Noah’s Drunkenness, Ham, and the Curse of Canaan: Mystery Solved? And Who was Noah’s Wife?

Many verses in the Bible are mysteries just waiting to be unraveled. The happenings after the flood harbor one of these grand mysteries: after disembarkation from the Ark, Noah planted a vineyard, and when grapes were produced, he made wine, got drunk, and passed out in his tent; then his son Ham walked in on him (Noah) and something happened that resulted in the birth of Canaan. The name “Canaan” means “humiliated” and is our first clue in solving this mystery. After the happenings in the tent, Noah cursed Canaan: He didn’t curse Ham nor did he curse himself, but he cursed Canaan, and at the root of this mystery is the question – why?

For us, at Genesis and Genetics, this event is important because it can help us on our quest to understand the genetic details of human migration. After merging our understanding of the genetics of sin nature and the early chapters of Genesis, we believe we now understand the mystery of Noah’s drunkenness, Ham’s actions, and Noah’s curse on Canaan. The key to unraveling the mystery is recognizing the identity of Noah’s wife. First, please allow us to state our theory, and then we will defend it:

wifeNThe sons of God saw that the daughters of men were fair and took them as wives (Genesis 6:2), and Noah was one of these “sons of God” and the “daughter of man” that Noah took for a wife was named Naamah from the line of Cain. Then, after the flood, when Noah got drunk, Noah’s son, Ham, had sex with his mother, Naamah, who, as a result of this union, bore a son named Canaan. Noah knew how this would affect the balance of good and evil, and cursed the unborn child. After Babel, Noah and his wife split up due to the humiliation; she went with Canaan, and Noah went with Shem and his offspring.

There is much evidence to promote the above notion, and if true, it explains this grand mystery and helps us understand our roots.

First, we need to look at the genealogy of Noah and Naamah. Genesis chapter 4 gives us the genealogy of Cain which ends with a woman named Naamah. Genesis chapter 5 gives us the genealogy of Seth which ends with Noah.


Cain                   Seth


Naamah                Noah


We know that Noah was on the Ark, so, it only makes sense that Naamah was also on the Ark as Noah’s wife. If Naamah were not on the Ark, there would be no reason to document her family line since they would have perished in the flood. The Bible does not waste words and every verse is significant. In this case, Cain’s lineage is very significant in that he, Cain, contributed to our genetics significantly, on the order of half. Also, it should be noted that Adam and Eve had other sons and daughters (Genesis 5:4), the genealogy of which were not documented: there was no need – they and their offspring perished in the flood.

We, at Genesis and Genetics, are convinced that Naamah was, indeed, Noah’s wife. Here is our reasoning:

(a)  She is the last one mentioned in the line of Cain before the flood.

(b)  Generally, in Biblical lineages, only the men are listed. In the case of Naamah, not only is she listed but also, her father and mother are included. This implies that she is a very important person in our family tree.

(c)  Some Jewish traditions cite Naamah as Noah’s wife  (Reference)

(d)  There was a town in Canaan conquered by Joshua named Naamah. Biblical towns are generally named after the men, but this one was named after a woman: Naamah.

Noah planted a vineyard and got drunk. Then, Ham, Noah’s son, committed some act that resulted in a curse placed on Canaan. These happening have been heavily debated by theologians: some say Ham saw that Noah was naked; some say Ham committed a homosexual act with Noah; and some say it is and will remain an unsolved mystery; but there is another possibility that we have accepted. We have concluded that Ham went into the tent and had sex with his mother; this union produced Canaan. When Noah woke up, he cursed Canaan, Ham’s unborn son. Noah didn’t curse himself, nor did he curse Ham, but he cursed Canaan and gave him the name which means “humiliated.” This is the only scenario that makes sense and here are our reasons for promoting this view:

(a)  The term saw the “nakedness of his father” (Genesis 9:22) is the same term as used in the Levitical law when dealing with incest (e.g. Leviticus 20:11 “And the man that lieth with his father’s wife hath uncovered his father’s nakedness:” – KJV). This clearly means having sexual relations.

(b)  Noah knew that the result of this union would upset the balance of good and evil (1 John 3:12, Genesis 4:25).

The Biblical history of Noah ends when Noah curses Canaan (Genesis 9 25-29). However, we know that Noah lived 350 years after disembarkation from the Ark (Genesis 9:29). We are not sure how long Naamah lived after leaving the Ark, but assume she lived through the time of the scattering at Babel. Even though the scriptures don’t directly account for Noah’s and Naamah’s whereabouts, we can speculate that Noah was sufficiently humiliated so his relationship with Naamah cooled, possibly to the point of being estranged. Naamah, perhaps, was protective of her son Canaan and went with him after the Babel scattering and dwelt in the land of Canaan. Noah, on the other hand, perhaps, dwelt with his son Shem or someone in the Shem line. The supporting evidence for this is the account of Abraham and Job both of whom came from the line of Shem and had very deep spiritual understanding; this would be indicative of a close and extended connection with Noah.

So, how about those of us who have Canaanite genes? Unfortunately, we all have Canaanite genes. Since Canaan was born so early in the post-flood history, his DNA is thoroughly mixed into all of us. We all need redemption.

We are sure this blog will inspire diverse opinions and comments, and we welcome them.

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18 thoughts on “Noah’s Drunkenness, Ham, and the Curse of Canaan: Mystery Solved? And Who was Noah’s Wife?

  1. Biologically Adams blood stream was perfect life is in the blood.When the sons of God married the daughters of men the blood then became contaminated Cain’s line and Abel’s line
    were mixed.John 1:13correctly translated is bloods…The blood in the human race was genetically modified and Noah was the last human with a pure blood line.I am still studying how the genetics were altered.

      1. I believe it’s because they were also covering a naked Naamah. Perhaps the brothers used the two-man rule in order to “do all things decently and in order.”

  2. I have to say that your theory is completely off. You have taken the scriptures out of context. While I agree that “the nakedness of his father” can also speak of a man having intercourse with his father’s wife, IN CONTEXT, it says in Genesis 9:21, “…he drank of the wine and was drunk, and became uncovered in his tent.”

    It had nothing to do with Ham having sex with his mother. On top of that, IN CONTEXT, Genesis 9:23 says, “But Shem and Japheth took a garment, laid it on both their shoulders, and went backward and covered the nakedness of their father. Their faces were turned away, and they did not see their father’s nakedness.”

    I can’t see why you are looking so deep in the scripture that you ignore the obvious. In Leviticus “nakedness” is a metaphor while in Genesis it is literal. Noah got drunk and took his clothes off. Ham saw his nakedness while Shem and Japheth took great steps not to. As a result Canaan was cursed.

    1. We respect all ideas, but would like to know why you think Canaan was cursed and not Ham? You said “as a result.” but you should tell us as a result of what?

      1. Quite likely Noah wanted his son Ham to know what it is like to have his own son be far from God in that he would ridicule his father, as Ham did to his brothers about his father.

      2. It is possible that Noah actually cursed Ham, and the curse went down to his generations. However, since Moses was the one telling the story, he would, of course, tell about canaanites because thats who the isrealites were dealing with at the time. Just like the bible gives the geaneology of the people important to the story being told, Moses told of the curse as it was relevant to them.

        It IS also possible that Noah and his wife BOTH got drunk.

    2. Remember the cultural mandate, “be fruitful and multiply.” Wine takes away inhibition. Maybe elderly Noah was feeling amorous but then passed out.

  3. You may not believe this, but the Quran mentions something might be of great use to you guys. I am Muslim and I appreciate your research, the Quran mentions that Noah’s wife. The only book on this earth that regards Noah’s wife as not good person is the Quran, in fact Allah promises a great punishment for her and Lut’s wife:

    “God sets forth an example to those who disbelieve: the wife of Noah and the wife of Lot, they were both under two of Our righteous servants, but they acted treacherously towards them so they availed them naught against God, and it was said: Enter both the fire with those who enter.” — Qur’an, Sura 66 (At-Tahrim)

    There are some other verses of the Quran that supports the research. I don’t want to spoil it here for I don’t know if its respectful for you guys or not.

    But anyway, thank you

  4. In fact in one of the verses when Noah prays to God saying that his son who didn’t come with them on the Ship was his family, God responded he is not your family!!!

    Your research and the verse of the Quran did really shock me! the closest interpretation to the Quranic verse is your research!

  5. Glory be to God, it’s said that Elders should not die, so that children would eat Vulture and call it chicken. Mr. Jason is a Bible scholar, I commend your insight into the word. Deu. 4:2, and Deu 22: 19 admonishes that we should add or remove from God’s commandments. In the mouth of two or three witnesses a truth is established, one the Bible verse is not enough to to accept the hypothesis, even some arguments in the research do not have biblical backing baseless history. May the Holy Spirit interpret that Noah’s bible story.

    1. Naamah must have been Noah’s second wife, not the mother of his sons. For the timeline, Noah planted a vineyard and drank wine at the fruition of time. On the day in view he awoke from his wine, knew what Ham had done to him, and then cursed Canaan at the fruition of time. It was the sin of Canaan’s parents that angered Noah. An arbitrary curse on a son of Ham would inflict unjust suffering on Ham’s wife but she is untouched by Noah’s oracle because Ham’s wife is not the mother of Canaan. Instead the curse was borne by the illicit household set up by Ham as is seen later in the plight of the Canaanites. If Noah hadn’t been betrayed by his new wife, Ham’s son, Canaan, would have been Noah’s precious little grandson.
      It wasn’t rape, or maternal incest, because of Shem and Japheth’s tame response to the incident.

  6. Noah was Perfect in His Generations. So something was obviously not Perfect. 1 John 3:12 Not like Cain who was from The Evil One [Aramaic Bible} I believe Noah had triplets at the age of 500 years old, Shem Japheth Ham. Who so ever was Noahs wife she was not Perfect, but in Gen 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh, so if Noahs wife is of Cain or not she was made Perfect through Noah. Therefore something must have happened between Canaan and the woman who bore His seed. For a curse was placed upon Canaan for some act he did. Gen. 9:25. I believe terminology plays the most important part of this mystery. Gen 9:24 youngest son, or small son refers to Grandson, the very fact that a vineyard was planted and He got drunk on the grapes takes some years to develop meanwhile Ham having a wife must of had plenty of time for sex and had a son their first born Canaan. Now the most important Gen 9:22 And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father’s nakedness, and he told his two brothers outside. HAM WAS NOT CURSED. He came in while His son Canaan was having sex with Noahs wife and Noah was a sleep. Lev. 18:8 The nakedness of thy father’s wife shalt thou not uncover: it is thy father’s nakedness. Saw, Ham saw, He saw something he saw His fathers Nakeness which incest according to Lev 18:8 he then told his brothers, they not Ham put a covering over Canaan and Noahs wife. Gen 9:23 And Shem and Japheth took the garment, and they placed [it] on both of their shoulders, and they walked backwards, and they covered their father’s nakedness. fathers nakeness is the woman His wife, and the incest of Ham first born Canaan. And then Noah awoke after this disturbance and saw what was done to him. the shame. Gen 9:24.

    1. Paul D,

      Thank you for your very interesting comment. You may be right. It all depends on the meaning of “youngest son” in the original Hebrew. We will continue to pursue this question. Again, thank you for your comment and interest in the scriptures. Keep up the good work.


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