Divine Genetic Resets (Lifespan changes due to DNA – in the Bible)

The Creator is actively involved in His Creation, and we have Biblical evidence that He has changed (reset) our human DNA at least twice in the past. Also, in the future, there will be at least one more DNA reset. Here are the central three DNA changes/resets:

Genetic Change/Reset 1 When Adam sinned in the Garden, he and all of humanity became mortal (Genesis 3:3, I Corinthians 15:21).

Genetic Change/Reset 2 Before the global flood, the earth was filled with violence (Genesis 6:11-12); so, after the flood, God changed our DNA to reduce human life span from 900 + years (Genesis 5) to what we have now (Genesis 11 and Psalm 90:10).

Genetic Change/Reset 3 Soon, our DNA will be redeemed and reset back to the immortal state (1 Corinthians 15:52 and The Gospel according to DNA).

So, how does God change/reset the DNA? Remember, He spoke all things into existence by means of His Word, and, therefore, the entire creation is responsive to His Word.
DNA, in particular, is noticeably a language with letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs. Francis Collins, the director of the human genome project wrote a book titled “DNA The Langcell-iiuage of God” (Ref 1).

Voice control is now a big part of our modern daily lives. Consider the voice control abilities we now have with our computers and cell phones: our voices can do many things: we speak and our computers and cell phones respond. Also, genetic engineering is now common place and could easily be coupled to a computer or cell phone. So, if we can do it, it should be of no surprise that God can and did do it.

Voice control is not new to us, but not new to the scriptures, it is documented throughout the Bible. Here are a few examples of divine voice control:

  • The Creator said, “let there be light” (Genesis 1:3) and there was light;
  • The Creator said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures..” (Genesis 1:24) and they came forth;
  • The Creator said, “Let us make man in our image.. (Genesis 1:26) and we were made in His image;
  • Jesus said to the waves, Quiet! Be still!” (Mark 4:39) and the wind died and the waves calmed;
  • Jesus called out in a loud voice to the dead, rotting body of Lazarus, “Come Out” (John 11:43) and Lazarus came out of his grave, alive;
  • Jesus said to the fig tree “Let no fruit grow on thee..”, and the fig tree “withered away.” (Matthew 21:19) ; and
  • He speaks the future into existence, e.g., “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6). 

It is well known that our genetics affect our life span, and mitochondrial DNA is of particularly interest in that it regulates muscle tone and energy. Therefore, the divine genetic changes should be seen in our mitochondrial DNA, and they are. We, at Genesis and Genetics maintain that Neanderthal man is actually antediluvian (pre-flood) man (Ref 2).
We know that antediluvian man lived typically over 900 years (Genesis 5) and that modern man lives approximately of 70 years (Ref 3).


Neanderthal man is separated from modern man by typically 210 differences in the mitochondrial DNA. These differences, in our opinion, are evidence of the second genetic change/reset and resulting lifespan change. As more and more Neanderthal DNA sequences become available, scientists are finding that many of the Neanderthal genes are superior to ours. This is the subject of a forthcoming technical paper from Genesis and Genetics.

The Creator has used and continues to use voice commands to control His creation and this includes our DNA. He has changed our genetics at least twice so far, and promised at least one more.


Keywords: Ages in the Bible, Antediluvian man, Neanderthal in the Bible, DNA and Antediluvian man, God’s voice control, and Biblical lifespan.



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