the death curse. YESHUA’s work can now take the place and ransom Adams sin. Not only Adams sin can be ransomed but also YESHUA’s work ransoms all mans sins, if they put their faith and trust in Him. 🙂

  67. You are leaning on your own interpretations. You were specifically told not to lean on your own interpretations that when the Son of Man is born he will guide you in truth, yet nonetheless you lean on your own interpretations. The Alpha and Omega is a swollen head double-tailed sperm. The title Son of Man can ONLY APPLY to the first test-tube baby, man that man created, seed that man planted. The swollen head double tailed sperm is referred to several times in scripture: Methuselah’s seed, Faith as a grain of mustard seed, the Alpha and Omega and all these are true for a sperm that has within the firm of the cross at low magnification and in high resolution indeed the letter A and the Omega symbol. Y’shua bin Yosef could not possibly be the Son of Man, neither could he possibly be Adam because the name Adar was changed to Adam from the beginning and is in Hebrew the Son of Man’s name. They keep three months in their calendar to keep the there iterations of it holy: Adar, Kedar, Peleg. Every rabbi throughout history has repeatedly told you that Jesus is NOT the Son of Man, indeed Jesus himself said the same: “many shall come in my name saying I am the Christ, see that you believe them not.” You know the Son of Man not from Adam.

    1. Fred,

      The Bible does not say how the conception of Mary and the Holy Spirit worked. My take on it is that the Holy Spirit supplied all the DNA and epigenetics to give birth to the Lamb of God, the last Adam, the Son of Man, and the Son of God. Obviously, the Holy Spirit supplied the Y chromosome. But, also he had to overwrite all of Mary’s mutations so that He, Jesus, would be the pure Lamb of God. I suspect that Jesus did not have the sin nature since the first Adam did not have the sin nature. However, later in His ministry He took on all the sins of the world.

      If think it is important to remember that Jesus is the “Word of God,” and the Holy Spirit is the “Spirit of Truth.” Our DNA and epigenetics is in the form of word, so the Holy Spirit spoke into Mary the proper words to make Jesus all the entities He claimed to be.

      This is a very interesting question, thank you for it and your interest in the thing of God.


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