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Whom Did Cain Marry?

February 11, 2014 by admin

cainwifeDid Cain marry his sister or did he search-out and find a woman from elsewhere? Here is what the Bible says:

And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.
And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, . . . (Genesis 4:16-17 KJV)

So, by these scriptures, it is not obvious whom Cain married and from where his wife came; However, if we look at Genesis 3:20, the Bible makes it plain and simple:

And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living. (Gen 3:20 KJV)

Therefore, Eve was the mother of all humanity and there were no human beings past, present, or future apart from Adam and Eve. The scriptures are clear, Eve was the mother of both Cain and Cain’s wife, his sister.

This state of affairs poses several questions that must be addressed:

(1) What about birth defects due to the close relationship of Cain and his sister?

(2) What about the Biblical and social morality laws prohibiting close relationship marriages? and,

(3) Is there any scientific evidence that either supports or contradicts the Bible concerning Eve being the mother of us all?

First, let’s start with the birth defects issue (question 1). It is a fact that when close relatives marry, their children have an increased probability of having birth defects, disease, and even early death. The theme of the Bible is that in the beginning, everything was “very good” (Genesis 1:31), and due to sin, there has been a deterioration of everything (Genesis 3:17). In the beginning, there were no genetic problems, then, after the original sin, genetic mutations started to appear and have continued to increase. So, when Adam and Eve’s children married one another, these mutations were not yet a significant problem. Actually even at the time of Abraham, some 2000 years after the creation, marrying a close relative was not a problem, and sometimes even encouraged by God (Genesis 17:19; Genesis 24:1-60; Genesis 28:10-15). Abraham married his half sister (Genesis 20:12); Isaac married his second cousin (Genesis 24:15); and Jacob married two of his first cousins (Genesis 28:1-7). It wasn’t until the time of Moses (about 2500 years after the creation) that God prohibited marrying close relatives (Leviticus 18:8-18). This was necessary to protect humanity from genetic mutations which had reached levels of concern. This notion that genetic mutations are increasing can be substantiated by the decline in lifespan from Adam who lived 930 years (Genesis 5:5), the lifespan of Moses who lived 120 years (Deuteronomy 34:7), and the present day lifespan which is approximately 67 years world-wide. Also, modern science has accepted the fact that genetic mutations are on the increase.

The next issue (question 2) concerns incest and the laws associated with it. Did God force the offspring of Adam and Eve to break the laws concerning incest? No, when Adam and Eve’s children married one another, there were no laws, Biblical or social, concerning incest. Also, remember, Adam and Eve were closer than siblings, they were identical twins (Genesis 2:21-23) except that Adam was a male (X and Y chromosome) and Eve was a female (two copies of the X chromosome). So, Adam and Eve’s children had no knowledge of or concerns about incest.

And lastly (question 3), concerning the existence of scientific evidence that either supports or contradicts Genesis 3:20, actually, there is much DNA evidence that strongly supports Genesis 3:20. DNA has been collected from humans around the globe over the past couple of decades: tens of thousands of DNA sequences. Geneticists, both secular and creationist, have used these sequences to compile a human genetic tree. This tree clearly shows that we all came from one woman. So, if any other, unrelated group of humans existed during, before or after Eve, there would necessarily be two or more family trees; but, there are not two or more, there is just one.

In conclusion, based on both Genesis and genetics, Cain married his sister.

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  1. Rongit says:

    oops, mistype, sorry.
    If you read genesis carefully then you will know for sure there is no incest and that there is 2 creation. Adam was the second creation and the first creation was the gentiles.

  2. If Adam was created 6000 years before, what about the earlier mankind who lived many more years before?

    • admin says:

      We have concluded from both the Bible and the genetics, that Adam was the first man and there were no humans before him. Neanderthal is pre-flood man; Cro-magnon was a European; Ice man was a European; Africans are just like everyone else with a genetic distance to Neanderthal just like everyone else; and there are miss-truths everywhere.

      Thank you so much for your interest in the things of God.


  3. Alex says:

    What do you think about christian identity? And more importantly their theory of the beast of the field being the african? All throughout time the black man has been distinct from all other races- so much so that racemixing does not produce a harmonious blend of traits but rather a patchwork of mismatched organs in an emotionally unstable person. Just look at the ancient white egyptians and their sworn enemies the black nubians, nothing has changed! I am inclined to believe that we are different species due to the genetic distance .05 (1.5 is for a chimpanzee) and i am not a “hater of black people” for saying this.

    • admin says:

      In general, modern science will tell you that close interbreeding is bad and breeding within the same species, but with someone with diverse genes is good. The term “hybrid vigor” is sometimes used to describe this principle. However, the term is somewhat misleading in that humans mating with humans do not produce hybrids, the produce humans.

      That being said, this “vigor” stops when interbreeding between species occurs. Many attempts have been made to breed humans to chimpanzees with no success. Ilya Ivanov, a Russian made many attempts, including artificial insemination, to no avail. Actually chimpanzees are not close to humans genetically; there is a 9 percent difference in mitochondria and 50 percent in y-chromosome.

      When you study DNA, you will find that all of us humans are very closely related and are all part of the body of Christ; and if we believe we will be resurrected receiving our perfect genes that were prepared for us on day 6 of creation. The Gospel According to DNA

  4. richard says:

    I believe that human existed before Adam and eve error.Adam and Eve were just the first to start Gods history.cain married from already existed generation.Genesis clearly shows God created Adam.later Eve from Adam.they bore cain and Abel~now they were four.Cain killed Abel,remaining three,Adam,Eve and cain.By the time cain killed Abel bible doesnt talk about eve had any other daughter or son. So it is clear that cain married from somewhere but not from his family. My conclusion~Adam and Eve where not the first human

    • admin says:

      Many believe like you do and you may be right; however, we have a scripture that contradicts your view:

      Gen 3:20  And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.

      God bless you and thank you for your interest in the things of God. Keep studying!


  5. Mandla says:

    The bible is the inspired word of God. There is a reason Hod allowed Genesis 5 that gives generations of Adam and Eve, to come later after chapter 4. In as much as John 1 talks about before creation but comes long after Genesis 1. Chronology is not factored when scribes wrote bible. But the spirit of God usher us in the study. So in conclusion Cain married his sister since there was no where to gt a wife. And it was not sinful.

  6. Rubina la mauricienne says:

    Hello my research was God created Adam and Eve from dust and He created also Manu and Shatarupa who is from Hinduism I think that Cain met their generation.What’s your opinion?

    • admin says:


      This is a fascinating question for which I do have an opinion. My opinion is that after the flood, those on earth considered those before the flood as Gods. Those before the flood lived nearly 1000 years and were very strong and wise. I suspect Noah was considered a God. Then, Noah’s sons also lived a long time and were strong and wise, but not up to the levels of Noah. The sons, and maybe some of the grandsons, were considered demigods. If you review the early cuneiform tablets, you will see the kingdoms and kings names before the flood and also shortly after the flood. Then the people lost there demi-god status and became like us.

      Then as the generations went on, the gods and demigods were embellished and tales were manufactured to fit the religious leaders purposes. This is most probably when the ancient mythology was developed.

      So, how exactly Manu and Shatarupa would fit into this scenario, I don’t know. You would be the better judge of that.


  7. Mandla - SD says:

    According to the scripture, God created Adam and Eve. Then where did the other races come from. That is, blacks, whites, Chinese and others. So to some extent it could be true that there was more than one creation, which explains the origin of Cain’s wife.

    • Moses says:

      This is a very interesting top. Having come from a Christian family and studied a bit of genetics in biology I find the article answering my question. Thanks so much.

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