Science and the Bible

There are many people in the scientific community that are in conflict with themselves; the conflict is between their religious beliefs and their connection with modern science. Then, there are parents that are at a loss to explain the differences between the Biblical teaching and what their children are being taught in school. If either of these describes your situation, this blog can be of help to you.

Consider going back in time and having an experienced group of scientists examine the creation just after its completion; they will examine Adam (the first human), a tree, a rock, and a star., our scientists observe Adam just a few days after his creation, they  observe that Adam was a certain height, weight and had the physical characteristics of an adult. These observations would be correct and irrefutable, and these observations would be in tune with Bible in that Adam, just days after the beginning, had all the characteristics of an adult. However, if the scientists conclude that Adam had been alive for say 20-30 years, this interpretation of the observations would be wrong since Adam had been alive for just a few days. Adam is unique: he was not born; he was formed (out of dust).

There is an old rhetorical question, “what came first the chicken or the egg?” Actually, this question is not rhetorical and does have an answer; the answer is: the chicken came first. The Bible is clear; all things were created mature and fully operational in the beginning. This applies to both the chicken and Adam.

Now, let’s look at one tree the week after creation. The scientists take a bore sample and analyze the tree rings. They

Tree Rings_small observe the number of tree rings, the sulfur dioxide levels, the carbon 14 ratios, and growth rate for the years recorded by the tree rings. So, again the observations i.e., number of rings, carbon 14 levels, sulfur dioxide levels, and rings widths are irrefutable; they can be measured and are in tune with the Biblical theme of a mature creation. The disagreement begins if an age is assigned to the tree.  The tree is less than one week old (Genesis 1:12 and 13), but mature. The trees had to be created as mature in order to fulfill their role in our complex ecosystem: providing food, oxygen, and their other important functions.

Rock_in_woodsNext, our scientists identify a rock as a certain type of rock and take the rock to the lab; at the lab, they perform potassium/argon isotope dating and determine that the rock is billions of years old; however, the rock is, in fact, just a few days old. God created it during the first 6 days and created it so it could provide the necessary mass, minerals and isotopes required for a fully balanced, mature Earth.

Then our scientists look at the heavens and see a star through the
telescope. They classify it and determine its mass, red shift, and other interesting details Nasa_Starsincluding apparent age of several billion years; however, it too is just days old. The Bible says that the heavens proclaim the glory of God (Psalm 19:1). If God had to start the heavens with just space dust, it wouldn’t proclaim His glory and majesty. The Bible states that He stretched out the heavens in one day (Genesis 1:14-19, Isaiah 42:5) to fully display His glory with mature stars, planets, nebulae, comets and galaxies.

Does this all mean that God is deceitful? Absolutely not! His Word, the Bible, states clearly that the creation was completed in just six days, and everything was functional and mature.  The creation is complex to the extreme and everything was created at once, stable, in balance, and, above all – ready to use. If you want a house, you don’t want to wait 25 years before it is ready to occupy; you want to move in as soon as possible. If you buy a car, you don’t want to wait 10 years for it to be built; you want it immediately so you can drive it.

This attribute of the creation, i.e., mature from the beginning, poses an interesting question: what model did God use for the recorded history prior to the beginning? For example, in the tree rings, what history was recorded? We don’t know; however, we can offer several possibilities:

(1) God is an infinite God, and His existence is from everlasting to everlasting (Psalm 90:2). Therefore, maybe, history also has no beginning and no end and is transferable from one reality to another;

(2) Genesis chapter 1 states that things were “created after their kind,” and this may also be true of history, maybe it was created after its kind; and

(3) Time may be multi-directional, and the time recorded in the tree rings may be the future had sin not occurred .

These ideas, and others, can be good for discussion. Please comment if you have ideas you would like to share.

Dear friends and children remember these examples: the man, the tree, the rock, and the star; they were all created to be mature and perform their role in this magnificent, divine creation.



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13 thoughts on “Science and the Bible

  1. Ur religion is not bed but u creat it bed, to convert innocent people in the name of help(money etc) in crition,to eat cow meat,ur god is a shipper,you to eat animal,how to say other religion is think .Jesus & mohmada is pridict 5000year ago rishi ved vyas,in a positive wave,

  2. I need your details on the blessed trinity, for I want to write on it, I needs materials sir..I will be eternally grateful if that is done. Thanks and God bless.

    1. The word trinity is not found in the Bible. However, from the scriptures we know that God the Father is God; we know that Jesus is God; and we know the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God is God. These truths form the basis of what is referred to as the “Trinity.” We wish you the best and thank you for visiting our site.


    1. Robert,

      All of the evidence for this blog comes from the Bible. We accept the Bible as foundation for all science. All of us on earth are curious about our origins and the origin of the universe. We have concluded that the Bible is correct. We look at all of creation, but concentrate on genetics. We have found the Bible to be spot on concerning DNA and genetics. Here are some of our observations:

      (1) The Bible states that all things were created by the Word. concerning living creatures, DNA is a language, God’s word incarnate. Most scientist consider DNA likened to a language and/or a computer code. For instance the director of the Human Genome Project, Francis Collins, wrote a book called “DNA the language of God.” Those of us who deal with DNA use terms such as cut and paste genes, proofreading genes, transcription genes, translation genes, etc. These all pertain to written text. Language and computer code require intelligence.
      (2) All humans came from Adam’s DNA. This is scientifically accurate; Adam had an X and one Y chromosome making it possible to created Eve. And since Adam had two copies of the DNA with dominant and recessive genes, all humanity coming from Adam and Eve would be varied, just like you see now.
      (3) Eve was created from Adam’s rib. We now know that a rib from a man contains enough genetic information to make a woman. Had it been the other way around, i.e. Adam came from Eve’s rib, the Bible would have been wrong.
      (4) The rib is the only bone in the human body that regenerates. Therefore, when Eve was created, Adam’s rib regenerated restoring him to the Genesis1:31 “very good” condition.
      (5) There is genetic penalty to sin. The field of epigenetics is fairly new and still not well understood, but, basically, if someone has a particular DNA, even though the DNA remains the same, it can be expressed differently due to the epigenetics. Experiments have been done where mice who have been traumatize suffer from the sins of the father can carry on to the third and fourth generation. This is exactly what the Bible says.
      (7) He created them male and female. There is more besides the X and Y chromosome, much more. Another recent discovery called genetic imprinting makes a big separation between men and women, and makes is impossible for a woman to bear children by means of virgin birth. In a nutshell, when the eggs are being formed some genes become female dominant genes and also with the sperm, some genes become male dominant genes.

      We have studied cosmology, quantum physics, geology, isotope dating and every branch of science. My conclusion is the Bible is correct about every field of science. If you have found where it is in error, please contact us. We will publish your findings.


  3. Hi,
    If the soul of God is the holy sprit, did Jesus and God not have any sprit? Your explanation of the trinity doesn’t make sense.

    1. Trien,

      If my explanation of the trinity does not make sense, it is most likely because I do not understand it. The word “trinity” does not appear in the Bible; however, Jesus talks about He and the Father being one. The Holy spirit is a bit of a mystery, and it is true I do not understand any of these relationships to any depth.


      1. Jesus did not say that and God is one but that was the word of Saul( Paul) and his folliwers eho fear not God!

      2. The holy spirit is no mystery, it is the power of god. It is the very power god gave jesus. In the godhead there are two entities, god the father, the ultimate authority, then there is his son,
        The father gave all authority to the son, John 1,1 clearly tells you, the word was with god, the word was god, but he was not god the father, the entity that became jesus was the very god whom did the creating, who spoke to moses.
        Jesus told you no man has seen or heard god, meaning the father, jesus said he and the father are one in that they are one in thought and purpose. They are not one in the same body or entity. The trinity is a Catholic false doctrine, when the Son created something he did so by the very power of the father, I. E his spirit, to suggest it is some separate entity is plain false doctrine.

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