Where Does Neanderthal Fit in the Bible ?

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-silhouette-various-people-various-positions-businessmen-image64824952The Bible is clear: shortly after the creation, man sinned and became extremely wicked, so wicked that God was sorry He had made man. Then, God caused a great flood, destroying all mankind with the exception of Noah and his family. We are not sure how many souls died in this global flood, but suspect that it was many. A common question is, why is there no fossil evidence of those killed in the flood? There is fossil evidence of dinosaurs, mammoths, fish, vegetation, mosquitoes, and even raindrops, so why not evidence of the humans who died in the flood ? The answer to this question is simple and right before us: there is fossil evidence of humans dying in the flood; these humans are what are presently referred to as Neanderthal man; Neanderthal man meets the Biblical criteria for those who died in the flood very nicely.

There is no question that Neanderthal man lived on earth. Many partial skeletons have been found which have provided the scientific community with credible DNA sequences. These sequences reveal a small, but distinct genetic difference between the Neanderthal and modern man; this difference is approximately 1.3 percent in the mitochondrial DNA. If we examine the scriptures in Genesis and join them with the fossil and DNA evidence, we can explain this distinct genetic difference between Neanderthal and modern man.

Looking at the Biblical account of the flood, we find that there were sudden major changes to the environment and ecosystems. The entire earth was flooded which resulted in a change to the atmosphere which, in turn, resulted in a new ecosystem, no longer able to support huge dinosaurs with small nostrils and dragonflies with over 2 foot wingspans. Also, concerning humans, we know they lived much shorter lives after the flood as clearly documented in Genesis chapter 11. And, at the disembarkation from the Ark, God announced that He would allow the eating of meat. All of this leads us to realize that these significant changes would require a genetic reset of DNA. This genetic reset, which was executed by God, Himself, explains the distinct genetic differences between modern man and those before the flood, whom we have concluded are Neanderthals. Neanderthal fossils reveal that Neanderthal had larger brains than modern man, better bone structure, stronger teeth, better bites (occlusion), fewer genetic mutations (disease), and longer lifespan. For references and Neanderthal DNA sequences, see Neanderthal’s Identity.

Accepting Neanderthal man as those living before the flood solves many mysteries such as the following: 

  1. How did Neanderthal go extinct?

Answer: He died in the flood.

  1. Why is there no evidence of pre-flood man?

Answer: There is much evidence of pre-flood man – Neanderthal.

  1. Why is Neanderthal genetically distinct from modern man?

Answer: Neanderthal had only the first genetic reset, but Modern man had both the first and second genetic reset. See the technical paper Neanderthal’s Identity for details.

  1. Why do we have his (Neanderthal’s) genetic mutations, but he doesn’t have ours (modern man)?

Answer: He is our ancestor. Our mutations were developed after the flood, so we have both Neanderthal and modern mutations; he has only the pre-flood mutations.

  1. Why did Neanderthal not interbreed with modern man?

Answer: He couldn’t; Neanderthal and modern man were separated by the flood.

  1. Why are Neanderthal’s remains found in so many diverse locations?

Answer: The flood deposited them there.

  1. Why is Neanderthal physiologically and anatomically superior?

Answer: His DNA was closer to Adam’s.

  1. Where does Neanderthal fit in post-flood Bible genealogy?

Answer: He doesn’t. We know the DNA from the table of nations people (Genesis Chapter 10) and subsequent generations; none has the Neanderthal genetic signature.

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185 thoughts on “Where Does Neanderthal Fit in the Bible ?

  1. Darwin’s theory of Evolution is nothing but one big lie and is considered the Greatest Hoax in the History of mankind. Plus, if God created man in His image, did God also change & evolve throughout the ages ?
    Of course Not, God is, was and will forever remain perfect without the need to change.

    On a side note, does anyone know, Darwin was infact one of the greatest Satanist of his time.
    On another side note, archeaologists have recently discovered a HOMO SAPIEN skull which dates back to ~1.2 MILLION Years. The point being, man has always remained the same & without evolution.
    Google it up 😉

    1. Wow that was nothing more than a theory but I advise the author to keep his understanding open all humans except for descendants of Africa have Neanderthal dna so his theory does not fit cause the location of the bible is in Africa the next thing is that we have known about the Neanderthal in the bible for ages but didn’t have dna proof til the fossils discovery the Neanderthal Esau was the first Neanderthal and his descendants mated with all races who didn’t occupie Africa take a closer look at the evidence and you will see it to true

      1. We are confident of our position. Consider this: 98.7 percent of sub-Sahara African mitochondrial DNA is identical with Neanderthal just like everyone else. More than that for nuclear DNA. Also, the genetic distance between Africans and Neanderthal is the same as non-Africans. Go to GenBank and use the Blast tool and see for yourself, don’t believe us.

        Remember that the evolutionists look through evolutionary glasses and start with the hypothesis that life started in Africa. If you look through Biblical glasses you see that life started in the Garden and transferred through Noah and his family eventually dispersing from Babel. Those who went to sub-Sahara Africa developed unique mutations that are not in the Europeans or others. This is the same for South Americans, Australians, Asians, and all the extremities from Babel. What this means is that you can place the beginning of humanity anywhere in the world and make a case for it. The only reason they picked Africa is that it is the continent of the Chimpanzee.

        You can put on your evolutionary glasses if you like and we will respect you, but we have our Biblical glasses firmly in place.


          1. “98.7 percent of sub-Sahara African mitochondrial DNA is identical with Neanderthal just like everyone else”

            You have being reading science and the bible in the wrong way.

            Reality: Africans are the only 100% humans, everybody else is a halfbreed of Neanderthal and African (Homo Sapien Sapien)

            Before the Roman expulsion and the continuous invasion of “Halfbreeds” Homo Sapien Neanderthalensis (WHITES) Israel was just like the rest of Africa, BLACK.

            The purest Hebrews that Exist today are the Lembas, their Cohen Y Haplotype is beyond 60%, every other Hebrew that is Jew doesn’t top above 20 percent.

            Is Clear by the link to the New York Times that Mr. Zimmer have some problems to specify that what he called “common ancestors of Europeans and Asians” is and Africa or Black Person.

            By the way the garden of Eden is a reference to Africa and the River of Sambozi in Genesis is in Zambia. So specificly the Bible is talking about what we call Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda.

          2. Cristian.
            I have no idea of what you are talking about. Give me a technical paper with references or some specifics including DNA sequences and I will reply with the analysis. We can’t/won’t accept loose statements.


      2. In the bible God tells Adam and eve to replenish the earth. So Neanderthal. And dinosaurs and other things was made before God made the earth that God made for Adam.

        1. I don’t know bible you have been reading bio feck, if as you claim god made the dinasaurs and Adam before he made the earth, where exactly did he put them.
          Are you sure you have understood the bible, you seem be confused

        2. I am thinking that neanderthals arose from evolution. Then, when God created Adam and Eve, their sons mingled with this race. So, we are half-breeds. Look at how we are like the carnal world? We are always fighting this nature. If you check the Edgar Cayce prophecies, it tells a similar story. All souls were created in the beginning. Its our true home. However, souls became en-trenched in the earth dimension so God sent the Adam and Eve entities here. At first they are spiritual beings to check things out, and then physical. These rescuers were a high spiritual group, and Jesus’ first of 30 incarnations into this plane. Or Adam and Eve represent and are the leaders of this entire rescuing group. Lord “Amilius” was the first spirit soul God created. This soul also later became Jesus and why God selected him. Its kind of mercky, but based on what I have seen mankind do, I think that it could be possible. However, I sure won’t preach this and tell others if they don’t believe it they are wrong. We can only speculate.

    2. Has anyone taken a roll call to see who and what was on the Ark? Remember it wasn’t just Noah and his direct descendants on board…there were animals and other “beasts” as well.

      1. We have taken roll call of the animals based on genetic distance and will release the results in a blog shortly. Subscribe to the website and you will be informed when it is released. You will not be disappointed.


        1. Get off your high horse.
          Your combination of arrogance and stubbon, closed minded ignorance is astounding to say the least. A forum where the admin is the biggest troll himself.

      2. Load of rubbish…my question is if there was a god who created first man how could he communicate to a caveman the bible story so it would be passed on…its no good quoting things from a book writen by men….

        1. The answer to you question David is god never communicated the book as you say to neanderthal man, it was not till Adam that man became spiritually aware.

      1. Modern man as we know is only 6 to 7 thousand years old.
        There was a type of man that existed but they were all wiped out according to the Bible.

      2. Well byron, if you read the genealogical records in the bible, you may arrive at that figure, but you must understand them records are not complete, all of the geneology has not been recorded, they are only 45..50% complete so the actual dating will be incorrect

    3. If the bible is supposed to be taken as literally true (Noah’s flood is a lie BTW just like much of the bible. A ship that big cannot float for an entire year, and on top of that, it says there was 7,000 species, male and female so 14,000, plus noah, his three sons, and their four wives), how could there be geological evidence of the earth being much older than 6,000 years which the bible claims? The earth is billions of years old, 4.6 to be exact. If you take a bag of salt to the iss and shake it, it starts clumping together, the same process that built our solar system and our sun all those years ago. And to think of how many completely different species of humanoid there are, contradicts what the bible says. If God made man in his image, which man was that? Modern humans, neanderthal, homo erectus? And these are a few examples of SEVERAL different species of man. Evolution has been proven through bacteria. Penicillin is practically useless these days. Viruses have evolved immunities to lots of antibiotics. I’d you get bit by the same species of snake over and over, you’ll eventually become immune, and so too might your offspring. This is evolution.

      1. you display great understanding, yes indeed the earth is 4.6 billion years old to be EXACT. WRONG it is 4.6 billion 777,999,111 give or take 2 or 3 years, that give or take accounts for the discrepency of 2year concerning Christs birth

      2. The story of Noah’s flood is true.
        God made Modern man in His own image and likeness.
        The next question is what about Neanderthal man.
        Neanderthal man was simply wiped out Before modern man was created.
        ITS ALL IN THE BIBLE and I can prove every bit of it.

        1. So William, if modern man was created in gods image, in who’s image was neanderthal created.
          You claim it’s all on the bible, I would like to know the bible informs you of your claim.

      3. evolution and bb theory are frauds. your comparison of salt getting clumped together versus the universe’s beginnings makes no sense to me. what created the salt? something from nothing is false. and something from “tiny something” is cop out. something from something (God) makes better sense and its true btw.

    4. Well, I dont agree with Darwin bein called Satans, remember back in the days if you come with ideas differents brom the Christian Church, you will be a evil person, just like Da Vincchi, Open to any ideas dont have to be called Greatess Satanist at all. Be reasonable !

    5. Load of rubbish…my question is if there was a god who created first man how could he communicate to a caveman the bible story so it would be passed on…didnt happen

  2. There is no H. sapiens skull dating back 1.2 million years. Neanderthals were not killed in a flood. There is no evidence of the flood, let alone massive human extinction. The last extinction event was 65 million years ago. Neanderthals consumed meat like we do, in fact they taught us how to hunt and build shelters. Your article contains grievous errors and false data in every paragraph. You are jumbling notions you know nothing about together in hopes to fooling people who are equally ignorant. Furthermore, your readers come here to seek validation of their own poorly-formed opinions or fanaticism. You are not presenting facts, but interpretation of well-established theory, through the lens of creationism. You are wrong.

    1. Your comment is appreciated. However, you are simply promoting the loose statements given by the evolutionists. If you look, in detail to anything you said, you will see these hypotheses of evolution are based on loose statements or flat-out lies. See our technical paper on Neanderthal http://www.genesisandgenetics.org/Neanderthal_Identity.pdf and you will see we carefully reference our sources, and provide detailed, referenced DNA results.

      It is true we look at all scientific evidence through Bible glasses, but you should admit, you look at everything through evolution glasses.

      Also, there is much evidence of the flood and it is written in stone: sedimentary rock and fossils. You cannot miss it. Plus, even the most ancient writtings (Book of the Dead and Gilgamesh) proclaim a world-wide flood.

      Please answer this question, Why do evolutionist want to be without hope of a hereafter?

      1. My job is to report science news. I have written nearly 20,000 articles to date on matters related to biology, astronomy, medicine and many other topics. There are at least 6,000 studies of evolution that I have reported on personally. I doubt that you have as many valid references from peer-reviewed science journals to argument your position. There evidences of floods (not THE flood) in sedimentary records, but none on the scale of a extinction events.

        Your reliance on other ancient texts for validation of the Genesis is logically flawed, since many aspects of the Bible have been interpreted and adapted from these very texts. The Old Testament is not, I repeat, NOT, an original writing, but rather a recycling of much older concepts. Using those ideas to support Genesis is a circular paradox that makes no logical sense.

        I do not look at facts through lenses. I have learned that I need to keep an open mind to things. For example, I know acupuncture works, since I have not yet gone blind due to severe myopia after undergoing this practice. Yet, all journals cite empirical evidences that acupuncture is a hoax.

        Even so, I am not, in principle, opposed to the idea of God. I am not an atheist, but an agnostic. I believe there are no clear-cut evidences either to support, or infirm, the existence of an all-powerful deity. The reason I am opposing statements like the ones this site makes is that this type of pseudo-science is then presented to ignorant, Christian politicians as a motive for teaching intelligent design and creationism in schools, as viable alternatives to evolution. The reality is that there are no viable alternatives to evolution that can be grounded in reality.

        To sum up and answer your question. The theory of evolution, as written by Darwin, does not imply the non-existence of God. It could be that the world indeed functions as ID adepts say, where God set things into motion, and evolution is one of the mechanisms the deity used. Darwin himself wrote on the back cover of his magna opus that he believes in God, and yet your Christian propaganda mocks him as if he were a pagan, making him look like a monkey in pamphlets.

        This type of hypocrisy, which is endemic and widespread among Christians, couple with the fact that they feel it necessary to evangelize the masses, is why I oppose such articles wherever I find them.

        1. DD,
          We have really only one reliable reference: the Bible. We have found that any other references peer-reviewed or not are unreliable. We have looked into the evolutionary hypothesis and found it based on loose statements: we don’t believe that the hummingbird evolved from the dinosaurs; we don’t believe that we are cousins of the mushrooms; and, we don’t believe that Europeans are further evolved than the Africans or those from the mid-east. The hypothesis of evolution is based on loose statements such as life popped into existence from a wet rock; that the first hydrogen atom popped into existence from nothing; and that the hyena got good at swimming and turned into a whale.

          We are creationists; we believe the Word of God at face value; we believe in absolute truth; and that is why we believe the evolution is not at all compatible with the Bible. We believe either evolution is true or the Bible is true. This is a decision of a lifetime. Life is about so much more that wet rocks and mushrooms, it is about love, and peace, faith, and eternity.

          We wish you well, we respect you, and love you with all our heart.

          1. I’ve got a question … I’m a Christian , Jesus Christ Follower and believe God’s Word is all truth . I was watching a show about the Neanderthal and the scient are now saying they can prove we have their DNA in us modern humans. I just can’t and refuse to believe that and I do not believe in evolution. Could the Neanderthals be a totally different species here on this earth that lived here on this earth before the ice age? The scientist say that we inbreed with them but again I just refuse to believe that! I think the ice age killed them off. God made us in His image, and I think if there was any inbreeding . God would have stopped but but I believe God was keeping His prople pure for the coming of His son , Jesus Christ!! I’m just confused because of that show I watched. Please help me ! But I don’t think any mixing of the different species , God would never let happen as like I said, God was keeping us humans pure for the coming of Jesus Christ.

          2. Please re-read the post “Where does Neanderthal fit in the Bible?” Neanderthals were humans. They are those who lived before the flood.


          3. Yes, it is possible that Neansderthal came from Genesis 6; however, we don’t believe that the union was between man and angerls.

            The scripture that states:
            “… the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.” (Genesis 6:2)
            This scripture is nestled in with other scriptures that talk about giants, great wickedness, destruction of the earth, and culminates with God confessing that He was broken hearted (Genesis 6:6); He was broken hearted to the point of being sorry He had made mankind (also Genesis 6:6). Here are the scriptures in context:

            Genesis 6:1 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,
            Genesis 6:2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.
            Genesis 6:3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.
            Genesis 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.
            Genesis 6:5 And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
            Genesis 6:6 And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.
            Genesis 6:7 And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. (KJV)

            So, what does all this mean? Let’s start by reviewing the early history of man: God created man (Adam) in God’s image and this creation was “very good” (Genesis 1:31). God and Adam would walk together and have fellowship. Then Adam sinned and became a mortal being, destined to die. God still had the hopes of having a people unto Himself and was pleased with one of Adam’s sons, Abel, who was righteous. Then, Cain killed Abel and God’s righteous line of humans was destroyed. So, God raised up Seth in attempt to reestablish a righteous line of people for himself. There was still hope until the sons of God saw that the daughters on men were fair and intermarried with them, causing an irreversible mixing of the righteous and the unrighteous; this event dashed God’s hope of having a people unto Himself and caused God to be broken hearted, proclaiming that He was sorry He had made mankind.
            So, who are the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men?” If we look at the parable of the “Wheat and Tares,” we see that a farmer sowed good seed into his field, then, after his work, he rested; and, as he rested, the enemy sowed his seeds, bad seeds – tares. This is one of the parables that Jesus explained, so we know, for sure, that the field is the world (Matthew 13:38), the farmer was Jesus (Matthew 13:37), the good seeds are the sons of the kingdom, and the tares are the children of the wicked one (Matthew 13:38). Therefore, if we put this all together, it appears that Abel and Seth were righteous (the seeds of God), and Cain was evil including his offspring (the Daughters of Men – seeds of the enemy).
            Here is a scripture that supports this notion:
            1 John 3:12 Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother’s righteous. (KJV)

            Another way of looking at it is that the sons of God would be good seed coming from God, not yet fallen into unrighteousness; and, the daughters of man were bad seed coming from man, who at this time had fallen into unrighteousness.
            So, the righteous seed was Abel and the evil seed was Cain, but Cain killed Abel. So, after Cain killed Abel, another righteous seed was raised up by God, and that seed was Seth (Genesis 4:25). The unrighteous line lived in the land of Nod and was separated from the righteous line. At this time God still had the hope of keeping this separation between the two lines; but, when the sons of God (those from Seth) saw that the daughters of men (those from Cain) were fair and had children with them, God’s hope of having a righteous people to himself was lost. Those in the righteous line were overpowered by their sin nature, specifically lust, and intermarried with the unrighteous line; this intermarriage resulted in an irreversible mixing of righteousness and unrighteousness; and, this is what we have today: each one of us is a mixture of the good and evil that existed in the days of Cain and Seth.
            Concerning the appearance of giants, gigantism is caused by a genetic mutation which affects the pituitary gland. Therefore, this mutation of gigantism is the first documented evidence of the deterioration of God’s perfect creation of human DNA. Gigantism was visual evidence of the damage done to Adam’s and Eve’s genes by eating the forbidden fruit. By the way, this fruit was the first GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). This was a sad time both for humanity and the Creator. The appearance of the giants was independent of the sons of God marrying the daughters of men; this can be clearly seen in verse 4, where it says that
            “there were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came into the daughters of men.”
            The reason that God mentions the giants at this time is that when the sons of God married the daughters of men, all of the mutations spread throughout all of humanity; they were no longer contained. These early giants were called the Nephilim which, in the original Hebrew, has the sense of giant, bully, and tyrant; so, not only were they large, but they took advantage of their size and were bullies and tyrants, like Goliath.
            These events (irreversible mixing of good and evil, and genetic mutations) culminated with God being sorry He had created mankind. He was truly broken hearted; the scriptures say that it “grieved Him at His heart.”
            Our position on these scripture is in conflict with a commonly held position that the Nephilim were a result of angels coming down and seeing that the daughters of men were fair and took them in marriage. We feel that this position of human-angel hybridization is not in tune with neither the scriptures nor the genetic data. Here are our reasons:
            (1) The scriptures (Genesis 6:4) clearly state that the giants were alive before the sons of God took the daughters of men as wives.
            (2) We have much genetic data that has been collected over the last couple of decades and it shows that all humans can be traced to one woman. There is no angel DNA in our genome that suddenly appears. Also, the scriptures indicate that angels are spirits, not flesh and blood; they have no DNA as we know it. If they appear on earth, they must appear as a spirit or they must borrow the body i.e. flesh and blood. For instance, Satan borrowed the body of a serpent (Genesis 3:1); and the fallen angels borrowed the body of Legion (Luke 8:30).
            Conclusion: This is an important part of human history, when the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were fair and took them as wives. This is when an irreversible process began that resulted in all humans on earth having mixed quantities and varieties of good and evil.

          4. I am sorry i do not believe in evolution neanderthals!! There is no where in Gods,word that says anything, nothing about such existence…i believe we,are truly living in last days and yhe enemy satan is tickling ears and knowing his time is short making sure his evil trickery in writings music etc is for his,amusement! ! GOD kjows everything and im not concerned because i dont hsve to know everything here and now!! I have eternity for The Master My Lord Abba,father to teach me!! Amen

          5. I have seen many creationist debates and it seems like it’s the same claims you keep making. The evidence for evolution is non existent. You have examined the theory of evolution and found the claims to be false. And it saddens me to say this but you are blinded by the bible and it teachings. I think the problem is you don’t understand the evidence or just don’t see the importance. Dna my friend! Is evidence for evolution. Our understanding of genes and how it passes on from one generation to another. To be honest if evolution were to become a real life man and punch you in the face you won’t believe it and the reason for that is the way you contructed your brain. For you it is easier for you to beleive in the bible because it is probably all you know. The truth is subjective to your personal beleive! That is why we created science. Where if a theory is proven wrong once it is thrown out. In conclusion in 400 years the bible will be long forgotten and evolution will be known as our Genesis. We can see it happening right now. Science has no room for faith!!! Evolution vs Genesis is basically the battle between science and faith. Science will always win since it provides the most proof

          6. Dassram,
            Thank you for stating your beliefs and commenting on our work. If you go to the basis of evolution, you will see there is no basis. It is all guess work: Humming birds evolved from wet rocks on other planets; everything came from nothing; alligators decided they needed antibiotics, so they evolved them; etc, etc. The bottom line is that the basis for evolution is faith. If you want to put your faith in evolution, that is ok; we respect that; but we have invested our faith in the Bible.

            We spend much time studying DNA and have found the DNA sequences generally very reliable and believable in their raw form. However, we interpret it quite differently than the evolutionist. It depends which glasses you are wearing: evolutionary glasses or Bible glasses. We have found the data is good the conclusions are bad. Out of Africa, for instance, is nonsense. Look at the data for yourself and you will see once you get rid of the evolutionary assumptions, the data shows clearly that all mankind came from Adam through Noah and were dispersed from Babel. We will release a technical paper on this when we finish our present project.
            When I was in grade school, my fifth grade teacher said believe 20 percent of what you hear and 50 percent of what you see. I have found that the only thing solid in this very dangerous universe is the Bible. If you place your trust in science, you have a very good chance of being misled. Also, science only deals with what can be seen; this is a very small part of the whole picture.

            I predict that in 400 years all the present scientific, peer reviewed papers will be just gathering dust and the Bible will still be the “Bible.”

            We will see, but for me and my house, we will follow the Lord.

            Again thank you for writing; we respect you and love you,

          7. That’s because your mind was already made up before you ever even looked at the evidence. One thing I noticed about creationists is that no matter what you try to tell them, they’re talking at you, drowning you out with bible verses from genesis, stories largely taken from older religious texts. Isn’t it funny that the virgin Mary character has been found prior to the new testament? And that’s only one example. And Jonas in the whale.. how can a person live for 3 days inside of a whale without being digested? Also, if God is such a perfect being, why are there verses in the bible that are so flawed and immoral? Slavery is condoned, so is rape, and there are several verses in the bible that are very offensive to women. And some argue that the old testament no longer applies… if you’ll have a look at Matthew 5:17, you’ll clearly see that Jesus stated, “I have not come to change the law, but to fulfill it.” Not exactly word for word, I don’t have it memorized, but this is what it’s saying in other words. The exact message. Open your mind, brother. Break few of those chains and learn something. You’re not stupid, I can tell. But the idea that the bible can be taken as literally true is stupid.

          8. Joshua,
            We are pleased that you are earnestly asking questions and seeking. You are correct; I have already made my mind up. I have accepted, by faith, the Bible. Faith is very strong and nothing will ever convince me of truth other than the Bible. Truth is absolute; if you are right, we will never know, but if the Bible is right, we will know. No matter what I think, if the Bible is nothing but fables, it is nothing but fables: however if the Bible is true, then it doesn’t matter what you believe: this is how absolute true works. If God exist, so does absolute truth; if He doesn’t exist, absolute truth is not defined.
            I am not an intelligent person; I don’t know how to make one lepton or element. So I am dependent on using God’s leptons and elements. If at the end of the age God tells me to depart from Him and His kingdom, I can’t even create one cubic inch of space in which to dwell. Therefore, I decided to do it His way, by faith, and now I am very comfortable to live by faith. I dwell in the Bible and the Bible dwells in me; I am becoming one with the Word. This physical existence is no longer important to me; I just want to be with Him.
            You have decided to put your faith in science and what others tell you about the creation. We respect you and your decision. All we ask is that you respect our position.
            We are so happy to live in a country where we are free to believe; that will end someday and on that day I hope you remember our words: We love you.


          9. Is there a Y chromozone? BUT SIMPLY PUT
            Mankind lived near 1000 years, during this time Cain killed Abel. There were giants in the land before and after. Tyrants ruled and oppressed prior to flood, Nimrod was a fierce dictator, a world religion gov that captured the souls of men in an ungodly system, Nimrod was among the giants[tyrent]afterwards, today we find these giants clashing to form a system to capture the world, our religious and gov instutions are the giants today that seekto capture the souls of men. Jesus spoke and accused the giants of his day.MATTHEW 23…. For you neither enter yourselves nor allow those who would enter to go in.
            Whats the difference between neathanderals and modern man, a Y chromozone passed from father to son? God wouldn’t strive, he shortened our life span. Noah and his family were preflood nanderthals, long living, the wise ones in Gilgamesh, the ones seeked out for their wisdom. Anyway longenivity carried through and ended near the time of Abraham, a short lived neanderthal, God shortened life again 3score and ten year, Y chomo finnished no more nanderthal.
            A neanderthal is a modern man, the only diferences are the skull for eg. Our skull grows till we die, hence they look different cause the lived longer
            Entropy we are degenerating, not evolving and this is Gods doing.
            This is extremely summerized, I believe the giants were Godless organised religio/politico/financial systems designed to enslave and indoctrinate. The sons of God, were Rulers in high places like pharoes[godkings] in God’s seat coming down and choosing women of their choice to create the haram, in turn to create terrifying armies to enforce their law and order, what are your thoughts please editor

          10. If you believe the Bible at face value, then you must have a difficult time squaring its numerous contradictions.

          1. I mean that, but also 20,000 (twenty thousand) articles is a tiny bit far fetched all by itself don’t you think. Let’s say you write 1 article every single weekday. There are (on average) 260 weekdays every year. That would take you 76 years to write 20,000 articles, no sick days, no vacations, none of that. Are you telling me that you wrote 20,000 well thought out, well researched, non-duplicate articles practically every single day of your entire life? I mean, if you started when you were in high school, or, perhaps college you’d have to be in your early to mid 90s right? What were the 1920s like? I enjoy the music from that time period. :/

        2. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not an academic as you both seem to be but didn’t Darwin refute everything he said before he died and don’t the schools teach the THEORY of evolution. When did it become fact? Surely if the very guy who has studied it the most then refutes his own research that has to count for something.

          1. I don’t think it has been established what Darwin was thinking on his death bed, but it doesn’t matter, evolution is a strong counter idea to the Bible. This is what God wants; He wants us to decide whom we will follow. He does not force.


          2. It is the “Theory” of evolution because scientists (unlike theological apologists) accept the notion that their ideas have their limitations. However this does not mean it is on the same degree of probability as any other theory, but more, based on current evidence, is an ‘incomplete fit’. Creationism is also a theory but fits current scientific evidence extremely poorly.

        3. The most recent extinction event, DD (you Boob) was the Quaternary Extinction event (so named), which occurred about 12,900 years ago and millions of people died, asking with about 80% of the world’s mammals…(going from memory – but at least I know about it). There were no floods, that’s a fairy tale. But the tsunamis were terrible… Thus the 34 different flood tales surviving from that event, yet only about half depict a flood that is catastrophic, and 2 of which are commonly heard about, yet truly distinct (the sinking of Atlantis, which is actually the American continents, and the Hogwash about saving animals with a giant boat…(when in all actuality, most of the poor beasts met their demise)… By the way, I’ve written two books on this subject.

      2. gilgamesh, was he on a mission to find the secret of eternal life? did he not seek out a man of great wisdom and age for this secret. Nooah was the likely the man he quested?
        Neanderthal did not go extinct, 8 were preseved, they are in us, they are our ancestor, we are all in Adam
        There is much evidence of pre-flood man – Neanderthal, and way less post flood neanderthal, and very little evidence of him today in our dna
        Neanderthal is not that genetically distinct from modern man?
        Genetic reset 1 God won’t strive with mortal man, mercy for the oppressed, 120 years reset2 70yyears, bye bye long living neanderthal
        Neanderthal is not mutated, we loosing the y chromozone, Gods doing, mutation=deformity=baren=extiction, we are nowhere near deformed dying off mutated inbreds, we like animal have adapted, we have lost chomozones, we won’t mutate, they that do do die
        He is our ancestor. Our dna slowly dissapeared after the flood, so we have both Neanderthal and modern dna; he has only the pre-flood dna.

        The 8 Neanderthal interbreed with modern man post flood and here we are

        Why are Neanderthal’s remains found in so many diverse locations?
        Answer: The flood deposited them there.

        Why is Neanderthal physiologically and anatomically superior?
        Answer: His DNA was closer to Adam’s. Thats evolution in reverse, we are devolving, thats entropy

        Where does Neanderthal fit in post-flood Bible genealogy?
        Thhe Patriaechs Noah through to Jacob and it got a bit thin very thin by the the time of the 12 brothers, but traces remain today, the labrador’s great grandfather is a dingo.

        1. sorry Noah the neanderthal did not interbreed with modern man, he is modern man, he had a wife and kids and here we are, he is our great grandfather

      3. At the time of your supposed flood, there were at least 6 thriving civilizations that have written records that say nothing about a flood, and they were certainly not wiped out by a flood.

      4. Why keep thinking of anything after death…there is nothing..men just are arrogant enough to think they are so great that there must be a reason for being alive…you live you die…end

        1. David,

          What if you are wrong? Have you ever been wrong about anything else?

          I am not arrogant; I do not think I am great; I appreciate the Creator who is willing to give someone like me mercy. For that I will serve Him all the days of my life and for all eternity.

          David, if the Bible is true and the Creator, at the judgement says that He doesn’t know you and that you should depart, where will you go? Can you create your own space to abide in? Can you make your own atoms and molecules? Please consider these things before it is too late.


      5. Well administration
        Concerning your last question, the evolutionists don’t want or can’t see the wonders of god, there is no point trying to bring them to god, to them everything came from a primordial soup, and one day, puff, life began.
        They have closed minds and will fight a ridiculous battle because their closed minds won’t allow the light to shine through

    2. You’re right besides Neanderthals were only found in small isolated locations and were not as wide spread as Homo Sapiens. Nor is there an abundance of skeletal remains of these unique ancients.

      1. If you read the Book of Enoch, Enoch states that 200 angels decided to leave their heavenly abode and procreate with women. Their offspring became giants, the titans of old, who greatly oppressed human beings and taught them things like magic and warfare that they were not supposed to. They were destroyed in the flood. Their height was huge, 450 feet tall. That is probably where the myth of titans came from–destructive giants who cannibalize people and animals.

        1. The book of Enoch is jewish fables written long time after Jesus to support another book of fairytail talmud kabbala both deny Jesus. The bible is historically true and is a historical means to work off

          1. Perhaps a study of the Bible as both a historical document AND a literary work might change your mind. The Bible is a collection of some books, authorized and vetted by men who wished to keep control of and power over others. Nothing more.

          2. No Enoch was not written after Jesus, predates. Enoch (1) was found at Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls.. You really don’t know what your talking about. During Jesus period it was a fragmented text. Possible dating to the time period of Daniel also referenced throughout the New Testament and sighted in Jude.

            Book of Jubilees is based off the Enochen calendar, and it is believed the gospel of John passion is based on this calendar system..

            Talmudic works are post Jesus, you are correct on that, and denying Christ along with the Birkat HaMINIM.

            As to the article, you do realize there are two creation stories in Genesis.

        2. Its no good quoting things from a book men wrote …you may as well quote from lord of the rings….its meaning less

          1. So, why do believe and quote scientific works? They came from man and evolution never was proved, neither in laboratory, and neither in mathmatics. It is man speculation. Following your argument, it comes from books writen by men.

    3. Talk about errors. You said there is no physical evidence of the flood. Or any massive human extinctions. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, lol. Seriously. Look it up, scientists have proven the flood did happen. That is not up for debate anymore. You could debate who or what caused it. But don’t be ignorant, there is physical evidence proving natural disasters occur here on earth. Which the bible talks about. Also this article is just giving an opinion based on scientific findings. Your the foolish one if you think you have all the answers on human history on this planet. Because news flash no one has all the answers. Our modern day science isn’t efficient enough to prove or disprove every theory out there.

        1. ANNE,

          Thats false. There is tons of evidence of THE Flood. Biblical teaching aside the only thing that explains a great extinction event that would destroy the dinosaurs and bury them in sediment and fossilize them IS a flood. This is true whether you believe it or not. The evidence is so overwhelming that scientists are now reworking there large asteroid hitting the earth to wipe out the dinosaur theory to say that the asteroid made the mantel of the earth like liquid that then buried the dinosaurs. Seriously? You know what else acts like liquid and buries things? Water in tumultuous amounts. There have been numerous models done that have proven this, and yet scientist, who supposedly seek truth, blindly ignore the empirical evidence until the absolute truth is the only thing left and then they marginalize it by reworking it to make truth fit their model. It is deeply satisfying to see more and more of Gods truth unveiled, but so very sad that more and more seem to blatantly turn a blind eye.

          1. Do you still think the sun revolves around earth and earth is the centre of the universe?
            Christians all about love, really? How much love was there in your crusades.
            If not for science you lot wouldn’t have electricity, power internet but still think the world is flat.
            You stole all of believes from pagans, but least they didn’t impose slavery.
            Oh, all the DNA you all talk about is because of science, not praying
            Get real.

      1. Idiot…yes floods happen no question…but someone in the sky didnt do it…thats for ignorant medieval minds …we have moved on from that time

  3. Can you help me with the age of beginning? Moses wrote his book approximitly 3400 years ago but finding find carvings about 40,000 years old. Can you help ?

    1. We believe that the dates in the Bible are correct. If you dig into these other dates you will see they are based on assumptions that are not correct. We believe the earth is approximately 6000 years old and we will debate anyone who thinks it is older; but, please look into these things by yourself of with a small group.

      1. Moon Dust, Mount Everest, Coral Reefs, Glaciers, Coal…When we add up all the meteor impacts, super volcanoes, earthquakes, mammoth tidal waves, and ice ages, we end up with thousands of events that could never fit into a 6,000-year timeline. It would be foolish to modify everything we know about how the physical world operates just to accommodate one single theory.

        1. Chris,
          We appreciate your comment and stance. Here are two points presented for your consideration:

          1. God created man, Adam, as a mature human; He also created the Earth and the universe as a mature environment. Any other creation technique would be a waste of time.
          2. God is not pushy. He created all things so man has a choice: God or no God. Faith is of prime importance to Him and He has allowed us to place our faith in either Him or other things like humanity, science, etc. His creation is brilliant from all stand points.
          Here is an example of His brilliance: the strata can be explained by either millions of years of buildup or by a global flood. We believe firmly in the global flood and you probably have chosen the millions of years. We could debate the issue thoroughly, but neither of us would win and would come out of the debate stronger in our beliefs. If we are right, someday it will be confirmed; if you are right, we will never know.


          1. I have a couple thoughts on the age of Earth. One, calendars and the recording of time was vastly different from today’s measure of months and years. That has to account for some discrepancy. Second and most importantly, most people think the flood only lasted 40 days and 40 nights. The Bible says, in Gen 7:24,that “the waters prevailed upon the earth 150 days” Yes it rained for 40 days/nights but the water didn’t just disappear right after. So whether you interpret the 40 days of rain in the 150 days or in addition to, would geologically change the time period in which scientists today can determine a time period of an artifact, bone, erosion, etc. Everything being under water for 150-190 days (however you interpret Gen 7:29) would drastically effect how deep it buried and how dirt and rock is compacted around the object being discovered today, in comparison to something discovered after the flood. Just my thoughts. I’m no scientist nor Bible scholar. Just a person who believes in God.

          2. We believe that God is not pushy: He allows us to sin; He allows us to worship other gods; He allows us to live on his earth using his atoms yet blaspheming Him; and He allows other, competing religions to flourish. He is amazingly tolerant. However, it it true that some day He will judge us all; but that isn’t pushy; that is exacting. Thank you for sharing your view.


          3. David,

            I do not want to appear argumentative, but there are many well informed scientists, like myself, that believe the world is approximately 6000 years old. We have trouble with the evolutionary theories that everything came from nothing by accident. That aside, let’s look at the big bang. I do not agree with big bang theory, but for now let’s say it is correct. We know, and the Bible correctly proclaimed that time is relative (2000 years before Einstein). The Bible also proclaimed the universe had a finite beginning; this was 6000 years before Hubble. So, the Bible has a very solid scientific reputation. So, please answer this question, is it possible that some particles in the universe think they are 6000 years old and other think they are 14 billion, depending how fast they are going and how much mass they are near? Then there is space inflation. According to the big bang theory, within one second of the big bang, the universe inflated to nearly what we have now. Think about that. Again the Bible is correct, is says that God stretched out the heavens. That is exactly what happened, but evolutionary scientist use the words cosmic inflation so as not to sound too Biblish.

            Therefore, if the evolutionary scientist are off just a little bit in their calculations, the Bible is right.

            Anyway, thank you for your comment and please consider the Bible; it offers love, joy, hope and a wonderful future; evolution can only promise death.


  4. Hi there folks.

    I can see there is huge debate on where the Neanderthal species originated from and as a Christian I too am a firm believer in God’s word, when I speak of God’s word, I mean all of it not just the canonized scriptures that were put together as the Holy bible. I am speaking of the books known as the book of Giants, Book of jasher, Jubilees and Enoch otherwise known as Genesis Apocryphalon and founded amongst the dead sea scrolls that pre-dates any ancient civilization writings. I wish to share our true history with all that has been kept from us, and purposely hidden and altered by man to push they theory of big bang and evolution upon us. For those whom have ever read the book of Genesis would have notices in Genesis 6 there is a vivid explanation of what life was like before the great global flood and why it was necessary for the flood as well as why Noah and his family were only ones saved, ‘ There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And the LORD was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. God tried to tell us this through the Patriarch Enoch the righteous scribe whom taught against the teachings of the “watchers” sons of God that descendant to earth and chose human wives to bore children with, these were the nephilim half angel half human hybrids and huge giants. The nephilim were not the neaderthal people however the watchers whom taught mankind the secret forbidden knowledge of our universe, also taught mankind the dashing of the embryo in the womb and how to mix one species with another, and human with animal dna, they began to sin against the birds, fish, reptiles, beasts, wild and animals of every kind and all flesh became corrupted except for Noah, he’s wive and three sons hence, God spared them, Every animal and every human being excluding Noah and he’s family’s original DNA was corrupting through the teachings of the watchers So God send a flood, to cleanse/baptise the earth and start fresh. The Netherlanders were the cause of mixed animal with human dna. You may ask why did the Watchers mess with our DNA? If you wish to know more, contact me by email and I will show you all the proof there is. God bless you all

    1. They messed about with dna so as to corrupt the human line through which Jesus would eventually come. As you described in other blogs it was satans attempt at beating GOD, HE FAILED AGAIN as he will do in the end .

  5. Did anyone ever think of what is a year to God is ha we see it or not could the humans of the time when God reveled the existence of a single God to Abraham could understand all that God Had created. Look around you and think.

    1. Africans, even sub-Saharan Africans have approximately 98.8 percent mitochondrial DNA in common with Neanderthals. Our analysis of Neanderthal is clear, the Africans are just like anyone else concerning genetic distances from Neanderthal. There have been so many miss-truths concerning the Africans. I am embarrassed for the scientific community. Watch and see, they will some day admit that Africans have Neanderthal DNA just like everyone else. Thank you for your question.

      1. Homo erectus (ancestor of modern humans and Neanderthals) migrated out of Africa about 2 million years ago. This migration into harsher European climates and environments eventually led to Homo Erectus branching off into a new hominid, Neanderthals. This migration explains why you wouldn’t find the remains of Neanderthals in Africa.
        Later Homo Sapiens (descendants of Homo Erectus) also migrated out of Africa and has they migrated further north began to encounter their Neanderthal cousins.
        It isn’t hard to imagine interbreeding taking place between these close cousins.
        Let science lead you to the truth. It’s people not religion that will save us. Religion is just a series of stories to explain the unknown and control the population. We can only rely on ourselves to save the world.

        1. Harry,

          We prefer to let the Bible lead us to the truth. The reason that Neanderthal is found mainly in Europe and the Mideast is because pre-flood man lived only 1652 years before the flood and probably did not migrate over the entire Earth. However, we believe that Neanderthal has been found in Africa. See “skeletons in the Sahara” which is on PBS. If you look at these people they are very possibly Neanderthal. We have concluded that they definitely are because of the color of their bones (obviously spent much time in water) and the shape of their heads. The evolutionists, I am sure, have noticed these things, but cannot admit it. If they test the DNA, we will know for sure, but it appears that the DNA is in too bad of shape to sequence.

          Also, science is very limited and driven by the band wagon affect. We prefer to let the Bible lead us to the truth. The Bible is the only true science book in out eyes.

          People cannot save us. Because of entropy, our destiny is total chaos, i.e. heat, unless we go the the only safe place in the universe, and that is in Christ.

          We do appreciate your views and your comments.


        2. Wow and what a fine job those very ‘people’ are doing in saving us…
          How does this sound:- The worst genocides of the 20th and 21st centuries:
          Adolf Hitler: 12,000,000
          Pol Pot: 1,700,000
          Joseph Stalin: 7,000,000
          Mao’s cultural revolution: 30 million+
          And this is only the tip of the iceberg…

      2. It’s unbelievable for you to understand black people don’t have DNA in common with neanderthals because you don’t want to believe there is a genetical difference between the two. Science has proven there is and there is an obvious reason why.

    1. Cyrus,
      This is a very interesting question. Neanderthal did not have the law, but they did have the knowledge of good and evil. They obviously chose evil, that is why God used the world-wide flood to control the wickedness. In I Peter 3:19, we see that Jesus, when he descended to Hell preached to the spirits in prison there. This is a point of great interest to us: the question is why did He preach to them if they were lost forever? If we understood what was to happen in the millennium, we may have some clarification. I’m not sure that this helps you, but this is as far as we got. Maybe someone else has some thoughts.

      1. This is ludicrous. How can you possibly believe this? Neanderthals were a species of human similar to ourselves. They were not especially evil or good, they may not even had the concept of evil and good. They were a people trying to survive a harsh environment, no doubt they had their own gods and believes as people do today.
        The Christian hell is that the same as Hades or the Hel as described in Norse mythology?

        1. Harry,

          We stand on our position concerning Neanderthal. They fit very nicely into the Bible, especially their 10 percent larger brain cavity, better bones, better teeth, etc. Concerning your question of the Christian hell, or course mythology follows the Bible. Actually, it appears that in the Bible Hades, or hell (Matthew 25:41) is the temporary holding place and “The lake of fire” (Revelation 19:20) is the eternal destination for those who reject the Gospel. Hopefully no human will go to this “lake of fire,” There are many who don’t think hell, Hades, or the lake of fire exist, and they may be right; however, it is a matter of absolute truth. If the lake of fire does exist, it exists no matter what we want or what we believe. We Christians believe in absolute truth. Absolute truth has nothing to do with our wisdom, or belief system, it only has to do with what God says. If God does not exist, don’t worry because then absolute truth doesn’t exist either. But if God exists, so does absolute truth. The Bible says that someday there will be judgment and if God says to someone, ‘depart from me, I don’t know you,” that person better have thought ahead and have someplace to go.

          We appreciate differing points of view,
          thank you for sharing your thoughts,

        2. They are not fully human, but share human DNA. Obviously they are hybrids. I don’t understand why people are too shy to admit it. Thats the whole point of this article. To explain perhaps why neanderthals are our cousins. Because they were descendants of fallen angels and humans. Which God believed was disgraceful so he destroyed them all. But the stain on human DNA probably didn’t fully erase them right after the flood. So they most likely died off completely some time after that.

  6. Why are people so afraid of scientific truth? This is the 21st century, we should be looking forward not back. People have always had gods and superstitions. Millions of children believe in Santa Claus it doesn’t make him real. What about the other religions in the world, are they not as real as your? How can you put your faith in an old book? In 1000 years people will probably be worshipping Harry Potter. People have a need for community and belief I completely get it. Its comforting to feel so secure and protected, but we need to look at ourselves for that. The future is in our hands not religions.

    1. Harry,

      We are not afraid of scientific truth, we embrace it. What we don’t like is loose statements and hypotheses touted as truth. We accept absolute scientific truth.
      We do put our faith in the Bible. It has proven to be true in every facet. Also, it has given us hope, comfort, and guidance for our lives. The Bible is the Bible. It is the oldest of all books and the most published of all books.
      I am not very intelligent and don’t know how to create electrons, quarks, leptons or bosons, so it scares me to death to think that my future would be in my hands. If my future were in any human’s hands, I would would have a very dismal future. I confess I have placed my future fully in God’s hands and He has given me and my family some very nice promises.
      I encourage you to sit in a quiet room, open the Bible and ask God to speak to you. It would be worth the investment of a bit of time.

      Thank you for sharing with us and know that we do love you and are praying for you.

        1. Once again Anne I have found your ignorance astounding. You claim that the admin is delusional for inviting a respondent to sit down and ask God to speak to him. Do you not do the same when you sit down and listen to a professor or a confessor of evolution? You ask these men/women to provide answers for the questions you have regarding where we come from and yet they provide no absolute truth for you, but you do put faith in what they say, blindly I might add, despite the fact that it is science that is constantly changing its conclusions based on a different point of view or some newly found evidence that contradicts a previously held “truth”. Those scientists who would propagate these THEORIES, are nothing more than YOUR preachers who rely solely on their current understanding of their GOD, science in this case, to explain the world. You are seeking truth from men/women who clearly don’t know the truth because truth obviously eludes them otherwise it wouldn’t change; that, Anne, is delusional. Here is some real truth, Anne. What science does not explain or give guidance to is Good and Bad or, more appropriately, right and wrong. If we to rely solely on science as our guide for life then science suggests survival of the fittest and, technically, all is permitted because I most survive. Now we know this is not the case and laws are set in place to prevent such anarchism, but who do you think set those laws into place? It could not possibly have been man because science tells us survival of the fittest and does not provide a concept of right and wrong, so man is out. The only reasonable answer is God. The Bible provides the answers and guidance and is a constant therefore is complete. Science changes it’s popular theories all the time, but science does not change the Bible, science proves it. Christians do not deny science, they simply let the Creator (God) of science be the guide. He IS the source material and that’s the only truth I need or any Christian needs and is what we all hope that you will some day realize too.


      1. ALL BEING POSTED OUT OF LOVE. *8 But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart”[e] (that is, the word of faith which we preach): 9 that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 11 For the Scripture says, “Whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame.”[f] 12 For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him. 13 For “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” ROMANS 10:8-13

  7. I’m a christian and I do believe that God did create man in his own image. Before the flood happened, God told Noah to bring two of EVERY animal on the ark, so why didn’t Noah bring dinosaurs or the neanderthals, since the great flood happened after the prehistoric era.

  8. You say the Neanderthals “knew right from wrong”. How do you know this without having first hand knowledge of their actual neuropathology? I work one on one with traumatic brain injury & neuro-degenerative patients suffering w/diseases like Alzheimers & brain cancer. Many of these patients have no longer have an awareness of their families, their identity, & sometimes even their gender due to brain injury and/or disease. I’ve seen patients that have lost the capacity to experience any emotion and others who’ve lost the capacity to control any emotion. The one thing that all of these patients have in common is that they are compelled to act in strict accordance w/the condition and capacity of their neuropathology. Their behavior is not dictated by free will or biblical prescriptions. This is why I have a problem when people like you say that you “know” that someone else knows right from wrong. You absolutely cannot know that without having extensive first hand knowledge of that person’s neurophathology. I find it interesting that the god wanted to warn people about demonic possession, but failed to mention things like epilepsy and brain tumors which would make someone look and act like they were possessed by evil spirits. Since the science of neurology is less than 200 years old, I wonder how many people prior have been stoned, burned, drowned, or ostracized for having a neurological condition that was identified as the “biblical truth” of demonic possession. And Jesus himself is said to have healed the sick. Among the 100’s or 1000’s, did he never encounter 1 person with epilepsy? Just one person he could’ve pointed at and said.. “This person has a neurological disorder of their temporal lobe. There’s no need to pray for them to cast their spooky demons out.” Or was Jesus/the son of the creator of everything ignorant basic neurology as well?

  9. Science through genetics has now proved that anyone outside of sub Saharan Africa has 2%-4%, usually 2.8% of Neanderthal genes and that the Asian population and Aboriginals have another 1.8%-2% Dravidian genes. Dravidians are believed to have appeared 500-400,000 years ago, the Neanderthals 350-300,000 years ago while Cro magnon man (modern human Africans) came 200,000 years ago. So does your study suggest the Dravidians to be the Adamites? The human genetic and features that differ so much could be explained by this.

    1. Brett,
      We, at Genesis and Genetics, do not accept any dates earlier that 6000 years ago. We believe that Neanderthal is pre-flood man. This is based on his mitochondrial DNA. Also, we have found that the Cro-magnon man is a typical European. Our research shows that all modern people came from our common, straight line ancestor Neanderthal. We are presently writing a paper on these issues. We believe that the DNA sequences are correct, but we differ with the evolutionists on the interpretation of the DNA. Therefore, to answer your question directly, we do believe that the Dravidians are closely related to Adam, but so is everyone else.

      Thank you for your very good question,

      1. Joseph went to Egypt during the 17th dynasty. There is not enough time between the flood and the time of Joseph to develop a society and develop the Chinese race and dynasties.
        Jesus is true and we were created but the first testament is a history of Jews.
        Jesus said search for the truth, if you want to help your fellow and have them believe in you find the truth.

  10. You guys are insane. The evidence for evolution is irrefutable. There is so much evidence crossing over and linking back and forth. from DNA to the fossil record. We can even witness it first hand with moths. 99.98% of the scientific community accepts Evolution.

    retro-viral DNA.. look it up. Our dna is constantly changing. Game over

    Neanderthal DNA.. Its a super huge nail in the coffin

    Chromosomal fusion… 100% proof.. Just google that stuff one fused chromosome separates us from the apes.

    Learn some basic science. They teach this stuff in school

    1. Sam,

      You are misleading our readers. We are not one fused chromosome away from the apes. Consider the following:

      (1) The closest ape is the chimpanzee with has an 9 percent difference from us. You can see for yourself by comparing GenBank sequences D38113 with J01415.2.
      (2) The Y chromosome of the chimpanzee is drastically different from humans. Ref: Nature 463 28 Jan 2010 “Chimpanzee and human Y chromosomes are remarkably divergent in structure and gene content”
      (3) Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov made many attempts to cross humans and chimps in the 1920’s but none was successful, even the artificial insemination attempts. If chimps and humans were close as you say they should be able to hybridize; but they can’t.

      Secular science is doing well; however, their basics in biology are faith based. They believe:
      Everything came from nothing;
      That the hummingbird evolved from a wet rock on another planet: and
      That this divine creation is just and accident.
      We do not place our faith in these hypotheses, but in a majestic Creator who not only created the physical world, but also the spiritual world. We believe He, Jesus, has gone to prepare a place where we can dwell with Him and our loved ones eternally. This be believe by faith.

      Thank you for your interest in our website and the creation. We welcome diversity in ideas.


  11. To be honest, I started out as a believer of neither evolution nor Creation, but I find the concepts fascinating.

    I found your article very interesting, though I disagree with your conclusion.

    I’m not a learned person when it comes to either evolution or biblical interpretation, but I have come to understand that there is one major difference between those who argue for evolution, and those who argue for creation(or ID if you will)

    Evolutionists arguments are based on evidence found and a conclusion drawn from the evidences found, also, as far as I have read, they are willing to admit being wrong when irrefutable facts are shown in abundance.

    Creationists on the other hand base their arguments on a conclusion, and pick and choose from evidence found to support their conclusion, and, in so far as I have read, unable or unwilling to admit being in wrong when shown evidence to the contrary.

    But, and this is major, the reason I sided with evolution in the end, is the blatant dishonesty of the creationist (ID) camp.

    Let me explain:
    Your community and experts quote a lot of scientists, and in each and every instance of these quotes, I have found that they do not refer the whole of what is said, they leave out the defining part of what is said, or they leave out in which context it is said. In all cases, when those who use these quotes are made aware of this omission, they claim that the meaning of these quotes are as the author intended. If this is what your camp believes, then the following example will be highly useful to you

    In my language we have an example of how a small, seemingly insignificant, change in a sentence can have disastrous consequences.
    As the story goes, a king has condemned a man to death by hanging, and sends him off to the executioner to be hanged on the morrow after the prisoners arrival, later the same day, the king is made aware of the prisoners possible innocence, and has the scribe pen down a missive to the executioner, to be delivered by the fastest courier.
    In my language the sentence is “Heng ham ikke, vent til jeg kommer” in English this means “Do not hang him, wait for my arrival”
    Unfortunately the scribe is a bit unsure on his commas, so the missive reads “Heng ham, ikke vent til jeg kommer” which translates to English as “Hang him, do not wait for my arrival”
    So the prisoner is hanged, while the king is on his way. The moral of this story is easily defined, if you do not use a quote correctly you invite disaster.

    But, if the persons that use these quotes in the above mentioned contexts are fully aware of this, and to be honest, I cannot see how anything else is possible, it is a lie of such proportions that anything else from that side cannot be taken seriously. These people are not interested in the truth, they are interested in promoting an agenda, an agenda in which truth is not a part, or not an integral part. But since creationists claim to have the truth… well, I found that those who stand for evolution come across as the honest ones, they may be rude and name-callers, but they do not distort evidence. I’m pretty sure you will say they do, but I have found no evidence of said tampering, the only camp i have found to systematically distort and lie is that of the creationists I’m sorry to say

    1. Hardishane,

      Thank you for your comments. Congratulations, you are the first evolutionist that did not write comments reeking with hate. I will not refute any of you ideas and just let them stand. Our readers are very capable and will decide for themselves. By the way, I am also Swedish.


    2. I am in your situation and have discovered the exact opposite of everything you just stated. evolution is a complicated lie, creation is the simple truth. what evidence can survive billions of years, how can you prove what happened billions of years ago when you can’t even agree on something that happened 100 years ago
      get honest

  12. There’s a bit of truth to what both sides argue on this forum: the creationists because they insist there is a god, the one true God, the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the god of Israel-He made all things-there is NO evolution (evolution is “evil”-lution). The secular humanists are right only in thinking to look to the future of man, but their mistake is in looking to a secular future. We should look to a future where we think of the final destination of our immortal souls. Where cro-magnon or neanderthal man fits in this-who cares? Where your souls will end up doesn’t depend on answering these questions, it depends on your faith in Christ and in following him as he bid us when he walked the earth.

  13. The idea of the flood wiping out the neanderthals is of somewhat independent opinion based. If you follow the story of the Ark, god ordered noah to build it, get his family onboard as well as all other living creaturs (groups of two). To think that neanserthals were wiped out as a result of this flood, is a simply narrow-minded beleif. Shouldn’t it mean instead that noah was a neanderthal? After the flood, shouldn’t we say that he and his family along with the other animals which came onboard the ark were the only living things at the point in time? Therefore, we can add that all modern man is a direct decendant to the neanderthals (noah) with a probability of a 5% physical mutation but our dna should reflect 60% in similiarities to the neanderthals based on the time span and changes in climates. Also, the bible mentions nothing about the neanderthals but science discovers them in several different regions. The bible talks about giants but there has never been a discovery of any fossils.

    1. Alex,

      Yes, we are all direct descendants of Neanderthal. Our mitochondrial DNA is 98.7 percent identical.


    2. Alex,., perfect, nathanderals[modern men created in Gods image]lived a thousand years pre flood, Noah lived how long??, there is no difference between the two except one lived longer, science says entropy that agrees with God shortening mans life, Initially after the flood men lived long, dwindling to Abraham when it ceased and men lived to seventy there after, interpreters talk giants the bible talks ”men of renoun” ”tyrants” we have giants today warring for the souls of men, there were giants in Jesus day.;,matthew For you neither enter yourselves nor allow those who would enter to go in, and nimrods politico/religio dictatorship was a giant in those day

  14. So basically neathanderals are modern man no different except lifespan and a missing chromozone a mutation which caused the dimminished lifespan, God said 120 then 70, there is your missing chromozone, God willed entropy,

  15. So basically neanderthals are modern man no different except lifespan and a missing chromozone a mutation which caused the diminished lifespan, God said 120 then 70, there is your missing chromozone, God willed entropy, is this correct? Is thhat a statement you agree on?

    1. We don’t believe that there is/was necessarily a missing chromosome. Life span most probably is a function of mitochondrial DNA that works in concert with the nuclear DNA to regulate life span. It appears that God uses life span to control sin and DNA is like a voice control system; God can speak changes into our DNA.

      Entropy is another matter, but, yes, God willed entropy. There is an ongoing debate on when entropy started even in the secular scientific community. Nonetheless, entropy is here now and a scientific truth accepted by everyone.

  16. There is a much simpler explanation and, as with many things, the truth is often the simplest explanation. A very interesting novel I read many years ago presents a far more likely process by which we now have the bible and monotheism: read James Michener’s “The Source” for a little enlightenment.

  17. Noah’s Ark never happened
    The great flood never happened.
    We can now prove this. And yes we can prove it with Neanderthal DNA. Everyone has between 1 to 4% Neanderthal DNA, except for some Indigenous sub-Saharan Africans who’s ancestors never migrated out of Africa. This proves there never was a flood or an ark.
    For those of you who don’t understand why this disproves the great flood, let me explain it to you.
    60,000 years ago, our ancestors the Cro-Magnon migrated out of Africa and into Eurasia. There they encountered Neanderthals. And since we have some percentage of Neanderthal DNA, we now know that Cro-Magnon did breed with the Neanderthal. And then around 30,000 years ago, the pure bred Neanderthal went extinct. According to the bible, 4,000 years ago, God sent a great flood, and the only survivors from this flood was Noah and his wife, and Noah’s three sons and their wives. And they in turn repopulated human life on this planet. If this were true, we are all descendants of Noah. Which would mean we would all either have some percent of Neanderthal DNA, or we all would have no Neanderthal DNA. But that is not the case. Descendants of Cro-Magnon that migrated out of Africa have Neanderthal DNA. Descendants of Cro-Magnon that did not migrate out of Africa and remained isolated from other civilizations, do not have Neanderthal DNA. Therefore, there is no place for a great flood 4,000 years ago that eliminated all human life except for one family.

    1. Jared,

      We respect your opinion, but it is based on the evolutionary model. We accept the creation model:

      1 Man has free will
      2 He sinned
      3 He became mortal (his DNA was reset by the voice of God)
      4 There was violence everywhere due to man’s free will
      5 God was sorry he created mankind except for Noah.
      6 God orchestrated a flood.
      7 He reset the genetics of Neanderthal (which is 98.3 % mtDNA the same as ours) to that of modern man and a life span went from 900+ to approximately 70.
      8. The reset worked and Noah’s legacy lives on.

      You may laugh at this, but remember your model requires that man evolved from a wet rock on another planet; and your model gives you no hope that you can live with your loved ones in paradise eternally. Evolution cannot forgive sins and cannot extend life. Evolution has not made one scientific contribution to quality of life. It is very racist and dangerous: see the works of evolutionists such as Hitler, Stalin, Dylan Klebold, and Eric Harris.

      Jared, please consider the Bible model. I have dwelt in it for 55 years and have found to to be profound in all sections of life. I have never found it to be wrong on anything. It is the Bible.

      P.S. Please don’t hate us.

      1. As a fellow Christian I am not troubled, but intrigued by the DNA issue. Your response to Jared did not explain why Sub Saharan Africans do not have Neanderthal DNA while Whites and Asians do. What is your response to this issue, and please don’t repeat the same thing.

        1. Dear Koyokoyo,

          Our analysis shows that full mitochondrial DNA of Africans differs from Neanderthal by 1.3 percent just like everyone else. We do not know where the secular guys get the claim that Africans do not have Neanderthal genetics; they do: they have 98.7 percent identical mitochondrial DNA. If you don’t believe us, look at the sequences in GenBank and compare them for yourself, use excel, Blast, or clustal omega to compare them; it is very clear. If you can’t find any sequences, let me know and we will send you hundreds of them.

          We don’t know much about the nuclear DNA differences between Neanderthal and modern man since very little has been sequenced so far.


          1. “our analysis”
            So you do DNA analysis? Where was this analysis done? Do you have the scientific reports? What are your credentials?
            I ask this because you are making big claims against findings by well known and published researchers, yet I dont even know your real name, mr “admin”.
            Back up your claims, or you are nothing but a liar and a troll.

          2. Realadmin,

            We do have scientific reports on our web page all references and DNA sequences are documented there. I am a retired aerospace engineer and am spending my retirement matching genetics and Genesis. Compared to what I was working on in aerospace, genetic are quite easy; its just a,c,g, and t nucleotides. You yourself can easily compare the Neanderthal sequences to modern humans and you will see that they are typically 98.7 percent the same. If you can find a technical paper where secular scientist have evidence that only 1 to 4 percent of Neanderthal and modern human DNA is the same, we would love to see it. We have looked and not found it. We know of many papers that say it, but no sequences or data are given.

            Here are several sequences of full mitochondrial DNA (From GenBank)
            Neanderthal – FM865407
            Bedouin – EU092665
            Yemen – EU092801
            San – EU09836
            European – J01415

            Here is the identity matrix (Clustal omega)

            1: Neanderthal_Germ_FM865407_ 100.00 98.76 98.74 98.80 98.79

            2: European_J01415_ 98.76 100.00 99.46 99.47 99.49

            3: L0d1b_EU092836_San 98.74 99.46 100.00 99.47 99.51

            4: LOa1a_EU092665_Bedouin 98.80 99.47 99.47 100.00 99.93

            5: L0a1d_EU092801_Yemen 98.79 99.49 99.51 99.93 100.00

            These are the secular scientist sequences run using the secular science software. It shows clearly modern humans are very close and Neanderthal is typically 1.2-1.3 percent different from modern humans.

            Please give me to data or papers that don’t spin it with accompanying data.

            I am not sure why you are so angry. Aren’t we all looking for the truth? Don’t we all have the right to free speech? I respect your belief in evolution, you should respect our right to look for truth in the Bible.

            If feel that you should review the data and then apologize, especially for the troll comment; it will do you a world of good.


          3. This reply is in response to the response after my comment below, its the closest button I could find.

            admin, you said am angry, and yes, I got very angry when I stumbled upon this site and read some of your responses to reasonable questions, clicked on some links purporting to talk about DNA, but really just contained bible quotes. I’m a believer myself, so I have nothing against quotes, but when I’m looking for info on A, I don’t want to be “rick rolled” with B info, and vice-versa. My anger was natural reaction to being trolled, I won’t be apologizing for that.

            There are two separate concepts we need to distinguish here:

            A: a molecule that carries the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses

            B: sacred texts used to evoke a deeper connection with the divine, convey spiritual truths, foster communal identity, and guide individual and communal spiritual practice

            A = DNA
            B = The word of God

            What I find going on in the discussion here is that people asked genuine questions about A, and you respond AS IF they were asking you about B. A and B are two different, distinct things and you know that. B in particular is not a scientific manual, its purpose is spiritual, not scientific. Its great that you’re a retired engineer still learning and passionate about things; but remember most of the people whose work you’re dismissing are also passionate intelligent individuals like yourself. Many are not doing this as a side-hobby, they are trained, full-time professionals. Imagine a retired DNA researcher taking up aerospace engineering as a side hobby and dismissing the findings of trained aerospace engineers.

          4. Dear realadmin,
            Thank you for writing back and explaining yourself. Now we can have a meaningful conversation.

            We are looking at genetics and Genesis through a different set of eyeballs than those use by the secular scientific community. We have the right to do that. We consider DNA (your A) and the Word God – Jesus (your B) as exactly the same entity. We are convinced that DNA is the Word of God. We have good company in this notion: Francis Collins the director of the Human Genome project wrote a book after he had worked on this milestone DNA project and the title of the Book is DNA – the Language of God.

            But you are correct, some who come to our site are surprised that we use scripture in conjunction with DNA to explain the scriptures. I confess that we have concluded that the Bible is not only a book of science, but it is the basal book of science. All of the present “scientific papers” will pass away, but the Bible stands.

            It appears that you have taken on several of the evolutionary characteristics. Evolution is a bully and pushes its tenets on others even though the tenets are baseless and non-scientific. We respect that you believe that man evolved from a rock on another planet; that the hyena-type common ancestor learned to swim and became a sperm whale; and that everything exploded from nothing. We have no bullying tendencies; believe what you like. All we want to accomplish is for people to understand how DNA is in tune with the creation and the Creator. We use the same DNA sequences as the secular community, but our interpretation is vey different.

            I still feel that you owe us an apology for calling us tolls. You have never seen us or our pictures: how do you know what we look like, where we sleep, or how big we are?

            Also, as an engineer, if anyone presents me a better way of engineering, I would love to hear it, discuss it, and would accept it if he/she were convincing. I am reasonable.

            Admin et. al.

          5. Your mind-reading skills aren’t very good, going by those evolutionary beliefs you are ascribing to me. As for your beliefs, I do not believe the word of God is inscribed in the DNA of the AIDS virus for example, that the two (AIDS DNA, King James Bible) are just the same content inscribed in different mediums. But to each his/her own, you are free to believe what you will.

            I do believe words play a critical role in communication. If two people cannot agree on the meaning of a word the whole topic of conversation revolves around, they may as well be speaking different languages, and meaningful conversation is almost impossible. If only one of the parties is secretly aware of the that misunderstanding, and uses it as a cheap tactic to win arguments by switching between the two meanings of the word whenever it suits them, that dishonesty is what I call trolling. When I said troll, I did not mean a monster hiding under the bridge to eat goats, but the modern meaning of the word. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Looks like the “semantic switch” is one of your favorite trolling tactics. You are doing the same thing with the word “science”. When you start playing around with the meaning of words, you loose precision. Great for arguing, terrible for communication. Imagine what would happen to planes if aerospace engineers started playing around with the meaning of terms they use to communicate with each other.

            But hey, if you want to start referring to the bible as DNA, go ahead. If you want to call all houses cars because people sometimes sleep in them cars, that is your right. just remember to make that distinction clear to the people you are communicating with. Or don’t, and have fun trolling them, it’s your website after all.

          6. Realadmin,

            You like to misquote me. I didn’t say AIDS DNA and the Kings James were the same. What I said was the DNA is the Word of God, the language of God. When He spoke us into existence, the Word was perfect. After sin came into the world, our DNA was polluted which resulted in many diseases, such as AIDS.

            In truth, I did not know the meaning of the internet slang word “troll,” but thanks to you, I now know that it is one who tries to disrupt conversations on the internet. According to wiki this is the definition:

            “In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement.”

            I assume this is close to what you call a “troll.” If this is true, really you fit the definition much more than we do. We have a website called “Genesis and Genetics.” In our ” about us” page we proclaim that we believe the Bible and accept no tenets of evolution. This website is for creationists and Bible believers. You are the one who is disrupting our conversation. We are not going on other websites and causing disruption, your are coming to ours and causing disruption. Do we not have the right to promote and defend the Bible? Do we not have the right to see how DNA sequences illuminate the scriptures? Why would you want to stop us?

            Now, concerning the definition of science. This is our definition and is also Merriam’s Webster first definition:

            Full Definition of science

            : the state of knowing : knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding

            We say that the Bible is good “knowledge” and evolution is “ignorance.” Look at the reputation and ignorance in science for the last 3,000 years. The Bible shines and continues to shine. We do feel that there is much good secular science, but evolution is not good science; it is faith.

            Earth science is just one small phase of the Bible; the Bible holds the keys to history, archeology, prophecy, eternal life, redemption, victory over sin and death, peace, love, and hope.

            You are trying to disrupt our conversation on these things and, therefore, you are the troll. You really should apologize; it would do you so much good.

            You are right about one thing: we are too far apart to have any meaningful dialogue. Therefore, to be consistent with our policies, we will give you the last word and we will not respond to it. However we will not publish anything foul.

            Warning, we have three blogs in review and the third one will be very offensive to you. In it we will take down the five pillars of evolution. We have attempted to make it inoffensive to evolutionists, but we cannot and still tell the truth. We are offended every day by loose, nonsensical evolutionary statements, so we have decided that it is ok for us to offend a little bit. However, truly, we do it out of love for the truth and love for those who have been duped.

            real admin of Genesis and Genetics

          7. Agree. God could exist and would use evaluation to a degree. But it goes both ways. U look at fossils. Of giraffes they use to have short necks. We don’t find any evaluation of that. Couldn’t happen over night. The heart is twice the size in order to pump blood all the way to the brain. Eating habits would of changed dramatically. Again you have Bombardier beetle. Science can’t explain that either. Look it up how it is used to disprove Darwin theory. I think if god did exist he would use evolution. Cause new species come to exist and i don’t think god is still creating animals still. Wasn’t that all done in 7days??? So both sides have strong points and theories. Theories people remember. So if the two could come together and start looking with new goggles as in god uses evolution and created it to work out what the earth is today… Try meeting each other half way you will agree more than disagree and might actually come up with something more logical as to what your opinions or hypothesis. Is today… Hmmmmmm????

      2. You have proven you have no understanding of evolution. Also, racism is a product of religion, not evolution. You don’t seem to understand that either.

        1. Anne,
          It is true, I have no understanding of evolution and accept none of its tenets. I have dug deeply into all of the evolutionary “proofs” and found that evolution is based on faith and nothing more. Actually, the “theory” of evolution adds credibility to the Bible in that the Bible predicts false teachers and false prophets in the last days and that many will be misled. Many are misled. Many have accepted evolution so they can get grants, get a job, be accepted by the research community, teach in public schools etc.

          Racism may be taught in some religions, but the Bible is clear: we all are born of Adam; we are all children of God; and we all can be redeemed by faith. The Bible teaches us to love our neighbor and even our enemies. The Bible is not racist at all, but it does divide good from evil. Good is of God and evil is of the enemy. We all have to decide whom we will follow.


          1. Out of the thousands of God’s and religions to believe in, mostly dependant on when and where one is born, your God loves me so much he going to send me to burn in hell for eternity cause I picked the wrong one.
            Mmm, wow bit nasty.
            Your God certainly means business, killed his only son. If I did that I end up in jail.
            Anyway, what’s his latest kill count, must be in the millions now, and billions burning in your hell.
            I might pick a bit more friendly god.

          2. Peter,
            Thank you for your honesty. One of the problems we humans have is that we do not understand death. We put too much emphasis on it. For instance the Bible says precious is the death of the saints in the eyes of the Lord.

            Another misunderstanding is that of absolute truth. It doesn’t make any difference what you or I think; what matters is what God thinks. For instance, maybe no one likes or respects me and the accuse me of all kinds of sins, that, in truth, I am guilty of; but if God says I am good, then I am good.

            It is true God does mean business. He has chosen the system we are presently in to see those who like His attributes. I like His attributes and have been greatly humbled by life. I am not good in the eyes of the world, but I am hungry and thirsty for God’s righteousness, and the Bible says that I will be satisfied.

            It is true, I was born in a Christian county and raise by one Christian parent. This is what God had told us to do: teach the faith and raise our children in the faith. I have done the same and do not apologize for that. For those who have not been raised in a Christian county and by unbelieving parents, I cannot say, but I do know God is fair and just. Much more fair and just than any human can imagine.

            I do not understand the ways of God and I cannot defend all of His actions, but I do trust Him. I have found His Word, the Bible, to be truth in all ways, including scientifically. The Bible is so far beyond the scientific community, but this is the age of “increased knowledge” and the scientific community is coming along nicely even though they have been duped by evolutionary tenets. One of the miracles of the creation is how God balances the truth with the lies. The more Satan lies, the more God reveals the truth. This way everyone, including yourself, can make an informed decision: love God or hate Him.

            Peter, I wish you the best and hope you continue to seek truth.

            Here is something you could try. Sit down in a private room, just you and a Bible. Then, simply be honest with God and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. See what happens. That is what I did and I have met with Him nightly for 43 years. Please let us know what happens one way or the other, you are important to us.


      3. Hitler and Nazi where Christens, soldiers wore on their belt buckles “In God we trust” supported by the pope (your boss of Christens)
        Religion is power and control over people to fullfill their own agenda.
        Peace on earth once all the religious nut jobs kill each other.
        Believe in an invisible man in the sky is better than someone else invisible god in the sky.

        1. Peter,

          Thank you for your interest in matters of the spirit.

          It is true the Hitler and the Nazis were in control of a “Christian” empire, but they were not Christians. They were hard core evolutionists. Their belt buckles said “God with us” which can be interpreted many ways including Hitler is with us. Nonetheless, Hitler knew the advantages of using religion to placate and control the people; he is a know liar and opportunist; he used what was convenient to accomplish his goal: establish the supreme race and exterminate other less evolved races. The one thing we know for sure about Hitler is that he embraced and proclaimed evolutionary principles.

          One of the miracles of the creation is that some one like you reads the Bible and hates God and another reads the Bible, like me, and loves Him and all His ways.

          I respect you beliefs and thank you for your comments.

  18. I got as far as the neanderthat died in the flood and laughed, really so then please do explain how it is that the red haired mutation called neanderthal is still everywhere today, OBVIOUSLY you blind reprobates of the Neanderthal wicked!
    kain’s mark was albinism and esau had red hair, hence the white man today aka: albino mark of cain/khan and red hair is a proven mutation, as is yellow, they enemies of my creator so love to call blonde, like the red description, which is orange, they are natural liars!

    The turks are the Neanderthal’s and they spread like an infection everywhere, today cain’s line of albino’s are mostly in Scandinavia, Africa (boer’s who are still trying to harm and abuse the blacks of the Creator, as are Indians from India.

    Just look for where albinism is high, like china, which is from the white Asian red heads mixing with Persians, the ed’s had the Asian eyes),and both red and the albino are in Britain, Ireland (the worst and pure of esau’s line), wales, England, scottland, rome, spain, south America, china, japan, korea, Mongolia, Russia,etc.,

    Whom ever wrote this, I would be willing to bet, they are a red head or blonde and KNOW they are lying through their Neanderthal and mutated teeth.

    esau’s line are born natural liars like their father, they will hide behind man made religions as well, which they know are lies! They always push these lying filthy satanic man made religions, that to me is a dead give away!
    They pretend to be good but are pure filth and their fruit is ROTTEN! That is what wrote this crap, because any amount of research proves what I and many are saying.

    the jig is up esau’s whores and watch what your filth get in the end… what you deserve, to be extinguished like the parasites your filth are, forever and we, who you tried to murder, whose children you raped, whose wives you raped, whose men you murdered or enslave, will get it all, all that Lucifer knows we are getting, hence the desperation of the wicked!!

    1. Notneeded,

      You have gotten some very bad information; someone has duped you and taken you down the road of hatred. Love, patience and kindness is so much better that hate. We should all respect one another’s ideas and strive toward truth. That as a backdrop, please allow me to comment on your comments:

      (1) The reason that we have red hair today is because we inherited it from Neanderthal, antediluvian man, our direct line common ancestor. We do not know how many Neanderthals had red hair maybe just a few and maybe all. The environment was different before the flood with a different canopy/atmosphere. Before the flood, there was probably very little if any ultraviolet light striking man. We believe that God made a genetic reset to man’s genome during the flood in order to prepare man for the new environment and reduce man’s lifespan. It is true that Neanderthal was wicked, but we see no proof, or even evidence that it is connected to red hair.
      (2) Concerning Cain’s mark and albinism, we feel that you have been misled. Albinism and being Caucasian are totally unrelated. There are some Caucasians that are albinos, but every other race also has albinos. Please take a little time to study the genetics and you will see the genes involved. The DNA of albinism is very clear; someone has given you some very bad information.
      (3) Cain mark is not given in the Bible and your ideas are pure speculation. If you have a good source for your stance, please let us know.
      (4) Our analysis shows that the Turks are no closer to Neanderthal than anyone else. We have looked at thousands of DNA sequences. You are making a very loose statement.
      (5) Concerning the rest of your points. Someday, soon, we will all be judged by God. Then we will know who is right and who isn’t. I have found that there is only one source of truth in this world and that is the Bible. It is correct in history, science, and above all in prophecies. The one who predicts the future with 100 percent accuracy, is the one who determines the future. There are many who proclaim to be prophets outside the Bible, but their prophecies are just about always wrong; they aren’t even lucky once in a while. So, I may not be very intelligent, but I have chosen wisely: the Bible.


      1. “your ideas are pure speculation.” and “You are making a very loose statement” etc
        Oh dear, does not Admin do the same:
        “We believe that God made a genetic reset to man’s genome during the flood in order to prepare man for the new environment and reduce man’s lifespan. ” Believe?
        “Before the flood, there was probably very little if any ultraviolet light striking man.” Probably?
        “It is true that Neanderthal was wicked” True?
        “Someday, soon, we will all be judged by God’ Will we?
        the Bible “It is correct in history, science, and above all in prophecies’ Really ? where in the Bible is DNA mentioned? Without man;s science you be shouting from a street corner because you would not even know of an internet.
        “There are many who proclaim to be prophets outside the Bible,” and inside the Bible as this is just your belief v somebody else’s.
        “I have chosen wisely: the Bible.’ opinion?

        These are all opinions, loose statements and understand that without science and man’s modern understanding of the way the world is you would not even be talking about DNA evidence You are happy to cherry pick what you can from science twist as your “proof” and evidence yet at the same time claim only the Bible holds all things correct and perfectly? Why are you basing your so called evidence by re-interpreting in your own small minded way the discoveries and ideas of others and then deriding the conclusions of the very science you are using in the process?

  19. God created Neanderthal as animal, it (not he or she because Neanderthal was animal) didn`t know nothing about god and evil. It was just animal who resembled in some points man.
    Man who was created in Gods image (Homo Sapiens) didn`t either know good or evil until he tasted forbidden fruit and Fell. After that he (Homo Sapiens) was wise and he was able recognize good from evil. So Adam and his, descendants (Homo Sapiens) after that when he and Eve was kicked out from Paradise, started to roam around land. One day they meet Neanderthalian. Homo Sapiens as “enlighted” man saw that and thought that this robustious more-animal-than-human creature can`t be made in Gods image and so he started exterminate it.
    Adams descendants simply couldn`t face that this Neanderthalic creature reminds them their Original sin. Neanderthalic portrayed to Homo Sapiens all that bad what caused Adam`s Fall. Neanderthalian, unlucky creature without Gods mercy, was like a symbol. Symbol that remainded to Adams descendants that they have sinned. So, early Homo Sapiens wanted to get rid of that Original sin, and he started unconsciously Neanderthalian extermination process.
    Sorry if my english isn`t fluent.

  20. “Demons are the disembodied spirits of the Giants (Nephilim). The ‘Mighty Men of Renown’ are the Gibborim created by the Watchers when they left their heavenly abode and came down to the daughters of men as recorded in Genesis Chapter 6:4 of the Old Testament. They are half breeds, angelic hybrids, the Titans.


    When fallen angels shape-shift into a form of human being they can have intercourse but not without some aberrant genetic changes. The union of these beasts with humans produced children that were different in many ways. The first apparent difference was that they developed giantism. They were giants or Nephilim. Og the King of Bashan had a bed that was 13 to 15 feet long; and Goliath was 6 cubits tall (9 feet). The second aberration was that they had six fingers and six toes… “The aberrant genetic tendencies of the Nephilim were unfortunately cloned into the D.N.A. of mankind. According to the Bible, only Noah escaped this genetic intervention at the time. There are no records of these perverse tendencies prior to the intervention of the Watchers. These dormant genetic tendencies still surface today at times in different people … The Watchers are a guardian class of angels that were assigned to watch over the earth and protect mankind from just this sort of thing happening.

    1. DNA can be interpreted differently depending on which model you use as a basis. If you assume the “out of Africa” model your interpretation of the data will quite different than if you assume the Biblical model. One of the most amazing attributes of the creation is that God has made it impossible to prove or disprove either the Biblical or the atheistic point of view. God wants us to decide where we will invest our faith.

  21. Adam and Eve are modern day Homo sapiens created from the dust of the earth (as were all creatures) and created in the image of God. Adam and Eve were segregated in the Garden of Eden away from the outside world. Adam and Eve were given the privilege to expand the Garden of Eden to make the earth a global paradise and to fill it with offspring that would never have to die). The world outside the Garden of Eden included primitive hominoids who were not created in the image of God and therefore, like all creatures, would eventually die or become extinct. Upon being expelled from the Garden of Eden modern humans had to deal with a world that was vastly different from the Garden of Eden. Cain (who killed Abel) no doubt took a primitive hominoid as a wife (or perhaps one of his sisters became his wife). In any case the world eventually become so bastardized (modern humans mating with primitive hominoids and wicked angels taking modern day women as wives) that God decided to ‘reset’ the modern day human family. After giving divine warning to the faithful man Noah (who built the ark and who tried to warn other modern day humans of an impending global flood), God flooded the ancient world. God saved 8 modern day humans and it is from these 8 modern day humans that the rest of us have come to be. Today we are facing another cataclysmic destruction that God’s son, Jesus Christ will be bringing upon the earth. Sadly, most people have been deceived and are not listening just like in the days of Noah. The earth will once again be reset very soon now.

  22. Because it happened , not all can be explained , God gave us brains and imaginations for a purpose , use both sides of your brain , it’s not all
    About science , there’s trust beauty and faith, along with intelligence , that’s what makes us human

  23. I’m sorry , I came upon this website and I feel sorry for anyone who is trying to prove God existence to anyone who has no spirituality, it’s impossible , there a reason why 12 very different men leftmeverything and followed a man down any road he would leave them , and I’m not talking about a mob mentality using violence or domination, no, He talked about love and peace and free will. What’s so bad about that that people are going crazy to disprove Him

  24. I’m a believer, firm believer in Christ. I also am a firm believer in Creation. To the people who say Science and Faith can not coexist: Science says we are made up of 70% water. Water comes from the ground. Ever been to a funeral? Scriptures tell us “from the dust thou were created, to the dust thou shalt return. There we have faith & science co existing. That leaves us with a question, if the scriptures tell us from the dust thou were formed, can there be a basis in God creating, and evolution taking place? To some extent I believe yes. To the people who say there’s no room for Evolution I say, look at intelligent design as it pertains to the womb. Why do babies not have teeth, yet develop them after birth? Could this be a form of evolution taking place spawned by intelligent design? Truth is like a man who was hung between two thieves it doesn’t belong to you or I but to GOD himself. Peel back the Truth and leave agendas behind. As a natural skeptic it’s always led me to Christ. That doesn’t mean Christians always interpret correctly.

  25. Is it possible that JAPHETH/DESCENDANT’S once again had sexual relations with “ANGELS”, after the flood since the “FALLEN ANGELS” had been cast down to Earth?
    Could this be the reason that the Descendant’s of JAPHETH had “WHITE SKIN” which
    was considered a curse in the Bible.

  26. Well it is apparent from the theory told in this article which makes a lot of sense by the way;
    in juxtaposition to the old testiment and Genesis why the Neanderthals went extinct which explains a lot about the reason God was so disappointed with the purposesfull t degradation of his creation and their demise because they were probably hybrids like you said whom were not only half witted but used their animalistic strength to out do ( kill )what was left of the descendents of Adam
    In caves in Europe it was found that the were cannibalistic discovered were baby bones with characteristic serations made by knives or tools much like from the Clovis period…

    Noah by the way tried to warn these apostate of God, but they simply scoffed at him…
    As we are privy too-to the facts about the dinosaur periods and that oxygen levels were much higher in concentration in predeluvian times with that trees and vegetation would grow to extreme heights explaining the gigantic proportions of the creatures of that time trees even dwarfed those of todays three hundred foot trees, upwards into the thousand foot range.
    Meaning in simple terms that God needed to clean the Chalk board in sense, wipe it clean and prepare his pure bred flock…
    Then again not to mention though when they talk of the DNA of these half breed creatures my attention is drawn back to Adam and Eve you see my curiosity runs a little wild too…
    I wonder if the eating of the fruit was more of a metaphor for that of a sexual nature seeing that Cain was obviously what would be considered a sociopath by today’s standards
    and that Eve conceived her first child of Satan instead as Adam was oblivious too
    as was stated in the bible that a serpent in fact isn’t what it is known to us today,
    the animal was cursed by God…

    1. For the record, we at Genesis and Genetics do not think that Neanderthals were half breeds. We believe they were fully human, but deep in sin.

      Thank you for your thoughts. we welcome all views.


  27. Thank you for your site & articles. This is a wonderful website. I love God. I often wonder about the many things in your articles.

    I came to this site because My DNA shows moderately high Neandrothal DNA. This has me concerned I would be considered even less pure in Gods eyes . I really want to be included in all good & Heaven. I’m pondering all of this & would greatly appreciate any loving feedback . I don’t like the negative comments people post and likely won’t respond to that but am truly hoping Admin or Bible based theoried people who love God & have scientific ideas.

    My DNA is of so many of the multi ancient regions. How do I interpret this to be best version of self?

    I assume I just need to wash myself with words of Bible and God. Is that correct?

    1. Dear K,
      Our research show that Neanderthal is very close to all modern human races, families, and nations. If you are a bit closer than most, it is a good thing; they had bigger brains, had better bone structure, better teeth, fewer diseases, etc. So, don’t worry about that. The problem was that they rejected God, but that is a spiritual problem not physical. If your DNA is a bit close to Neanderthal, it has nothing to do with your spirit. And the key is to be born again; then you have the righteousness of Christ and not your own. I like your words: “wash myself with the words of the Bible.” That is the best you and I can do. I wash myself in the Word every night before I go to bed.

      You are doing well and you have good DNA. If you want to send me your DNA results, I can possibly give you some additional insights. (james@genesisandgenetics.org)


  28. A few thoughts:

    – Was Adam from the righteous line or not?
    – How come Cain was from the unrighteous line? Didn’t he and Abel had the same parents?
    – If Cain was from the unrighteous and had daughters (daugthers of man), then who was the mother of those daugthers? It must have been either a daugther of Adam and Even or a daugther descending from Seth. Was that daughter from the righteous or unrighteous?

    That would also mean that Cain himself would have intermixed with the ones from the righteous, to get unrighteous in order to get unrighteous daughters?
    And the irreversible process started with Cain and not with the sons of God taking daugthers of man?

    Who has fathered those giants? If they were alive before the sons of God took the daughters of men?

    I believe there are simply certain things in the Bible we can not explain and should humble ourselves and simply answer: “we do not know” instead of coming up with answers that raise even more questions. Remember, the Bible is NOT an history book.

    And always remember who the Word of God is 😉

    1. Nono,

      Adam did come from a righteous line; his father was God Himself; the Bible calls Adam “the son of God” in the genealogy.

      Cain sinned, by his free will, and killed Abel. Abel, by his free will, did not.

      Concerning giants and Cain’s wife, you can read our blogs: “Sons of God and Daughters of Man” and “Whom did Cain Marry.”

      There are many things that trouble our young people concerning the Bible, and we at Genesis and Genetics try to have answers. The Bible is challenged every day by their teachers, professors, and the media. We have decided to defend the Bible. We have found the Bible is correct concerning history, genetics, prophecy, cosmology, and all science. The Bible is the “Bible” and it is easy to defend.

      Thank you for your very good questions.


  29. Article says Neanderthals and modern humans are separated by the flood and we share no DNA with Neanderthals. The response to your own question says humans could not mate with Neanderthals because they were separated by the flood. Noah and his family were before the flood, so according to your logic must have been a Neanderthal. Noah lived before and after the flood and was a Neanderthal. Based on your own logic and explanation Noah lived before and after the flood and thus not separated by the flood; Therefore since Noah was before the flood he must have been Neanderthal; but Noah was also after the flood so must be modern human. CONFUSION OF YOUR LOGIC HERE. Logic says since everyone after the flood were descendents of Noah we must all be descendents of Neanderthal DNA and thus not separated by the flood. And thus your logic is………..
    FYI: I’ve been a believer of God, an atheist, an agnostic, and whatever is between. Ask questions. Seek the truth. Don’t just follow what your told is right. Be true to yourself and your beliefs. BUT ALWAYS BE OPEN MINDED.

    1. Daniel,

      Adam, when created, was not a neanderthal. His children were Neanderthals because they took on the sin nature as a result of Adam’s sin. Noah and his family were not necessarily Neanderthals because they were transitional humans, the bottle necks. They experienced God’s genetic reset from Neanderthal to present-day humans. This was necessary for humans to exist and flourish in the post-flood ecosystem with the short life span. The actual transition took about 1000 years (Genesis 11). This is our opinion at Genesis and Genetics.

      We appreciate you comment and opinion. Someday we will all know the truth of our origins, but until them we have something very interesting to talk about and ponder upon.


    2. Daniel- I was going to give the same reply, i.e. Noah would have to have been Neanderthal according to admin statements. But my hypothesis is that God (or Ancient Aliens) altered the DNA when they created Adam, Lilith, then Eve (Possibly Adams daughter since she was “made from Adam”). The land of Nod was where the nearest tribe or group of Neanderthals lived, and Cain (and siblings) co-mingled with them producing a mixed race carrying the DNA of both. But since most of these peoples (offspring) still did not have the intelligence and desired behavior, God (or Ancient Aliens) choose the best available (Noah & family), altered their DNA and made the telomeres about 1/10th the previous length to shorten the life span, and started the new human race with the first generation post flood. Can you imagine if we lived 1000 years rather than 100. Population would have exceeded the earths capacity long ago and, as bacteria in a petri dish reproduces until it uses up the agar then the total population dies, the human population would have populated itself out of existence in a short period of time. We are still populating our way out of existence, it is just happening more slowly. Given the current growth rate, we should be extinct within 1,000 years, probably less, unless we seriously curtail the growth rate. Perhaps God (or Ancient Aliens) are waiting to see if we have enough intelligence to see, and fix, the coming problem. If we do not, history will repeat, saving the few best of the best and starting over again.

  30. I liked this site very much, and your conclusions are very interesting and fits very well with the Bible.

    I would like to add a simple observation. I am a brazilian pastor and theologian, but have studied Chemistry before. Something that people in general does not think about is that every scientific experiment and conclusions are made in a world damaged by Adam’ s sin. We don’ t have how to know a lot of things because of the efects of sin in ou world, it is totally alterated. So, scientific data would be accurate If this were the original state of creation, but this is not the case. Of course, it just makes sense for who believes in the Bíble. Atheysts and evolutionists fights against the testemony of their own conscience, they decided against the conscience and the testemony of the Holy Spirit to believe as they do. Sorry about my poor English.

  31. Hi,
    Assuming the God caused the Biblical flood to rid the earth of evil (admittedly on the evidence of only one text), it appears He was somewhat less than effective; and Noah’s descendants soon reverted to their evil ways.
    As things didn’t work out the way God intended, some may think this global catastrophe was perhaps a bit extreme; especially the regrettable extinction of the lovely, but very silly, unicorn (according to Shel Silverstein and The Irish Rovers).

    Even in the beginning, God’s expulsion of Eve and Adam from the Garden of Eden, after successfully seducing them with the fruit of the Tree of Evil and Knowledge, and then getting them to multiply (Mmm … multiply) seems to be asking for trouble.

    God’s efforts seem to have been similarly ineffective in another attempt to save the world from evil with the murder of John the Baptist, Jesus of Bethlehem* and James, the first Bishop of Jerusalem.
    Jesus himself was clearly less than impressed with how things turned out at the time and recognized that his various miracles, numerous sermons, crucifixion and resurrection were clearly not enough to save the world and, sooner or later, he would have to return again.

    Following the publication of On the Origin of Species in 1859, fundamentalist Christian scholars have struggled for 100 years to dispute Darwin’s theory. In the face of an exponential growth in historical, archaeological, and scientific knowledge, the Christian critique has become incessantly repetitious, barely developing beyond an appeal to Biblical authority. For science in the 21st century, the existence of god is simply irrelevant; although it retains some interest to philosophers, historians and humorists, notably The Life of Brian (1979).

    Geoff Cater.

    *Christian commentators are always eager to cite Josephus’ brief references to Jesus and John the Baptist (93–94 AD), yet they invariably avoid his failure to record Herod’s slaughter of the infants or of the dramatic appearance of a new, stationary star in 0 BC. Attempts to account for several inaccuracies in Luke’s account of Census of Quirinius (6 CE) have been, at best, “exegetical acrobatics.”
    It is likely that is not the first and only error to be found in the written word of God.

    Geoff Cater

    1. Geoff,

      Many of the things you said I agree with, and I won’t be argumentative about the rest. However, please allow me share with you me take on the overall issue. God is hiding from us; He has left us to see which ones of us like His attributes and personality. Many do not. Jesus said, blessed are those who take no offense at me. This epoch in Christianity is prophesied in the Bible and is proclaimed to be very difficult for those of us who believe. God said that he would have to shorten the days of this tribulation for the elect’s sake.

      Considering Darwin’s evolution, I am amazed that anyone believes it, the discovery of epigenetics surely should have taken it down, but it hasn’t. It is one of the beasts described in the Bible. It is a bully and every statement of support is a statement of faith, but every year more believe it. We believers are losing the battle for the hearts and souls of men and women. However, I am content because I know God, and I know that He is controlling the balance of evidence. He has the millennium coming soon and sin must run its course so He can deal with it legally.

      In conclusion, I admit that you and your beliefs are winning, but consider what you are winning. The Bible promises eternal life in paradise with your loved ones and all evolution has to offer is the promise of death and passing on scores of mutations to your children.

      Thank you so much for you thoughts,

  32. Hi again Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms. admin,
    I have some free time for a few observations:
    1. Ops, Looks like I got the extinction of the unicorns wrong; the unicorns did survive the flood, see Numbers 23:22, Numbers 24:8, Deuteronomy 33:17, Job 39:9, Psalm 22:21, Psalm 29:6, Psalm 92:10, Isaiah 34:7.
    Presumably, they were among the animals on the Ark.

    2. “Considering Darwin’s evolution, I am amazed that anyone believes it, the discovery of epigenetics surely should have taken it down, but it hasn’t.”

    With my limited scientific expertise, I was assured by one of my surfing buddies (i) that the scientific world does not appear to be overly concerned by perceived contradictions between evolution and epigenetics.
    “The role of epigenetics in evolution is clearly linked to the selective pressures that regulate that process. … While some evolutionary biologists have dismissed epigenetics’ impact on evolution entirely, others have begun to discover that a fusion of both epigenetic and traditional genetic inheritance may contribute to the variations seen in species today.”
    https://en.wikipedia.or /wiki/Contribution_of_epigenetic_modifications_to_evolution#Controversy

    I also note that “Misuse of the scientific term by quack authors has created misinformation and controversy in the public.”

    Of course you may have some difficulties with any contribution from wikipedia (perhaps The Forrest, rather than The Tree, of Knowledge) given it often questions the veracity of Biblical history:
    “The consensus of modern scholars is that the Bible does not give an accurate account of the origins of Israel. There is no indication that the Israelites ever lived in Ancient Egypt.”

    3. “He has the millennium coming soon.”
    My calendar has the next millennium at 3000, which some may think is stretching “soon” to an extreme.

    4. “The Bible promises eternal life in paradise with your loved ones and all evolution has to offer is the promise of death and passing on scores of mutations to your children.”

    As a committed disciple of Jacob Bronowski (ii), I am thrilled to play a very small part in the ongoing democratization of knowledge, and in the creation of art, that is essential to the Ascent of Man.

    Eternal life in paradise appears to be severely overrated, and I would not be the first to suggest that after a fascinating life where change is (the only?) constant, it sounds exceedingly boring.
    Indeed, Peter Cook (iii) suggested that the interminable dullness of heaven was the principle cause for the revolt of Lucifer (along with a third of the angels).

    Ias about to write some more stuff, but surf’s up and I have to go.
    Many thanks, Geoff.

    i. http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/team/jonicanewby.htm?site=catalyst

    ii. Jacob Bronowski was a Polish-Jewish-British, sometimes American, mathematician, biologist, historian of science, theatre author, poet, inventor, humanitarian, lover, parent, grandparent, and a philosopher.
    A work of remarkable scope and insight, The Ascent of Man was published in 1973 and first televised in 1974; demonstrating in itself his central thesis “that man does both art and science.”
    By the early 21st century, Bronowski appears to have succeeded in his prodigious (some could say outrageous) goal to create a philosophy for the twentieth century, an alternative to all established religions and philosophies.

    iii. George Spiggott (the Devil, but pretending to be God): sort of dance around praising me … how beautiful I am, how wise I am, how handsome…that sort of thing.

    Stanley Moon (pretending to be Lucifer): You’re wise! You’re beautiful! You’re handsome! The universe! What a wonderful idea – take my hat off to you! Trees – terrific! Water – another good one! Yes! Sex – top marks! Immortal… invisible… you’re handsome… you’re glorious… you’re the most beautiful person in the WORLD! …
    Here, I’m getting a bit bored with this. Can’t we change places?

    George Spiggott: That’s exactly how I felt.
    – Bedazzled (1967)

    1. Geoff,

      I could debate all your points, but it would end in me being more resolved that I am right and you would be more convinced that you are right. My response would add nothing new to the ongoing global argument. So, let me add some new ideas that aren’t worn out.

      1. God created light on day 1, therefore, the sun was not needed for photosynthesis and heat. The sun was created on day four. Jesus was the light on day one and He was also the creator. He created the sun so He would not have to be with man continually; He gave man the freedom to not be in God’s presence. But, He also gave Himself the ability to not be in mans presence. This means He could hide from us, and he does. If you want to see if your fiancee is faithful, you leave for a while and come back unexpectedly. This is smart. This is also the amazing part of the creation, God has hidden the truth (He is Truth) so each of us can decide if we like His traits, or some other God, such as evolution.

      2. Consider you. You looked different when you were a fetus and you looked different as a new born. Then came the toddler years and adolescent years. Every decade you look different. Each cell in your body must do its part in making you, you for each period of your life. Latest estimates are that a human body has 37.2 trillion cells. Each cell contains about 6 feet of DNA. That means you have 6 X 37.2 = 223.2 trillion feet of DNA that must be orchestrated to make you, you. If we take this 223.2 trillion feet of DNA and divide by 5280 (feet in a mile) and take that and divide by the distance to the sun (93 million miles), we get 459.07. This is shocking! This means that if you stretch out your DNA, it is long enough to make approximately 230 round trips to the sun. This is complexity of Biblical proportions. Each of these 6-foot strands must do its part in the orchestration with all the other 37.2 trillion strands to produce you at any point in your life. Only divine intellect and ingenuity can explain complexity of this proportion.

      Thank you for your interest in truth and valuable comments,

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