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Where Does Neanderthal Fit in the Bible – Update

This blog presents several additional points to support the notion that Neanderthal is antediluvian man, i.e. those who lived before the Biblical flood. In 2012, we presented evidence, based on partial mitochondrial DNA sequences, that Neanderthal is indeed our direct, antediluvian ancestor 1. We now have more evidence that solidifies our position. When Neanderthal fossils were discovered in the mid 1800’s, Neanderthals were portrayed as ignorant ape men, but now with the advent of DNA sequencing, they are being portrayed quite differently. More and more they are being portrayed as fully human like us. They are seizing their rightful position in the history of man: our direct line ancestors, the sons and daughters of Adam who lived before the global flood. The following points should be considered in defense of our stance:

Human Speech

It has been found that the human variation of the FOXP2 gene is present in Neanderthal.2 This FOXP2 gene found in Neanderthal is identical to that of humans living today; this is significant in that FOXP2 plays a major role in human speech 3, separating us from the animal kingdom. This finding coupled with the fact that Neanderthals had brains larger than present-day humans4 could suggest that they were more articulate than we.

Genetic Similarity The present-day human and Neanderthal genomes appear to be at least 99.5% identical 5. This difference is statistically the same as some of the latest estimates of genetic differences within the present-day human genome (99.5%) 6. Clearly Neanderthal is fully human; however, since his DNA markers do not exactly align with any present-day family groups or any post-flood family groups, he must be placed as antediluvian man, our pre-flood ancestor. Note: these DNA markers (single nucleotide polymorphism-snps) constitute only 0.3% of the human genome 7 and are useful in determining parentage.

Y-chromosome and mitochondrial sequences

To better understand how the mitochondrial and Y-chromosomal DNA supports our position, consider our version of the human family tree:

Figure 1. Human Family Tree

The family tree above shows that the roots of the tree represent the Neanderthals; the stump represents Noah and his family; and the branches and leaves represent us, the present day nations and family groups. The trunk of the tree represents the genetic reset performed by God during or just after the flood; this reset set in motion human DNA compatible with the new ecosystem and lifespan 11. Neanderthal fossils have been found in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Russia, Siberia, Iraq, Israel, Belgium, and Uzbekistan. These Neanderthals are all offspring of Adam and Eve. The Neanderthals died in the flood with the exception of Noah and his family. Since the post flood ecosystem and human lifespan were much different than the original ecosystem and lifespan, God performed a genetic reset preparing humanity for the new environment and lifespan. One would expect that human DNA sequences prior to Noah and his family would be very similar, but not align exactly with any post-flood nation or family group. And they don’t.

A portion of Y-chromosome data has been extracted from Neanderthal fossils. As expected, these sequences do not align exactly with any modern man Y-chromosome nation or family group 8. If they did, one would conclude that Neanderthal was post-flood. But they do not, and, therefore, must be the root. This is a very significant finding for which we have been anxiously waiting. Now, we know that, like the mitochondrial DNA, Y-chromosomal DNA shows that Neanderthals are fully human but are the roots of the tree, not the branches and leaves.

Also, now that we have the full mitochondrial sequences, we find that they, like the Y-chromosome sequences, support our original conclusions: Neanderthal is antediluvian man.

Ruddy/Rosy Complexion

We, at Genesis and Genetics, have concluded that Adam and Eve had red hair and rosy complexions. This conclusion was reached due to the fact that God gave Adam his name which means “red.” The accompanying rosy complexion is compatible with the pre-flood atmosphere. Just lately, using advanced sequencing tools, scientists have found that two Neanderthal fossils had genes for red hair and ruddy complexions 9. It is difficult to find Neanderthal DNA with these genes intact, so, as far as I know, these are the only two tested for red hair and rosy complexions. It is also, noteworthy that these Neanderthals came from two different locations: one from Spain and the other from Italy. Our model predicts that Neanderthal would, like Adam and Eve, require complexions compatible with the pre-flood atmosphere.


A recent excavation of a site in Belgium has added evidence to the existing view that Neanderthals were sometimes cannibals 10.  There are accounts of modern human acts of cannibalism; however, they overwhelmingly occur when humans are forced to choose between cannibalism and starvation. During the flood, the Bible implies that all humanity didn’t die at once, and some could have survived for many months in the water (Genesis 7:19-24). The Neanderthal, being very intelligent, would be in boats, on rafts, or clinging to the large floating mats of debris; but faced with starvation they may very well have resorted to cannibalism. The caves, being the flood drainage pipes, would and do harbor the evidence of this cannibalism.


Evidence continues to accumulate that Neanderthals were the offspring of Adam and Eve, and our pre-Noah ancestors. Our version of the human family tree is presented above; had it not been for Adam’s sin, it would look quite different; but Adam did sin and Noah found grace in the eyes of the Creator, thereby forming the bottle neck (family tree stump). Then God chose to make changes in human physiology, including  reduced lifespan, all of which required a genetic reset (the trunk of the family tree). Here is a summary of the additional evidence for our version of the family tree:

(1) Neanderthal has the FOXP2 gene identical to present-day humans indicating that they had human speech capabilities.

(2) Neanderthal DNA signature is incongruous with any modern nation or family group. This is true for both Mitochondrial DNA (inherited from the mother) and Y-Chromosome DNA (inherited from the father). The only placement available for Neanderthal on the family tree is the roots, our roots.

(3) Neanderthal fossils show evidence of cannibalism. Human cannibalism has a history of occurring primarily when there is some catastrophic event which deprives them of food.

(4) The Neanderthal DNA, so far tested, show evidence of red hair and ruddy complexions which would be compatible with the pre-flood atmosphere and the name God gave Adam.

(5) The similarities of the present-day human and Neanderthal DNA coupled the fact that they each have unique DNA markers, positions Neanderthal correctly in Biblical history as antediluvian man.

Note: Our former work and evidence can be found here for the blog and here for the technical paper


We will keep you posted as we find more evidence for our position. We do have more compelling evidence for our model which concerns Neanderthal and carbon dating. This will be published soon. You may subscribe here if you would like to be on our mailing list.


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