Adam’s DNA          Adams DNA contained all human variation less mutations.

Adam’s Rib         The only bone in the human body to regenerate is the rib.

Divine Genetic Resets The Bible defines at least 3 genetic resets

Eve’s DNA        Eve was an identical twin to Adam less the y-chromosome

Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 Agreement      Ch 1: the creation; ch 2 the activation

Genetics of Good Works       We humans were created for good works; it is in our DNA.

Genetics of Sin Nature      When Adam sinned, we received the sin nature; it is in our DNA.

Jesus’ DNA        Jesus had the same DNA as Adam; He was the last Adam.

Junk DNA        Our DNA is polluted

Noah’s Ark – A Fresh Look        The animals on the Ark were in a Biblical “deep sleep”

Noah’s Ark Hermetically Sealed and Safe          The Ark was sealed for protection.

Kinds/Species on Noah’s Ark    All kinds/species defined by modern science were on the Ark

Science and the Bible          How scientific observations are in tune with the Bible

The Gospel According to DNA        The only safe place in the universe is in Christ

The Sons of God and the Daughters of Men      Sin was irreversibly mixed into all.

Time Machine Via Genetics          Travel in time and space via the Genetics of Christ

Unraveling Babel – Date and Population        Date: 116 years after the flood; population: 126

                                                              Answers to questions:

How did the kangaroos get to Australia?        They migrated.

Where does Neanderthal fit in the Bible?      He is pre-flood man.

Whom did Cain Marry?     He married his sister.

                                                                     Technical papers:

Mouse kinds and the Ark

Neanderthal and his Biblical Identity?

The Genetics of Kinds-Ravens, Owls, and Doves


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