The Genetics of Sin Nature

The Bible talks about our “sinful nature,” “the flesh,” and “carnal man” all of which refer to an attribute found in all humans: a propensity to sin. So the question is: Is this propensity to sin in our DNA? The answer is yes, sin nature is hardwired in us and in our DNA. We are not forced to sin, but we have the tendency to sin. This is not a God given tendency, but rather a result of Adam eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden some 6000 years ago.

ducklings_smallLet’s start with some basic logic: consider a baby duck, a duckling. It knows how to break out of the egg, how to walk on two legs, how to swim, how to eat by itself, and how to peep, all immediately after hatching. These are what are referred to as instincts; they are hardwired into the duckling through DNA and are not acquired through learning. We know this because all ducklings have these instincts no matter if hatched by the hen or hatched in an incubator. Later in life the duckling will learn where to find water, where he is safe, and where the best feeding spots are. So, the mature duck has some behavior that is hardwired and some that is learned.

The hardwired memory in the brain is passed on from generation to generation through DNA; the learned memory is not. We do not know which sequences of the DNA store these instincts since our understanding of DNA is still very limited. However, if you take a duck egg shortly after it is laid and crack it open, look at it and know that something in it contains the instructions to generate duck instincts. Logically, it has to be the DNA code which contains all the information to build a duck and prepare him for survival. Without these instincts being transfered throught the DNA from generation to generation, the duckling would not even hatch.

So how about humans? Human infants also have hardwired instincts such as desire to suckle, the tendency to put everything in their mouths, communication through crying, etc. Later, these infants learn the danger of falling, what pleases others, tasty foods, language, and many other things. So, like the duckling, the human infant is born with some hardwired memory and then later supplements this hardwired memory with learned memory. The hardwired  memory, or instincts, of humans includes the sin nature. This sin nature is apparent in all children and especially evident when they start to talk.

After God finished the creation, He proclaimed that the entire creation was “very good,” and this included man’s hardwired memory, or basic human instincts. Then came the serpent who injected something (the first GMO – genetically modified organism) into man using the forbidden fruit; this fruit changed man’s DNA, man now had the “sinful nature;” he was “carnal” and driven by his “flesh.” We know that it happened quickly because Adam and Eve, immediately after committing the original sin, hid from God; they were afraid of Him and ashamed of their nakedness (Genesis 3: 9-11). This fear and shame could not have been learned in that no events occurred that would have caused them to “learn” to fear God or be ashamed.

Our hardwired, instinctive sin nature is part of our DNA and we have to deal with it. Paul struggled with his sin nature and expressed his frustrations in the book of Romans:

Romans 7:19  For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing.

Romans 7:20  Now if I do what I do not want, it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells within me.

Romans 7:21  So I find it to be a law that when I want to do right, evil lies close at hand. (ESV)

Once the sin nature is understood, it becomes evident why it is so important for parents to teach their children right from wrong. It is the “learned” portion of the brain that can combat the hardwired sin nature.

However, the only permanent solution for dealing with the sin nature is to get rid of it; and, we have the hope that someday, soon, our sin nature will be removed; and, it will; the trumpets will blow, the dead in Christ will meet us in the air and we will be changed: our sin nature will be gone; we will get our good, pure, original DNA and we will be free. We will be redeemed.

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9 thoughts on “The Genetics of Sin Nature

  1. I do believe really in what you have already mentioned-above .For decades I have been asking myself about the sin nature and I have thought a lot of it ,but today Iam grateful to for this enlightenment-thanks

  2. “At Genesis and Genetics, we are currently working on human migration”

    By that, you mean you are looking for evidence to support your desired conclusion that “the Bible is truth”. That’s not how science works. In science you start with data – ALL data, and find the best explanation. What you are doing is pretty much the opposite.

    1. Charles,
      Thank you for your interest in science. We, at Genesis and Genetics hold the Bible up as the only true science book. Science means knowledge and there is not greater knowledge than that of God Himself. We are very clear; we accept the Bible by faith and defend it with observations. Observations can be misleading, but that is the world we live in. This world is a very misleading place due to the influence of Satan.

      Concerning the current secular science, your idea of science is naive. Current modern science is being driven by funding, status, and connections. The influential people in science set the hypothesis and the bandwagon is filled with people going for the ride. For instance, I heard of one professor who told his students: stop working on evolutionary classifications, its a waste of time.

      Also, the basis of current, secular science is faith. Consider the following tenets of faith:

      1. All things came into existence from nothing by accident. (Big Bang)
      2. All living things came into existence from a warm pool. (Darwin)
      3. The Zebra evolved from a wet rock on another planet.(e.g.
      4. A hyena type common ancestor loved to swim and became a sperm whale. (most evolutionary biology texts)

      In our opinion, it takes faith to accept these things; but we respect all opinions and would like if others would respect ours.

      1. admin, so if thec world has no BIBLE and one race compiled it in your ides selcted those that suite their traditions and intentions, then the TRUTH is the bible NT has only four gospels out of 32, have 8 alleged books in the NT but not but letters of PAUL, mark, luke mathew are not apostles but there are 72-apostles, 12-from 12 tribes of Admin admits, bible is corrupted, deleted, removed some added some, who wrote the ROMANS? bibles were divided into verses to insert and deletes their ideas, HOLY? if Satan exist from the first t othe last book of revelations joining the events is it still holy? reliable? its not DNA but blood, from before man has only 4-blood type, A/B/AB and O so A & B mixed but not O. if A is Adam’s, B is Eve’s and AB is Seth”S who owns the “O”? will we accept from Satan to his Son CAIN in planted to Eve as med-science truth: “TWINNING”? so the race of Cain multiuplied in the plains of the earth from Babylon, no wonders most man’s blood is type “O” serpent seeds’ blood type, sorry i am “B” but don’t worry, God ordained SAVINGS Jesus the Christ 3-comings, earthman’s 3-salvations: inherited sin, untruth to truth and everlasting life given back

  3. “The hardwired memory in the brain is passed on from generation to generation through DNA; the learned memory is not. We do not know which sequences of the DNA store these instincts since our understanding of DNA is still very limited.”

    I am not sure I agree. I have often thought that some learned memory is, indeed, passed along (genetic/racial memory). It would certainly explain feelings we may have with no cause for them (maybe from an ancestor’s traumatic experience). It would explain feelings of “deja vu” and much more.

    Since you state that our knowledge of DNA is still very limited, shouldn’t you keep an open mind to the possibility of some learned memory being passed along?

    1. Texfam,

      I do not see how any learned memory can be passed from generation to generation without being stored in the DNA. Take the duck egg raised in an incubator, how can any information be passed to the duckling without going through the DNA. We do have an open mind on this topic, but you have to give us the vehicle that transports learned memory before we consider it. Is it the egg shell, the yolk, or the white and what is the transfer mechanism?

      We know that DNA forms the BIOS (computer analogy) which is perfect for passing memory.

      Keep in touch and let us know your findings,

  4. I can’t think of the author at the moment, but there is a good article I believe titled: “what really happened in the garden of Eden”. Consider, using your DNA theory, that the original sin is Eve getting pregnant by “the serpent” and begetting Cain, (Eve’s fall). Adam’s fall being entering into the fallen womb, and begetting Abel. Cain and Abel, brothers with different fathers.

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