Eve’s DNA

xxl_84904001-CreditThe account of Eve is an interesting and important segment of our genetic history. The Bible says that God put Adam into a deep sleep, took one of Adam’s ribs, and made a woman (Genesis 2:21-22). Adam named her Eve and proclaimed that she was “bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh” (Genesis 2:23-24).

So, how does modern science line up with this account? First of all, does the man’s rib contain enough genetic information to make a woman. The answer is “yes,” Adam’s ribs contained many copies of the genetic information required to make a woman. However, it is interesting to note that if the first human were a woman, her rib would not contain enough information to make a man. This is because women do not have the y-chromosome. So, if the Bible stated that the woman was created first and man was formed from her rib, the Bible would be in error; but, the Bible got it right and stands true. This all seems elementary to us now, but remember that the scriptures were given to us long before any discoveries of the workings of genetics and DNA.

It follows, from both a Biblical and genetic perspective, that Eve was Adam’s feminine identical twin. When Adam said that Eve was “bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh” (Genesis 2:23-24), he was confirming this point. Is this possible? Can there be male/female identical twins? Yes, it is possible: if a geneticist takes two identical twin embryos and genetically engineers them so one has two X chromosomes and the other has one X and one Y chromosomes, the resulting two humans will be identical male/female twins. Although rare, there are natural occurrences of male/female identical twins. For further information on this, just do an internet search on “male/female identical twins.”

A common question to this notion of Adam and Eve being identical male/female twins is: “If Adam and Eve were identical twins, wouldn’t all their children also be identical to Adam and/or Eve?” The answer to this question is “No.” Adam and Eve were identical twins and they each had two copies of every gene: one dominant and one recessive gene. Due to a biological process called “meiosis,” these genes were shuffled differently for each of their children, so the chances of a child having identical DNA to Adam and/or Eve is one out of a number too big to print on this page. This process of meiosis is easily understood, just search on “meiosis” and you will find many videos and detailed explanations.

In addition, it is the consensus of both creation and secular scientists that all humans presently on earth come from one woman: “Eve” (creationists) and “Mitochondrial Eve” (secular scientists).

Genesis 3:20  And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.

In conclusion, Eve’s genetic heritage is a fascinating bit of our history that helps us understand our origins. It also demonstrates the convergence of modern science with Biblical truth.

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15 thoughts on “Eve’s DNA

  1. This excerpt is so riddled with errors in fundamental biological concepts and assumptions regarding the application of genetics to the Biblical creation story that it is difficult, if not impossible, to engage the author’s argument at any level.

    1. That is just a loose statement that will edify no one. Please give a specific example of where the article is wrong scientifically. Surely you can do that.


  2. If Adam and Eve are Identical twins, isn’t that incest and doesn’t that cause offspring to be affected with defects either physically or mentally,. for example down syndrome, or other genetic defects?

    1. No it doesn’t work that way. being the two first people on earth there genes would be pure undiluted by generations of degradation. birth defects would have been non existent for many generations the 2nd law of thermodynamics state that all things in the universe must degrade ie the law of entropy so Yes over time recessive genes would appear and defects would occur EVENTUALLY but they were the first two individual so the defects wouldn’t occur for awhile not to mention that secular science has already stated that we all come from a singular origin. and genetic studies show that we are all related to each other and no two people are no more than 50th cousins

  3. If they were identical, how would the vast amounts of variety of modern man come about? Would there be enough genetic information in 2 genetically identical people to give us all the genetic diversity today?

    1. Isaac,

      Any secular or creationist geneticist will tell you that Adam had all the genetic information needed to supply all of humanity. He had all genetic diversity in him. Then, Eve’s was taken from his rib resulting in an identical twin less the y-chromosome, but taking two X chromosomes. Then when Adam and Eve mated, the genes were shuffled through a process called meiosis resulting in varied offspring. This is good science. The Bible always uses good science; it defines good science.


  4. There is an error. Women have more DNA than men, the male Y chromosome has 458 genes and is smaller than 1,805 contained in an X chromosome so I think God created Adam out of Eve’s rib.

    1. John,
      It is true that women have more DNA than men, but men have more DNA information than women. The reason women have more DNA is that they have two copies of the X chromosome while men have an X and a Y. This is the reason woman had to come from man: a woman has no Y chromosome and therefore that genetic information is missing. Adam had both the X and Y and could pass all the genetic information needed to form Eve and all of humanity.

      Thank you for the good question.


  5. Science concludes through actual research the first humans were female not male. And if a rib was taken, another male would have been created not a female.

    1. Please let us know where you got your information. We have never heard that. Concerning the rib, remember that Adam possessed both the X and Y chromosome, so it is possible in the laboratory to create a woman from a man, but not a man from a woman. Please study this closely and you will see.


      We would be very interested in a paper concerning the scientific theory that the first human was a woman. Please let us know were you got that.

    1. Brandon,

      We believe that Adam got all of his DNA from God on day 6, God spoke all things into existence. The guy who led the human genome project, Francis Collins, became a Christian and wrote a book called DNA, the Language of God. DNA is a language and it is how God created man and all things.



    1. They couldn’t be hermaphroditic due to genetic imprinting. Genetic imprinting separated the genders by more than the y chromosome. There are more than 200 genes that have either male or female dominance. This is why cloning is so difficult, but renders hermaphroditic options as inept in humans.

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